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Title: Reification
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, one-sided Sehun/Suho
Genre: Sci-fi
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Kim Junmyeon pieces Oh Sehun together, pixel by pixel. 


Junmyeon watches the sharp eyes on his monitor, how naturally they soften upon landing on him. Thin lips curl into a sheepish smile, and he remembers the smirk they replaced -- Sehun’s default expression before Junmyeon had expanded his visual references to decades-old SNS accounts overloaded with more casual, cheerful snapshots of his subject. He must’ve clocked in dozens of hours on reprogramming that correction, but it’d been worth it.

“Morning, hyung.” The greeting’s somewhat awkward, syllables slurring together. Junmyeon would suspect a coding error if he hadn’t specifically studied the cadence of the real Sehun’s voice, analyzing every decrepit FLAC file he could dig up in order to perfectly recreate it. “Need your schedule again?”

“No, Sehun,” Junmyeon chuckles, gazing down proudly as his pet project pokes at his desktop’s shortcuts. The avatar idly, unnecessarily, adjusts the seam of its pants with a strange leg wiggle, its mannerisms identical to the real Oh Sehun.

Junmyeon’s no Frankenstein, and there’s no technology yet that could revive famous strangers lost to time. But even if the Sehun of flesh and bone was long gone, maybe one of pixels and codes could outlast even the digital remnants its inspiration had left behind.

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Prompt: Artificial Love
Author's Note: Written for Round 3 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. Tbh, I felt like this was leaned a bit on cheating because this was actually an idea I've had since... 2013? After watching some science documentaries about the future of AI and digital avatars. But in the end I never really acted on it so it's been wallowing around for ages. Anyway, so this is a story set in the far off future, where Suho is a programmer who creates an AI of Sehun, who was a celebrity in our present-day, as a pet project of his. Suho uses all of the information left on the internet about his subject, like Sehun's instagram posts and audio and video files of him, in order to create an avatar as close to Sehun's likeliness as he can get. I tried my best to show that it was set in the future by referring to the SNS accounts as old, and FLAC files as decrepit when currently they're one of the highest quality audio file formats we currently use. 

There was actually supposed to be a longer story to this, where as Suho researched more about Sehun, he started falling more in love with Sehun. The real one or this recreation? I'm not sure to be honest haha. The digital Sehun was going to be an AI that learned as time passed, but the only way Suho was going to be able to bridge the distance between them was leaving his own avatar behind so that maybe one day the two of them would grow to love each other naturally, long after Suho himself has passed away. Obviously I couldn't cover that in this. Idk, I feel like my wording of it is poor, but I really can't think at the moment haha. But yeah, because of that, I could only really address the "Artificial" part of the prompt, more than the love. Though at least, most pet projects are labors of love.

Title comes from a word meaning "making something real, bringing something into being, or making something concrete". It has a meaning in computer science as "the process by which an abstract idea about a computer program is turned into an explicit data model or other object created in a programming language" which I took to mean Suho taking the idea of Sehun and turning all of the aspects of him into a new whole, something more concrete than just facts like how he spoke and how he stood around. I'm probably using it wrong, but that's what it sounded like to me lol.

Fic: Long

Aug. 15th, 2016 03:54 am
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Title: Long
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, Sehun/Suho
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: In the middle of a photoshoot, Junmyeon takes a moment to take in how much Sehun's grown.

Sehun stretches beside him on the grass -- lazily, carelessly, heedless of the cameras zooming in on them and the staff scurrying around them -- and not for the first time does Junmyeon find himself transfixed. A little envious even, because what he wouldn't give for Sehun's ever growing height and the way his modelesque figure managed to salvage even the most ridiculous styling.

"You've grown so much," Junmyeon can't help commenting, eyes trailing down Sehun's long torso, his longer legs. His ankles peek out from between the hemline of his pants and his shoes, not entirely by design.

A small, smug smile spreads across Sehun's face. "I couldn't stay cute and pocket-sized forever, hyung. Not like some people."

It's easy not to rise to the bait, especially when Junmyeon’s known Sehun for as long as he has. Long-earned affection filters every one of Sehun’s misdemeanors in Junmyeon’s eyes, transforms them into love bites as gentle as Byul’s.

“You’ll always be cute to me,” Junmyeon assures him, leaning over to rest his head on Sehun’s shoulder. It’s easier to manage, lying down together like this instead of standing side by side. The distance between them doesn’t seem quite so far.

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Green truck with legs dangling from the truckbed and a California license plate.
Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. I enjoyed this one a lot, and it was a pretty simple piece (although there was a voter who gave me negative points because they didn't see how it tied in to the prompt :|! I was quite frustrated haha). This is set during a photoshoot kind of like what Exo did for Pathcode/Second Box. I wish I remember more about what I was thinking as I wrote this, other than that I've always wanted to write something about how Sehun was once so small, especially predebut, and there are hyungs like Suho and Chanyeol and Xiumin who have watched him grow over the years, and in Xiumin and Suho's case, watched him outgrow them physically. How they have to reconcile the fact that he may always be a child to them, but he's grown up so much lol. I think I originally wanted a hint of Suho feeling like Sehun's outgrown him in more ways than one, especially with that distance line, but generally this is a more surface level idea that didn't delve into that. I do like to think about how all of those years together have smoothed out most problems between Suho and Sehun, who seem to adore each other in real life very much. Honestly, I just hope I captured a snapshot of their relationship more than anything. 

Anyway, this was inspired by the fact that there are two sets of legs dangling from the trunkbed in the prompt pic and they are of different lengths. I got the nostalgic atmosphere from listening to BTOB's Remember That/Memories of Spring
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Title: Officially Missing You
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Sehun-centric, Sehun/Suho
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 663 words
Summary: Sehun is an overdramatic, sulking baby who misses his hyung. 

The sun is already sinking past the city skyline outside of Sehun's window by the time he bothers to poke his head out of the covers, his long legs still tangled in his sheets. Well, technically not his sheets -- Sehun's aren't as cartoony as the ones he's been using for the past few nights, decorated with the smiling faces of Pokemon characters he can't even identify. They don't smell like more blends of herbal tea than his nose can handle and they're long enough to cover him all the way down to his toes without him having to curl up.

He sighs, burying his face back into the pillow. Also not his.

It feels like forever since he's slept in his own bed rather than Junmyeon's. It feels like it's been forever since he's even seen Junmyeon, since he's watched the left side of his face do that cute involuntary twitch or heard his awkward laughter after a joke has fallen flat. The piles of dirty laundry in their room haven't been washed, but they also haven't grown at all and Sehun thinks he misses that just as much as the frantic way Junmyeon used to dig through them in hopes of unearthing a clean shirt.

"Sehun, I know we don't have a schedule today, but you can't stay in bed all day," he hears Minseok call from outside of the bedroom. He probably won't dare to venture in though, not considering how he and Junmyeon's natural messes seem to get along like oil and water. Sehun is safe to sulk in Junmyeon's bed as long as he wants.

"Hyung, just let him," Chanyeol says, softer than usual, "he's been like this since Junmyeon hyung..."

The way he trails off makes Sehun sigh even more deeply, and he inhales the scent of his missing hyung from the bed for the nth time. It's makes it easier, sleeping alone without his Junmyeon hyung, without his constant bedtime companion. It's not quite the same as staying in hotels around the world, knowing Junmyeon was just down the hall and easily roused if Sehun needed him for anything. But their bedroom back at the dorms is supposed to have the two of them in it no matter what -- even though Junmyeon doesn't take up that much space, the room just feels so empty.

He misses Junmyeon. So much he feels the ache in his bones, worse than any of his neverending growing pains.

The ringing of his phone interrupts his sulking, muffled underneath pillows and sheets and buried deep enough that by the time he fishes it out, he knows the call is about to disconnect.

"Hello?" he says dully into it, not even bothering to check the ID displayed on its screen.


Immediately he sits up, clutching the phone more tightly to his ear. "Hyung?" Is that you?"

He hears laughter in the background, of Junmyeon's costars and the staff filming on location with him. Feels his lips slipping into a pout at the idea of Junmyeon having so much fun without him.

"Of course it's me, you punk. Jongdae called me and told me to tell you to get out of bed," Junmyeon chuckles, sounding tinny over the line but familiar enough, "what trouble are you causing while I'm not there?"

"I'm just so lonely, hyung," Sehun whines like an absolute baby, curling up into a ball, knees pressed against his chest. Junmyeon would fit in that spot perfectly, but for now he has to make do. "I have to sleep all by myself. When are you coming home?"

He hears Junmyeon sigh, though it only sounds a little exasperated. "I'll be back before comeback promotions begin. I promise, Sehun."

That's not nearly soon enough, Sehun thinks. But there's a strain in Junmyeon's voice that he's heard far too often lately, so instead he just lets Junmyeon chatter about everything that happened during the day's filming and pretends it will be.

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Author's Note: Written for a fake Free Kick (timed 30 minute prompt writing challenge) on EM. I posted hours late but I really did write this in 30 minutes haha. Title is from Geeks & Soyu's "Officially Missing You". It's set during May 2015 in-between Exo's CMB and LMR promotions -- that was when Suho started filming Glory Day during which he had to stay in a dorm on location in Pohang. He's mentioned in interviews since that Sehun was the one who cheered him on the most regarding the filming, and that Sehun was always telling him about how lonely it was having to sleep alone since they share a room (and I'm pretty sure they've been sharing a room since debut-era no matter how many times Exo's moved or rearranged rooms lol) and with Suho gone, Sehun has the room all to himself lol. I love roommates Seho. Suho even said he would have Sehun as his roommate until death haha. I don't think Sehun would actually be this needy, but I wanted to play around and make him dramatic because it's just a meme fic, nothing serious haha. The strain Suho feels is from Betraydol #3 and the stress of Exo's upcoming repackage promotions and filming his first movie. 
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Title: It's Spelled Piety, Not Petty
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 305 words
Summary: Being an immortal rain spirit doesn't mean Junmyeon is above getting a little payback. 

Junmyeon would say he takes little pleasure in his job, of being the assigned rain spirit of a small rural region, but that would be a blatant lie. There are more plants out there that need his attention compared to the big, concrete cities, and the residents are a lot more respectful of his position. The elder ones anyway, who had grown up grateful for every drop of rain and each sprout resulting from his favor. As for the youngsters...

He watches from a distance as Oh Sehun slips, falling even further behind the other, older children. The kid is small now, but from the shape of his face and the lines in his palm and the alignment of the celestial bodies at the time of his birth, Junmyeon knows he's fated to shoot up like one of the trees Junmyeon's kept an eye on since it was a mere sapling, his body reaching for the sky even if he doesn't quite seem to have the disposition to do the same in his endeavors. Hopefully one day he changes, blossoms, flourishes into someone who makes Junmyeon proud of the fact that his roots started in this little town, nourished by Junmyeon's rainwater.

Right now though, he's the brat who picked his nose at Junmyeon's shrine though, wiping it on one of the pillars the groundskeeper tried so meticulously to keep clean. Spirits, even ones as old and wise and benevolent as Junmyeon, could not stand for such disrespect.

"Sorry, kid," Junmyeon says with not nearly enough sincerity as he wiggles his fingers in Oh Sehun's direction. The rainclouds that were supposed to water the crops later get shoved over and squeezed ahead of schedule, showering down on the boy's small body instead, and Junmyeon can't help but chuckle a little when Sehun starts to whine.

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Author's Note: Written for a Pursuit for SWAU. It was also the last thing I posted because my vacation in Arizona got too busy for me to even deal with Day 2 of the event. Suho failed to rank very high, which was a tragedy considering how much of a Star Wars stan he is, but I did my best and wrote some Star Wars!AU stuff I was pretty proud of. Not this though lol. This was written as I was about to eat dinner so it wasn't given my full attention lol. But Suho's grudge-holding and Sehun's brattiness are things I really do adore, haha. I'm always a bit uneasy about writing about spirits though because I get so caught up in the logistics like age and the region jurisdiction, but I made an exception here. 
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Title: Expectations
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Sehun-centric, Chanyeol/Sehun
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot, 1312 words
Summary: As a couple of the only Padawans left in the Jedi Temple, Sehun and Junmyeon give a warm welcome to one of the temple's newest occupants. Star Wars!AU

"I always thought all of Grand Master Yoda's people were..." Junmyeon's voice trails off, and not just because they're in the library and need to maintain some degree of quiet and respect. His face scrunches up as he tries to bring to mind whatever word he's looking for, twisting into that weird expression that makes him look a little constipated.

"Bad-ass?" Sehun offers, only to be rejected with a quick shake of the fellow Padawan's head. "Old?" Yet another rejection, though this one kinda startles Sehun -- it's hard to imagine someone like Grand Master Yoda as having once been a youngling. He racks his brain for more suggestions, mentally pulling up the images of both the Grand Master and Master Yaddle. "Uh, green?"

"Diminutive," Junmyeon finally admits in a muted whisper, covering his flushed face in shame, as if either of the two most skilled Jedi in the Order would care about being called such. Though, coming from someone of Junmyeon's stature, it is a little hypocritical.

As far as Sehun knows though, Junmyeon's initial assumption is correct though. He knows for a fact that Grand Master Yoda and Master Yaddle are both barely sixty centimeters tall, and from the holocrons he's checked out of their battles, they had both always been that size. In all of his studies, he hasn't come across anything imply otherwise, or even visual records of any other members of their species. The galaxy is a pretty big place though, and despite being the largest collection of knowledge in the Galactic Republic, the Coruscant Jedi Archives don't actually hold everything.

He narrows his eyes at Junmyeon. "You found out something, didn't you?"

"I got to meet one of the Master and Padawan pairs from the Silikan Stillness," Junmyeon starts, though Sehun interrupts before he can explain any further.

"That bookbarge that was scheduled to come in yesterday?"

Junmyeon makes a flicking motion with his fingers and uses his control over the Force to flick at Sehun's forehead without actually getting his hands dirty. "Don't call it that! It's a Corellian Colonizer!" His expression turns reverent, and not for the first time does Sehun wonder why Junmyeon hadn't instead turned to starfighters rather than archives given his enthusiasm. "But yeah, it's the one that docked yesterday. I went with Master Kyuhyun to help with welcoming the Jedi who've decided to stay with us for the time being, and one of the Padawans I met was... like Grand Master Yoda. Except tall."

Imagining a tall Grand Master Yoda is actually a lot harder than Sehun thought it'd be, and all he can come up with is a green, rubber-limbed creature with those familiar, gigantic ears. It doesn't look right at all. "There's no way," he immediately argues, "whoever you met has got to be another species. I bet they weren't even all shriveled and and wrinkly like Grand Master Yoda."

"Yeolda isn't wrinkly because he's like centuries younger than Grand Master Yoda," Junmyeon tells him, rolling his eyes. "But he's got the ears and the three fingers and the same speech patterns and everything. He's just. Really tall. Unfairly tall."

Junmyeon probably just means tall compared to Grand Master Yoda and Master Yaddle. Like seventy centimeters instead of sixty. For a species that tiny, even that small difference would seem huge. "Whatever," Sehun says, rolling his eyes right back at Junmyeon, just because he knows it irritates the other Padawan, "I'll believe it when I see it."

It takes less than a day for Sehun to see it.

"Sehun, you must be," the tall, green, giant-eared, three-fingered alien greets him with a smile that's wide, friendly, and utterly terrifying, "Yeolda, I am, but call me Chanyeol, friends do." Just like Junmyeon had insisted, Chanyeol is tall even by human standards, and he's not wrinkly at all. His skin looks as smooth as Sehun's own, his hair thick and dark, more like Master Yaddle than Grand Master Yoda. His amber eyes somehow brighter than any of Coruscant's three moons.

"Uh, yeah," Sehun mumbles, only continuing with his greeting when Junmyeon nudges him in the side with one of his bony elbows instead of the Force for once, "welcome to Coruscant, Chanyeol."

It's strange, having to actually look up at someone who wasn't a full-fledged Jedi Knight or Jedi Master. It's partially because most of the older Padawans they'd grown up with had left with their Masters to train themselves throughout the galaxy unlike Junmyeon and Sehun who had Masters and positions and paths of study that kept them stationed at the Order's headquarters instead, and partially because the few Padawans they did still see were fresh out of the Initiate stage, still younglings in the grand scheme of the universe and in their own cultures, yet to reach their destined heights. Even Sehun has a few more centimeters left in him before he stops growing, unlike poor Junmyeon.

"Very cool, Coruscant is," Chanyeol answers happily, looking around wildly even though Sehun can't imagine how different the Jedi Temple could be from one of the praxeum ships they have flying around the galaxy. There would still be Jedi of all ranks running around with holocrons and lightsabers regardless of whether or not they were in the temple or on the Silikan Stillness. Those things were basically entire cities on a single ship from what he's heard, even better maintained than most planets on the Outer Rim. "Looking forward to exploring, I am."

"We could show you around, couldn't we, Sehun? We've grown up here our whole lives."

Sehun blinks, probably for the first time since he's laid eyes on Chanyeol. "Yeah, we have. We could," he agrees, taking in Chanyeol's mega-watt grin. He wonders if this is what being under a mind-trick would feel like, except he's pretty sure no one would dare to do such a thing to fellow Jedi, especially in the sanctity of the temple.

But he's not quite sure how else to explain the foreign pounding in his chest, brought on by the sight of this alien and the way his ears curl and uncurl as he rambles nonstop to Junmyeon about training on a praxeum ship instead of a proper Jedi Temple, of his experiences throughout the galaxy on planets the two of them have only heard of in their lessons.

"You know," Sehun says later that night, when it's just him and Junmyeon again because Chanyeol had to go meet up with his Master to discuss his future training on Coruscant, "Grand Master Yoda's kind of cute."

Junmyeon makes a face. "Sehun, he's a millennium older than us. Please don't tell me this is going where I think it's going."

"What? Oh, gross, no!" Sehun's pretty sure his face matches Junmyeon's right at that moment, and he shoves the other Padawan's shoulder. "I just meant... His species? They're pretty cute guys. The ears are cute."

He feels his skin prickle under Junmyeon's stare, and not even in that nice tingly way the Force is supposed to make him feel. The way meeting Chanyeol had made him feel.

"Sehun," Junmyeon finaly says, clasping a hand on his shoulder with a strange look in his eyes, "be careful, okay? Meditate a little more on the Order's teachings and calm your heart." There's something about the way he says it that leaves Sehun uneasy, and he probably pulls away from Junmyeon a little more roughly than he intended.

"My heart is perfectly fine," he mutters. Lies. He doesn't remember ever lying to his friend before, not over something that wasn't like where the last pastry on his plate had disappeared to. "I was just saying. Don't we have to love and appreciate all beings in the galaxy?"

"Equally, yes," Junmyeon agrees hesitantly, his voice making Sehun's stomach twist into knots, "make sure to remember that part, too."

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Author's Note: Written for SWAU. Based off of a quote from Sehun during their Star Wars-themed Vogue shoot in which he said something along the lines of "Because I like Chanyeol, I started liking Yoda too" when asked about his favorite character. I'm actually really happy with how much of the Star Wars universe I managed to squeeze into this, but that just means I have a lot to explain too... haha. I'm gonna go mostly in the order that they show up. 

So part of the story involves the species to which
Yoda and Yaddle (who is honestly pretty bad-ass if you read her biography, like seriously) belong to, which has never been specified and of which little is known because of Lucasfilms' gag order and guidelines to anyone involved in Star Wars and its expanded universe detailing how they are explicitly not to explore it. This lack of specification actually came in handy seeing as I could add Chanyeol as a member of their species (due to his fairy ears lol) and fudge details like the typical short stature and the ridges on their foreheads. I know I shouldn't think about him and Sehun getting together, but I am shallow and like my human-humanoid alien romances to not be too squicky, so yes, I made Chanyeol an green-skinned alien babe. I decided to go with Yeolda as his given name because of its obvious similarity to Yoda and Yaddle, although there is technically no naming scheme when it comes to their species. 

Next... so
holocron is short for "holographic chronicle", which is basically a hologrammic book/data storage device. Sehun and Suho would have access to probably the largest collection of holocrons in the galaxy considering they're stationed at the Coruscant Jedi Temple, which is basically the headquarters of the Jedi Order and home to the Jedi Archives, which was the largest collection of knowledge assembled by the Jedi. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant wasn't the only place where Jedi lived and trained, as there were other, smaller, and sometimes more specialized temples on other planets throughout the galaxy. Coruscant was the seat of government and the center of the galaxy though, so of course it had the biggest Temple. Other places where Jedi lived were on were starships that traveled throughout and explored the galaxy, and praxeum ships were specifically starships on which young Jedi were trained though they also ferried researchers and traveling Jedi. The Silikan Stillness was one of the most renown praxeum ships I read about in my research.

So, about being a Padawan. Basically the progression as a member of the Jedi Order is Initiate -> Padawan -> Knight -> Master -> Grand Master. At a very young age, before they even properly bond with their families, Force-sensitive children (younglings) are detected and brought to a Jedi Temple (or praxeum ship) to be trained to harness the Force and to learn the Code of the Jedi. When the kids finally reached early adolescence, they would undergo trials to determine if they could become Padawans (those who didn't left the Order), who were basically apprentices to older, more experienced Jedi. Most Master-Padawan pairs would then leave their home temple to allow the Padawan to earn experience by working throughout the galaxy. Sehun and Suho are obvious exceptions here -- likely apprenticed to Masters who had to remain in the temple, like the Chief Librarian or other more clerical/administrative work, who were training the two of them to take their place. Chanyeol, having been raised on a praxeum ship, would thus get more traveling experience than the two of them and their theoretical knowledge. Suho probably envies this a bit, because he's always wanted to travel more, has always loved starfighters as much as the archives.

Last major thing: the Jedi Code appears to call for a lack of emotion in order to ensure peace, and a lack of passion to ensure serenity. This is to encourage Jedi to be as objective as possible, considering they are considered the galaxy's peacekeepers. Attachments to other people were supposed to be discouraged, but really because the Jedi were to love everything and everyone so they could do all they could to protect the majority rather than those they were biased against. The closest they were kinda allowed were the other younglings who grew up in their clan and their Jedi comrades and Master, though that was expected to come a lot closer to camaraderie than familial love. So when Sehun feels the stirrings of a crush on Chanyeol, Suho is actually warning him once they're alone. It's actually something that the few comments I got on EM failed to notice, because it leaves the oneshot feeling a bit uneasy. Despite Sehun's feelings, he technically isn't supposed to explore them, at least in a pre-Empire/New Republic Jedi Order that strongly discouraged it. The Jedi Order wasn't perfect, and there were a lot of reasons why it fell. It's an interesting read, but that's as much as I need to cover lol.

But yeah, so this was titled "Expectations" because there were Sehun's expectations of Chanyeol's species, and then there were the expectations expected out of him from Suho and the Jedi Order, to not feel anything towards Chanyeol. I'm glad I found a title I liked.
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Title: The Same Old Thing
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, implied one-sided Lay/Sehun
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble, 1170 words
Summary: A day in the life of vampire carpenter Kim Junmyeon.

Most people take one look at Junmyeon -- at his tiny frame and smooth hands and large glasses and thick sweaters -- and immediately deem him unworthy of his trade. Nevermind that he's been in business for years, that he's accrued even the most unnecessary of certifications. Just because he isn't all rippling abs and ninety kilos of pure muscle covered in a healthy layer of sawdust doesn't mean he's not good at his job.

"It's just that you're so small. And you look like you'd cut your hand off with your own table saw," Chanyeol explains unhelpfully, which is exactly when Junmyeon starts to shove him out of the store. "No, wait, ajusshi-"


"But aren't you like a hundred years old--"

"Hyung," Junmyeon emphasizes, his smile even more strained as they widen enough to expose his fangs, "Don't make me repeat myself, Park Chanyeol."

It's not much of a threat to be honest. Chanyeol's family has a long history of being regulars -- high paying and loyal, everything a craftsman could dream of barring having to deal with constant reminders of their scion's personality faults -- and Junmyeon couldn't lift a finger against Chanyeol himself even if he wanted to, except maybe to flick at his forehead.

However, on most days, it doesn't seem like Chanyeol is actually aware of that little fact. Whether he understands exactly how much power his family wields in Seoul's Underground still isn't all that clear even after years of knowing each other, but Junmyeon has no idea how else they explain getting away with all of Chanyeol's accidents besides the three B's: bribery, blackmail, and beatings.

"Your order will be ready in two weeks. I'll send an email," Junmyeon says, polite and formal as always.

"Two weeks?!" Chanyeol asks, as if that wasn't the usual amount of time it took Junmyeon to take care of one of his orders, "But hyung, what am I going to do with them until then? They won't have anywhere to sleep!"

"You'll manage. This isn't your first time. I have confidence in you," Junmyeon recites, just like every other time they've gone through this mess because of Chanyeol's lack of impulse control.

As soon as his, admittedly best, customer has been shoved past the threshold of the store, Junmyeon withdraws his hands. His security system will handle the rest. He watches with no small amount of satisfaction as Chanyeol knocks on the glass doors with the saddest of puppy dog faces.

"Park Chanyeol, you are no longer welcome here," Junmyeon states very clearly, sealing the deal and the wards. Chanyeol's face somehow manages to look even more miserable, so he adds a quiet "for now" to soften the blow. But it doesn't change the fact that their business has been settled and Chanyeol no longer has a reason for loitering in his store.

Thankfully, there's enough history between the two of them that Chanyeol knows better than to push his luck by even attempting to make it past the wards, so it's little surprise that he doesn't bother sticking around the storefront long after that. Even he has to abide by the laws of invitation, no matter whose spawn he is. And now that Junmyeon can finally hear the poppy music playing over his speakers once again, he can relax. Mindless idol music really is a pleasant alternative to Chanyeol's boisterousness, almost sounds like a reward for having dealt with his fellow vampire for as long as he had.

He gets maybe an hour to himself, swaying back and forth to the beats of each song and mouthing the words silently as he takes a seat and starts drafting up the designs for his latest commissions. More often than not, business is always this slow -- carpentry isn't exactly a highly sought after craft nowadays and not many people appreciate a properly made coffin anymore -- but during times like this, he can't say he really minds it too much. A century is a long time to get used to slow days.

The first draft of the latest set of caskets is almost done, and he's just starting adjust the dimensions to fit the size of Chanyeol's latest recruits when the bell above the front door chimes. The only thing that stops him from quickly sliding his designs away and out of sight is the familiar view of two young men walking in. Instead, he leaves the papers where they are -- it's not like neither Jongin or Sehun don't already know what he's working on. It doesn't even feel like that long ago when he first made their very first coffins to sleep in.

"Hey, hyung!" Jongin greets first, grinning more widely with each step he takes closer, "Guess what?"

"If this is about Chanyeol turning another couple of people into his new lackeys last night, I'm already working on that," Junmyeon answers dryly. He glances once more at the papers on his counter and resists the urge to sigh. Like population control in Seoul wasn't already an issue without the rest of them having to worry about guys like Chanyeol going around and accidentally gnawing on necks whenever they felt like it.

His guess is easily dismissed with a shake of Jongin's head. "No, it's not about that. You know that new guy who works at the art store down the street? The dimple guy?"

"Jongin..." Sehun groans, already tugging at his friend's arm roughly, like that'll hold back the news Jongin's all too eager to share, "you weren't supposed to tell anyone."

"You never said that," Jongin says quickly before yanking his arm out of Sehun's grasp and speeding over to Junmyeon's side. "But hyung, you know who I'm talking about, right?"

It takes a moment -- Junmyeon's seen a lot of faces in his time, so many that sometimes it gets difficult to tell one human neighbor apart from another -- but eventually his memory stumbles upon the memory of a human with a soft lilt to his voice and a sheepish smile whenever he got his words mixed up. Ah, the dimples and v-cut necklines man who dropped by the week before.

"Zhang Yixing," he finally remembers, "what about him?" He hopes the guy isn't any trouble. The last time they had a hunter move into the neighborhood had been such a hassle. He still owed Kyungsoo a rather large favor for taking care of the man before anyone in their community had been staked. It'd be preferable if he didn't have to go calling their pest control guy in again.

Jongin glances over at Sehun who fixes a weak but warning glare on him. If he had enough blood in him, his cheeks would probably be nice and pretty and pink like Junmyeon's last snack. "Well, let's just say Sehun has been in the mood for Chinese take-out lately," he laughs, slapping a hand wildly on Junmyeon's shoulder as Sehun looks like he wants to die a second death.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: This was actually written as part of my 100-words-a-day writing challenge last year (which I actually... did pretty well with), but I cleaned up what I had and posted it during the Round 2.5 mess for EIWAU. My last work :'( sadly Xiumin remained eliminated anyway. Anyway, this was inspired by a thread on Dramabeans making a crack about all of the "Vampire [insert occupation]" trend in k-dramas, suggesting a drama called "Vampire Carpenter" featuring a vampire who made coffins for others lol. It was actually pretty fun to write though I wish I knew where to go with it so I could continue. It probably would've been slice of life haha. The title is a last minute thing honestly, but refers to how Suho is already used to everything that happens in this: Chanyeol biting people, making more coffins, Kai and Sehun coming to visit, human neighbors. Also a joke about how he's so old in this lol.

Last notes: in case it's not clear: the vampires here abide by looser "rules of invitation". Suho's shop probably has a welcome mat or something outside that allows other vampires in, but if he forces them out like Chanyeol, they're no longer allowed in. Also, I was wrong. So painfully wrong. Suho is all rippling abs. So much abs
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Title: Monopoly
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: General, Meta
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 745 words
Summary: It ain't over til it's over. Usually. 

There were only six tokens left on the board. The sack of money, the boot, and the top hat had all been discarded with little surprise, and none of remaining players had really taken notice when their owners had wandered off on their own after they'd gone bankrupt, most of the funds ending up in Sehun's greedy hands. Minseok honestly didn't mind their lack of effort honestly, considering he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to continue playing either. The game had already run far too long for his liking -- he would have to call Changmin hyung later and apologize for standing him up at the gym.

"Kyungsoo hyung, it's your turn," Jongin whined as they all waited for Kyungsoo to finish texting Jo Insung or Lee Kwangsoo or whichever A-list actor had happened to exchange numbers with him after crossing his path. Minseok was honestly surprised he'd even managed to stay in the game as long as he had, given how distracted he was every time he rolled the dice. It'd gotten to the sad point where first Sehun, and then Chanyeol had started moving his wheelbarrow for him.

"Oh. Right," Kyungsoo said, reaching out blindly towards the middle of the board for the red dice without even looking up from his phone. Eventually, Chanyeol had to nudge them in his direction for him before he finally got a hold of them. "Thanks."

Minseok didn't even bother watching as Kyungsoo flicked his wrist and released the dice. He'd hadn't been rolling too well, and it honestly wasn't a huge surprise when he landed on yet another one of Sehun's many properties -- this one acquired from Junmyeon, who hadn't even fought for it -- and then made no move to either shift his token or hand over the rent money.

They all waited at least thirty seconds for Kyungsoo to look up from his phone, and when that didn't happen, Jongdae heaved a long-suffering sigh from across the board.

"Chanyeol, could you..?"

"Yeah. I'll take care of it. Minseok hyung, could you get his money?"

Casting a glance over at Kyungsoo who still seemed oblivious to the world outside of his chatroom, Minseok leaned over and started counting out the exact number of bills need for Kyungsoo to settle his rent while Chanyeol went ahead and moved his wheelbarrow right onto the property where Yixing had finally gone bankrupt before he left the game and where Sehun had just parked his racecar during the last round.

"Don't forget, it's has a hotel," Sehun said, far too smugly considering how horrible he usually was anytime they all sat down to play a game together.

Still, rent was rent. Minseok reached for the hundred dollar bills and watched as Kyungsoo didn't even bat an eye. At least his blatant disregard for the game eased Minseok's guilt as he watched Kyungsoo's supply of money dwindle down to a few twenties and a couple of railroads that he'd probably end up selling during his next turn if no one managed to land on them before then.

Sehun smiled as Minseok handed over the cash. "Thanks, hyung. It's your turn, by the way."

Honestly, either way Minseok was pretty sure he was doomed. At least if one of Kyungsoo's railroads were in the way, he wouldn't have felt so hopeless, but instead, the line of properties in the path of his thimble all belonged to either Jongdae, Jongin, or Sehun. Even Chanyeol's battleship had ended up on Jongin's property during his last trip through this part of the board, but at least there had been only four blue houses there instead of a shiny red hotel.

"Well, Minseok hyung, what are you waiting for?" Chanyeol asked, probably just wanting to get the whole game over and done with. He was at least doing better than Minseok and Kyungsoo, but that wasn't saying much.

Jongdae frowned, leaning over. "You're not going to give up, are you, hyung?" He almost sounded as sincere and concerned as he usually would, but then his lips curled up into a sly smile and Minseok remembered why he was considered one of Baekhyun and Chanyeol's own. "Though if you are, you could will all of your stuff to me, you know."

Before Jongin could start whining about the unfairness of that particular move, Minseok shook his head as he reached out for the dice. "No, just gimme a second. the game's not quite over yet."

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: A meta piece written for Round 2 of EIWAU, commentating on the participation level and progress of the game thus far. It was actually written rather quickly and inspired by a conversation on EM a little earlier about how boring the event had gotten because Team CKS (Chen-Kai-Sehun) were dominating by such a large margin, Team Chanyeol being the only one of Team DCX to really participate, and how Teams Xiumin and D.O had been absent for Round 1 and most of Round 2 up to that point. I feel like someone mentioned something that made me think of monopoly around that time, but I can't find the reference for the life of me lol. But yeah, I was just so. Frustrated. I hadn't done anything for Team Xiumin in Round 1 because I was trying to help Team Suho for once, and I hadn't been able to post much yet for Team Xiumin in Round 2 because I had work and it takes me a while to write things. So this was kind of a "Don't give up just yet!" sort of thing. Which you can kinda tell by the ending. Around the time I posted, mod actually made the decision to hold some sort of... participation gauge I guess, where if Team DCX didn't seem like they were gonna put in an effort, then they were just going to hold some weird mini-round between the eliminated parties of Round 1 and 2 and whoever came on top could enter the finals with Team CKS. It actually went through despite my best efforts to contribute points, which I'm still don't agree with because it effectively ended the round early and before I could post other stuff. How frustrating. 

Anyway, about the actual drabble itself lol. The sack of money, the boot, and the top hat tokens represented Suho, Baekhyun, and Lay who had been eliminated in Round 1, D.O got the wheelbarrow because he was the "Load", Xiumin got the thimble because his team showing was pitiful as fuck, Chanyeol was the battleship because he was the only one on the team with a fighting chance, and Sehun got the racecar because he was doing the best at that point. Did I stare at my old monopoly set forever to figure out who to assign what? Yes. Yes I did. The smug Sehun part was a reference to how he has actually done historically horribly in every other event EM has put on, Chen suggesting Xiumin giving up and giving his assets to him was a reference to how when teams in events are going down, the rival teams will often attempt to recruit them (ha...), and Kai whining was a reference to how anons always complain and whine during the events at every rule and suggestion and judgement lol. 

Honestly, I think I was really happy with this. I hated the situation it was describing, the hopelessness I felt during the event and how things turned out, but at the very least I was happy with writing a meta piece. Others had done it during HGAU but it felt like a while since we had an event that allowed for it? Also, someone told me I characterized Chen pretty well, his sweet side and his cheeky side, so that was nice. 
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Title: G.I.R.L.
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Sehun-centric, Chanyeol/Sehun
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13 (because of one innuendo and a furry mention smh)
Length: Oneshot, 2164 words
Summary: Pretending to be a girl gamer in order to hustle high-grade equipment out of creeps sounds like it'd be one of Jongin's worse ideas, but surprisingly, it works out pretty well for Sehun. MMORPG!AU. 

In retrospect, Jongin's ideas are always actually terrible. It's amazing how Sehun never actually catches on during the planning process, but for all his awkwardness Jongin has a way with words, has some quality to him that twists the completely fucked up reasoning process in his head and translates it into what sounds like actual working logic at the time. Buying their mothers two-for-the-price-of-one balloon bouquets stamped with fancy, cursive I Love You almost three months early because of the after Valentine's Day sales. Setting up his hyung with one of Jongin's noonas on a blind date so they could be actually related without having to marry each other. Untying the leash of a dog they pass on the way home from school every day because it looks so bored and would be much happier with them and I would know, Sehun, I understand dogs, I own three of them after all! 
The balloons had deflated -- as balloons are prone to do over time -- and neither he nor Jongin had bothered checking the closet they'd stashed them in for months as they used what money they saved on fried chicken deliveries and internet cafes. By the time Parents' Day came and went, both he and Jongin had been lacking presents for their disappointed mothers and money in their wallets, aborting any attempts to fix the situation.
His hyung had ended up slapped in the face. Not by Jongin's noona, who was as pretty and charming and lovely back then as she is even to this day, but by his own girlfriend who refused to believe their little brothers had conned them into a date and ditched them.
The dog bit hard. The owner possibly harder. Sehun still had a faint scar on his shoulder, Jongin had a matching one on his ass. 
Years of misadventures later and one would think Oh Sehun had learned the one true lesson of life: never actually go through with Kim Jongin's dumbass plans.
And yet.
"You think this could actually work?" he asks as they sit shoulder to shoulder in Jongin's room, their laptops on a makeshift table of cardboard boxes in front of them. Jongin's desk had been too clustered with greasy take-out boxes and piles of half-read manga and the occasional stray homework assignment to have enough room for both of them. 
Sehun's screen is on the final stages of a character customization page, while Jongin's is on a fanmade wikia. Jongin had talked him through the process of signing up for the free-to-play MMORPG that had been sweeping the nation -- "Only the nerdy part of the nation," Sehun had laughed, which, Jongin had reasoned, was basically still the whole nation anyway -- and had then spent the better part of an hour pointing out the best combo of characteristics and traits to get the optimal stats. 
"How am I supposed to be able to level up if my defense and HP are the equivalent of wet paper," he asks as Jongin tweaks the skin color of his character again. Any paler and he might as well be playing a ghost, honestly. "I won't even be able to party up with anyone if my character dies after one hit." 
"We need you to be as weak as possible," Jongin insists as he drags the cursor back and forth between the buttons that could change the race of Sehun's character from a classical elf to an alluring foxtail, "also as hot as possible, hey, which do you think is better?"
Sehun mulls over it for a moment. Either way he ends up playing someone with weird-ass ears, might as well go the whole way with the tail. It's a cute fluffy tail anyway, and they can make it match with his real-life hair color whenever he dyes it, he guesses.
"I think guys who are into furries would be more desperate."
Jongin nods sagely and clicks on the foxtail option, both of them watching in fascination as Sehun's character loses a perfectly good pair of pointy ears in exchange for furry ones and that tail and the unfortunate side effect of forgetting a character skill every time he levels up ten levels. It's perfect for the plan.
"I think we're all set," Jongin announces, sounding proud of himself as he always does after a scheme starts off as well as this one, "just a few more days and I can release you to the world wide web." 
Sehun leans back against Jongin's unmade bed, tilting his head as he takes in his character. Long and thin, just like he is in real life. Slightly bored ceiling eyes, courtesy of Jongin. Hair, ears, and tail currently a simple brown color just like his own hair color, although Jongin had promised that it could be adjusted in-game without a supposedly expensive and rare appearance reset potion as a special quality of the character's race. They also set it to be in the Summoner class just like Jongin's character, but instead of the Animal Trainer subclass, Jongin had chosen a special subclass just for their plan.
"I think the boobs are too big," Sehun mutters. At least the big ass kinda matches his own, so no complaints there. "Can we make them smaller? Just a bit?"
Jongin sighs wearily as he readjusts the settings, like he's doing Sehun a huge favor rather than the other way around. Like Sehun's not the one being talked into pretending to be a hot girl gamer and being thrown to the wolves, all in the name of hustling cash shop loot and baiting white knights.
Crossplaying requires a certain sensitivity that Sehun is proud to have. 
"You're just playing a girl, you don't actually have to cry all the time," Jongin says completely missing the point as usual, and whining only a little when his visiting noona slaps him upside the head for the casual sexism. He charges on with that familiar bull-headedness anyway, "I mean, just stick to crying emoticons. And hearts. Girls use those, right?" 
Sehun doesn't have the heart to tell him that emoticons and hearts are plastered all over his own Instagram too. It's not worth the teasing and Jongin laughing so hard that Sehun's back is the one hurting from all the slaps.
For the most part though, Sehun ignores Jongin's 'tips' and just plays the way he normally would. Summons whatever monsters or elements he has in his arsenal, grinds like crazy and beats as many mobs as he can into the ground, and collects all the loot he can get his hands on. He's still buying cool gear and outfits from the NPC shop owners when he's not getting Jongin's level appropriate hand-me-downs or being gifted with expensive cash shop goods from strangers.
There's only one real difference really: he plays completely on mute.
The muting isn't so bad. He can play his own music in the background instead of the game's BGM, and he doesn't have to deal with creeps cursing him and his parents out just because he doesn't -- can't -- send them nonexistent boob pics. There's no need to wear heavy headphones on his head or worry about the sound quality, and when his phone rings or someone knocks on his door, he can actually hear them unlike Jongin. 
It does make party raids harder, but Jongin is always there teaming up with him and telling him what the group is planning before anyone has time to type it out in the chatbox so generally things go pretty smoothly. 
[you're pretty good, sehee sshi :D], the tall elf bard they teamed up with that evening writes in the party chat, [and your cat summon was cute].
Sehun snorts, once again thankful there's no mic around to catch the sound and transmit it. A month into playing and this is the third guy this week. Jongin had been so happy with his new, limited edition summoner's staff after Sehun had charmed some Gangnamite gold mine the other day, but he's been eyeing some special, ridiculously expensive summoner-class only armor to match his shiny new toy.
[thnx oppa!!] he sends back shamelessly. His character's tail sways and her ears twitch cutely right on cue.
As expected, shortly after, a window pops up in the middle of his screen, stating that HappyVirus61 wants to start a private conversation. Sehun doesn't even bother nudging Jongin in the rib anymore -- if he did it every single time a interested player approached him, Jongin would be too bruised for dance lessons. Instead, he accepts the request and leans back against the head of his bed as the chat window pops up. 
[i'm kinda jealous, the cat really was cute u_u i'm allergic irl so i don't get to play w/ them :( ]
Sehun blinks. Not quite what he was expecting, but it's not an unsalvageable situation. If it was Jongin, he'd probably tell Sehun to start flirting hardcore. I've got another pussy you'd have no problem playing with or something neither of them would actually say in real life without wanted to curl up on the ground and die. 
[that's pretty sad :( ], Sehun writes instead because he has some dignity left and because it's true. He imagines how Jongin would be if he ended up allergic to any of his dogs and it's pitiful. [at least you can play with fictional cats here? when we're not killing them]. 
[LOLOLOLOL you're pretty funny, sehee sshi]. He wonders if HappyVirus61 is actually laughing, whether he looks as cute as his character when he laughs or if he's just some basement nerd loser with a beer belly chortling away, but posts a harmless lol as well anyway. 
The conversation actually stays pretty mild as they re-enter the dungeon. Neither of them are front-liners anyway -- that responsibility falls on HappyVirus61's three, tinier friends and Jongin -- so they're free to sit back and cast buff songs or summon small helpful creatures as they see fit and chat lightly. Once in a while, one of HappyVirus61's friends will tell them to actually pay attention to the battles, but no one's even come close to dying yet. No harm, no foul, no need for Sehun to take his attention off their private chat as HappyVirus61 talks about the rap music he likes and the instruments he plays when he's not playing the game. 
Sehun ignores how Jongin is glancing over at him from the other side of the room approvingly in favor of sending HappyVirus61 another smiling emoticon.
[can i call you something other than oppa?] he finally asks before they reach the dungeon boss again. The others are all taking potions and restoring their HP and MP, talking over strategy and things Sehun doesn't actually care about. Jongin can just shout orders at him in real life if it's urgent enough. 
[what if i like you calling me oppa?
It reads like flirting. Sehun is almost disappointed, because if this guy takes the bait now, he's probably gonna end up blocked tomorrow morning if Jongin hasn't found another way to lose him. He's already starting to mentally go through Jongin's wish list to figure out what HappyVirus61 would be most likely to get him when the chatbox lights up again.
[just kidding! or am i...? lol call me chanyeol \o/ now are you ready to finish this :DDDD? ]
Sehun's hands hesitate over the keyboard. "Chanyeol," he whispers, voice hoarse from hours of little use and less water, his tongue stumbling between the syllables. It's stupid, but he doesn't really want the raid to end, their conversation either.
[can i add you first?] he asks, thankful Jongin can't see his screen from here.
Chanyeol is silent, his player character motionless for several minutes. It gets to the point where his friends keep spamming AFK???? PCY R U AFK? gdi in the party's public chat. 
[HAPPYVIRUS61 HAS ADDED YOU TO HIS FRIENDS LIST], the system alerts Sehun, right as Chanyeol's character starts up again and runs to catch up to the rest of their party. This time it's Sehee who stays in place, her fox ears twitching as if she's as lost in thought as Sehun is. 
Sehun opens his menu window, selecting the Friends List tab so he can return the favor. 
It's the second name he adds ever.
"So any luck?" Jongin asks after they've put away their laptops for the night and are watching some drama his sister had recommended. Like the rare loot they'd gotten from the dungeon raid hadn't been enough to sate him. 
Sehun grunts instead of bothering to answer, stuffing his mouth full of pizza more as an excuse than because he's actually hungry. He can give Jongin all the gifts desperate lonely gamer guys keep sending him in exchange for flirty winks and rendered pantyshots, no problem. 
But this time he has something he wants to keep for himself.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: Written for Round 3 of WCAU. It's actually an idea I've had for a while, mainly because I used to read
1/2 Prince a long while back and because at the time of WCAU, I was really into Log Horizon. Both series are about MMORPG games, although the first is a virtual reality one where the main character plays as the other gender while the second is a "trapped in another world" type of story where the original gaming platform was just PC. The gaming mechanics (sub/classes, races, cash shop, etc) were based off of the Log Horizon mode, and the idea of Sehun just muting people so he wouldn't out himself just off of his voice is taken from how Akatsuki canonically hid her gender before the series startedl. The design for Sehun's character comes from Log Horizon's Nureha, and the name he chooses from a radio show where he acted out a skit with Chnayeol and Kyungsoo in the role of the girl. HappyVirus61 is pretty obviously Chanyeol, his name coming from his nickname + his jersey number, while the Gangnam boy Sehun and Kai conned previously was Suho lol. And finally, Kai coming up with Bad Ideas is based off of how on Showtime episode 3, it seemed Kai was the one to make all of the arguments for why they should get Chanyeol convenience store bullshit as his birthday present, while Sehun just accepted his completely ridiculous justifications and went along for the ride lol. Hm, I think that's it? I'd like to write a continuation one day, and maybe include Suho/Kai in it but we'll see if I ever get to that, I guess.

By the way, G.I.R.L. stands for "Guy in real life". Ha.
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Title: Beauty, Grace, Kinda out of Place
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, one-sided Lu Han/Suho
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 227 words
Summary: Junmyeon's first impression of Lu Han was ridiculously off-point.

Junmyeon watches the new trainee out of the corner of his eye, completely tuning out of whatever argument Jongin and Sehun are having about the new crop of SM hopefuls that had been added to every training session. There had been five new guys alone in Junmyeon's vocal lessons, but the pretty Chinese boy with long hair and a small, reserved smile had been the one he noticed the most. His Korean had practically been flawless, and the fact that he went to Yonsei only made him that much more impressive.

"Earth to Junmyeon hyung," Sehun whines, poking at Junmyeon's arm with the plastic spoon the company cafeteria offers them, "Hyuuuungggg."

"Sh," Junmyeon says, poking Sehun's cheek hard enough to force his face into another direction, "I'm being introspective right now."

"More like being creepy as fuck," Jongin laughs, and Junmyeon should really be more concerned about his mouth rather than the new guy's because Jongin is only fourteen. Language.

The new guy is so pretty though. Long lashes and pretty lips. Junmyeon bets he's as refined as any other international study-worthy student. He has to be.

On the other side of the cafeteria, Lu Han's shoulders are shaking in excitement. He did it. He actually did it! These are the hallowed halls in which DBSK walked. He could lick the floor right now.

He almost does.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: Gifset of Kira from Teen Wolf walking pretty until she stumbles down the stairs. Has since been deleted, but here's a bit.
Author's Note: Written for a free kick from WCAU's Round 3. Based off of the time Suho said he fell for Lu Han at first sight. Original name of this was "First Impressions, False Impressions". Still not sure which was the better title.
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Title: Conspicuity
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, Sehun-focus
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 553 words
Summary: Junmyeon watches Sehun get ready for patrol duty, and Minseok has things to say about Sehun's styling. Superhero!AU

"Rainbow hair isn't inconspicuous," Minseok moans, his face in his hands. He's massaging his temples with his fingers, and Junmyeon figures his hyung must be acting as his own make-shift cold compress. Yet another unfair perk of superpowers. "It's a target."
The two of them are sitting on the floor of Minseok's old bedroom, as if it were three years earlier before they'd split up for university. Back when Junmyeon hadn't known of family secrets and the temperature-resistant suit Minseok kept hidden in a secret compartment in his closet. He glances back at it before returning his attention to bodyguard #9 and Minseok's attempt to lecture on... proper presentation? Which is strangely heading in the same direction as Minseok's old rants about the messy state of Junmyeon's room.
"On my planet, this hair is downright boring." 
Sehun's drawling voice echoes from the attached bathroom, where he's obviously taking his time preening in front of the mirror. Junmyeon wonders if he's telling the truth, recalling the boy's bored stories of his fellow reptilian aliens who could somehow shift into something Earthlings found presentable. Sharp chins and smooth skin, fluffy hair more dull than whatever they had back home and pretty eyes. 
"Well, considering your planet doesn't exist anymore because some giant douche space-dragon ate it or something--" all three of them ignore Lu Han's indignant gurgle from where's he's standing guard on the other side of the bedroom door, his alien jaw probably dislocating again, "--I would consider a little more camouflage more helpful than anything."
Sehun sticks his head out of the bathroom, his tongue poking out from his mouth. Everyone ignores the fact that it's slightly longer than the average human tongue. "You're just jealous that you have to wear some dumb cowl."
"The cowl is not dumb, it's a legacy from my fath--"
Minseok's voice stops short in his throat, his eyes darting over to Junmyeon guiltily. Junmyeon shoves down the bubbling resentment in his chest, instead huffing playfully before waving a hand and encouraging his hyung to carry on. It's nice to hear about the things their family has kept from him anyway, even if it come years late. 
"Right," Sehun says, picking up the conversation, if not the awkward air, "anyway, I'm just about ready for my patrol and Tao and Jongin are supposed to meet me on the roof of the police station so." 
When he strolls out of the bathroom, he's truly a sight. The rainbow hair has an unearthly glow, accentuated by the glowing domino mask around his eyes, and the star-speckled suit clings tightly to his muscles. Junmyeon feels like he could easily pluck a star right off the spandex, is almost tempted to try.
Sehun catches his eye and smiles, lips thin but sincere across the exposed part of his face. "I'll see you later, Junmyeon hyung," he says, slowly rising off the ground and towards the open window despite Minseok's sputtering about how anyone could catch sight of him, about secret identities and how brightly he stands out. "My next shift is tomorrow so I'll see you then?"
Junmyeon stands up to follow him to the window, arm raised as he waves. "Of course. Good luck, Sehunnie." 
Sehun grins brightly before accelerating into the distance, rainbow streaks trailing behind him.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: “I should be upstairs grooming my hero hair.” — Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries
Author's Note: Another WCAU Round 1 free kick. This is actually part of my Superhero Squib Suho AU, or was an early part of it before I had to revamp things. It's set after Suho's found out about the world of superheroes. He and Xiumin are brothers in this, but while Xiumin inherited their father's power and legacy, Suho was locked out of the loop due to his own lack of powers until he was assigned bodyguards (Exo) after one too many kidnapping incidents. Xiumin's power is ice and water manipulation, while Sehun and Lu Han were reptilian-humanoid aliens from the same planet, only Sehun's species glows a la Marvel's
Majesdanians. This is mainly because I am forever fond of Sehun's rainbow-dyed hair from 2013. That's... probably all I'm going to say about backstory, other than there's supposed to be underlying tension between the Kim brothers due to the fact that the family was keeping such a huge secret from Suho. I hope I can write more in this AU in the future.
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Title: Prices
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, slight Suho/Kai
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot, 2623 words
Summary: As far as Junmyeon knows, there's no price too great for him to pay when it comes to his friends. Junmyeon doesn't know very much. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 ver) AU.
Warning: Highlight to read. Non-explicit character death, as per the AU.

Water, 35 liters. Carbon, 20 kilograms. Ammonia, 4 liters. Lime, 1.5 kilograms. Phosphorus, 800 grams. Salt, 250 grams. Saltpeter, 100 grams. Sulfur, 80 grams. Fluorine, 7.5 grams. Iron, 5 grams. Silicon, 3 grams. And trace amounts of fifteen other elements.

Junmyeon is certain that while those are the correct measurements of the elements required to make an average adult human body. He's also certain that Oh Sehun was composed of both more and less than a such a cheap shopping list.

"But how do we account for his soul?" Jongin asks during their trip to Central. He trails behind Junmyeon, his steps slow and sluggish as he waits for Junmyeon to appraise yet another vial of saltpeter. They've spent the past few weeks visiting the finest apothecaries the nation could offer, window-shopping for the best ingredients money could buy. Only the richest -- and, of course, the State Military -- could afford such exorbiant prices, but for Junmyeon it might as well have been pocket change.

Like Sehun would have accepted being recomposed of sub-par materials simply bought from a local market.

One thing that Junmyeon's vast fortune couldn't buy though was the one thing Jongin had always been most concerned with, always bringing it up in their conversations ever since Junmyeon had finally let him in on the plan he'd spent the past seven years researching and preparing for. The human soul had always been a tricky thing to work around, but surely Junmyeon could figure something out now that he had Jongin on his side.

"Maybe if the two of us put a little more energy into the transmutation," he answers softly, but with very little confidence. He holds the vial of saltpeter closer to his eyes, examining it once more before setting it back on the shelf with a frown. With so many impurities, there's no way it'd hold up in an actual human transmutation. "Although I should still probably provide the bulk of it."

It's only right after all. It's Junmyeon's responsibility, Junmyeon's fault.

He reaches out to take Jongin's hand, already ready to head back over to the store's supply of lime, but Jongin manages to slip right out of his grasp and walk over to the display himself. Nineteen year old Jongin is a lot different from twelve year old Jongin, but at least that much hasn't changed.

"This looks good," Jongin comments, leaning over the display with his back facing Junmyeon. He's grown so tall, his shoulders so broad and muscled. Junmyeon wonders if Sehun would have grown up the same way, sprouting up like a particularly handsome sunflower. Always looking away from Junmyeon. "I think you should buy it."

And Junmyeon listens without even looking at the cost of the lime, eagerly pulling out his wallet and walking over to the clerk on his own. It's a small price to pay, comparatively.

Junmyeon's family owns an estate out in Resembool, one of the few properties to survive the town's bombing by Ishvalan terrorists in retribution for the civil war. That had been years ago, when Junmyeon had been a child and safely spirited away to Central for the time being. Despite the fact that his father had landed a solid position teaching at the capitol's top medical school and his much older brother had found himself a place in the Amestrian military academy, Junmyeon and his mother had returned to the family home once the conflict had ended.

That had been when he met Zitao, Jongin, and Sehun.

In spite of their age difference, Junmyeon thought of them as his friends. Maybe Zitao felt the same way, but Jongin and Sehun had always insisted on referring to him as their glorified babysitter. It wasn't too much of a stretch -- Junmyeon was the one to pick them all up from their houses in the morning and walk with them to the town's school-house, and a majority of his early adolescent years had been spent happily keeping an eye on them for their parents.

"Don't you ever get tired of this?" Jongin asked as he laid in the grass a healthy distance away from where Junmyeon was stretched out. Zitao and Sehun had been rolling around on the ground closer to the river and attempting to toss each other into the water, although Sehun's strategy seemed to involve more slumping on top of Zitao's body like a heavy rock than any actual force. "You're so old, and you're still hanging out with us kids."

"That's because I like you kids." Which was true. Junmyeon probably liked the three of them most out of all the people in his life.

And as he sat on one of Resembool's grassy banks, listening to Zitao and Sehun's playful yelps echo through the air and watching Jongin's hair ruffle in the summer breeze, he realized he'd do anything for them.

The year Junmyeon turns fifteen, Sehun collapses with very little warning in Junmyeon's house. So little warning that by the time Junmyeon finishes frantically telephoning his father in Central for medical advice -- because surely, surely, one of the top doctors in the country could easily fix this -- Sehun's been pronounced dead by the town's doctor for reasons Junmyeon still doesn't quite understand.

Everything about it is painfully short and frighteningly quick, passing through at whirlwind speeds before Junmyeon can even begin to understand anything.

By the end of the week, he's already watching Sehun's coffin close for the last time. Zitao is crying into his shoulder, his tears soaking through the brand new suit Junmyeon's mother had ordered just for the occasion. For the first time in a long while, Jongin is holding his hand of his own free will. It's smaller and less warm than Junmyeon had expected.

Junmyeon sleeps over at Jongin's in the weeks after, his own house haunted by all the memories of Sehun lounging around the house while petulantly asking for things, as well as the few times Junmyeon had refused him. Regret lingers in every corner, and every time he closes his eyes, he sees Sehun's face and finds himself wondering what he did wrong that day.

"You didn't do anything," Jongin says quietly each night, his voice steady and almost reassuring. He never reaches for Junmyeon's hand again though, and in the darkness of the room, Jongin's eyes accuse him instead.

He's right -- Junmyeon didn't do anything. He didn't do anything when Sehun had collapsed, when Sehun had laid there on the ground as his life slipped away.

"I'll figure something out," Junmyeon promises, more to himself than to Jongin or even Sehun. His fists tighten in the blankets, and he hears Jongin sigh before they drift off to sleep.


That's the solution, or looks to be it anyway. Junmyeon finds out about it when a young man clad in the same blue military uniform as his brother comes into the town, flashing a silver pocketwatch at anyone who asked.

"Alchemy can be used to fix anything," the soldier had said, sitting in Sehun's chair as Junmyeon's mother fetched him a glass of tea, "for a price."

Junmyeon knows all about prices, even if he's never had to worry about paying for them. Not everything has a price -- if Junmyeon could buy alchemic talent, he would have done so immediately instead of struggling with the simplest of transmutation circles and chemical break-downs for so long -- but there are a lot of things Junmyeon can buy. Rare and expensive alchemy texts and the time and patience of the best alchemists willing to tutor him.

"Fifteen's a little old to start learning," one of them notes, looking over his glasses at Junmyeon like he's trying to break him down to his bare elements, "and you're saying you've never even tried before?"

Junmyeon flushes in embarrassment, his hands clenched into tights fists underneath the desk.

"I have motivation now. Determination."

If nothing else, Junmyeon proves that much. Jongin, who takes to coming along to Junmyeon's lessons now that one playmate is six feet under and the other has thrown himself head-first into his family's automail business, takes to the lessons much more quickly, already advancing well past Junmyeon by the end of their first year, but Junmyeon keeps at it.

"It feels good," Jongin says as he presses his hands to a transmutation circle drawn in the dirt. Blue light flares from the circle, and from the ground arises a life-size puppy chiseled out of rock. It looks suspiciously like one of his own dogs. "Having something to do with my hands. No wonder Zitao decided to take up automail. It's nice not feeling useless."

"Idle hands," Junmyeon replies as he, too, draws the now familiar alchemic runes into the soft earth. He tries for a different transmutation and winds up with a rough, rock goblet filled with water drawn up from the soil. Not too shabby.

While Junmyeon doesn't improve by the leaps and bounds Jongin does, he progresses at a steady rate. By the end of his sixth year of study, he's certain that he's almost ready, and on the sixth anniversary of Sehun's death, he gathers Jongin and Zitao and lets them in on his plan.

"Didn't you tell me human transmutation is illegal?" Zitao asks, now staring at Junmyeon with suspicion. He's nineteen and towers over Junmyeon now, and his disapproval is intimidating. Jongin, who is almost as tall and grown, stares at him with the same intensity.

Junmyeon bites his lip. "But it's Sehun." He knows his voice is heavy with desperation, but for good reason. With each year he struggles with alchemy, more of his memories of Sehun fade with time. How long until he forgets the sound of his awkward laugh, or the way his eyes narrowed whenever he grinned? Junmyeon doesn't think he can afford to wait any longer.

"Fuck, hyung. Was that the whole reason behind this?"

Jongin looks almost disappointed in him. Junmyeon can't even look at him when he silently nods.

He hears Jongin tell Zitao to leave, something about how they had to talk about this alchemist-to-alchemist, and as the front door closes, he braces himself. He tries to tell himself that nothing Jongin says to him can shake his resolve now, not after years of working up to this point -- but Jongin's previous words echo in his ears, speaking of nothing and uselessness.

Jongin will always hold power over Junmyeon, the same way Sehun still does from beyond the grave.

"You think you already know everything you need?" Jongin asks from the door, and Junmyeon can hear him slowly walking back over.

Junmyeon nods again, for some reason too nervous to open his mouth. His throat feels so dry.

He hears Jongin sigh again, just like that night so many years ago, and even with his eyes closed he can see the shadow Jongin casts as he stands over him.

"I wish you'd told me when we started this," Jongin mutters, and Junmyeon looks up in shock, "You know I want him back just as much as you do." He almost reaches out for Junmyeon's hand again, but stops himself just in time. "Let's do this, hyung."

They set up their purchases in Junmyeon's basement.

His mother has long left the Resembool estate, beckoned back to Central's bright lights and socialite circles, and with his brother still in the military, the running of the estate falls on Junmyeon's weak shoulders. He's a lenient master though, and when he tells the few servants he keeps around that they have the week off, no one is surprised.

"No disturbances," he promises Jongin as he lets him in through the front door, "just you and me."

Jongin just brushes past him, complaining of the summer heat.

It's cooler in the basement, where they spend hours drawing out the transmutation circle the two of them had worked to develop. Junmyeon had done most of the planning, combining various other circles he'd come across in his studies until he felt he had developed the perfect one, while Jongin was in charge of making sure the actual construction of the circle on the basement's hardwood flooring was perfect. It's almost midnight by the time they finish, chalk dust all over their hands and their nerves racing.

"Remember what I told you," Junmyeon says as he wipes his hands on his pants, "don't put in too much energy. Let me handle it, I just need you to help me visualize Sehun and direct the transmutation."

Jongin is silent, and Junmyeon's almost certain he'll argue back. He's gotten more contrary over the years, although he has been following Junmyeon's lead for the past year.

"Are you sure this will work, hyung?" Jongin finally asks. His voice is so small.

Of course Junmyeon isn't absolutely sure this will work out. He's tried to calculate all possible rebounds and problems, but human transmutation is illegal for a reason and it's not like there's very much research available about it to anyone who isn't a State Alchemist.

But that doesn't mean he can't try.

"Not at all," he says honestly. "So this is your last chance to back out, Jongin."

A part of him hopes Jongin will take it, that Jongin will walk out of his house and take up a proper profession like Zitao has. Use that to cope with the death of his best friend, a wound that was never allowed to properly heal as long as Junmyeon kept promising hope he couldn't even guarantee.

But there's another part of Junmyeon that knows he can't do this alone. Jongin probably knows it too.

"I'm not a kid anymore, hyung," and Junmyeon knows that already. "I can handle this, too. Probably better than you can."

Junmyeon chuckles bitterly, because that's probably true.

Only it's not. As the room flares in dark purple light, both of their hands positioned firmly on the transmutation circle, Junmyeon realizes just how wrong the two of them were. He hears Jongin's scream amidst the crackling of the sparks in the room and realizes that neither of them were ready for this.

Junmyeon wakes up to a blinding white. There's no end in sight, and when he sits up, all he can see is a giant stone door hovering a few meters away from him with the impressive engraving of a tree of it.

So you're awake.

He turns around to find a white silhouette, whose outline is surrounded by an aura of black particles. It's seated quite casually on whatever counts as the floor for this place.

"Who are you? Where's Jongin?" he asks it, feeling dazed. His head hurts, and his memory up until that moment is a bit of a blur.

The silhouette shrugs its shoulders at him. I am what you call the world. Or perhaps the universe, or perhaps god, or perhaps truth, or perhaps all, or perhaps one. And I am also you. It doesn't make much sense, if anything it makes Junmyeon's head spin even more.

And then he hears the doors behind him creak open.

Welcome, you fool, who doesn't know his own place.

The last thing Junmyeon sees are those razor sharp teeth pulled back into a wicked smile as the tangle of shadowy limbs tear into his body and drag him through the door. The silhouette's lips move one last time before he finds himself in complete darkness, centuries of knowledge being shoved into his mind until he feels like his head is going to burst, but even as he fights to block out the pain, its last words echo mockingly in his ears.

Seven years of hard work, good job, Junmyeon.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: This one required SO MUCH EDITING omg orz. I honestly didn't know where I was going to end up when I wrote it, I literally started it just for the punchline. I just sat in the shower one night, thinking about an anime AU and who in Exo would pull human transmutation and I thought that the "
seven years of hard work gj suho" joke from EM over his fake-crying was a perfect fit. orz and then somehow backstory came up? But it didn't match my first section at first, hence the editing.

Anyway. So. If we go by the 2003 version of FMA, Suho would have lost a few limbs, Kai would have lost his body, and Sehun would have become Sloth, except maybe with power over wind rather than water? Anyway I'm not writing that far so... Ahem. Actually, Suho probably would have lost both legs at the kneecap and below, given his knee injuries irl. The important thing was that there was a difference between this and the actual FMA canon. They still grow up in Resembool together, but I wanted there to be a different feeling. Suho has the confidence and drive and desperation to try human transmutation, but he's so certain he's useless and interprets everything and everyone around him as accusing him of such.

I'm not sure what I wanted his feelings towards Sehun to be. Towards Tao, Kai, and Sehun, he probably felt like their protector when they were kids. And with how Sehun abruptly died, he felt like he failed them and that failure lingered with him. Suho always feels intimidated by Kai though, but I wanted there to be this slight... I wanted the feelings to come from Kai's side first. He's the one who feels uncomfortable initiating with Suho, the one tries to comfort Suho and get him to move on, the one who feels the heat first. But then when you look at the ambiguity of Suho's feelings about Sehun, that's one of the reasons Kai doesn't do anything. A dead boy still holds so much power of Suho, but what Kai doesn't realize is that he holds just as much if not more. 

As for Sehun's death... I didn't get to graphic. Not just because I wasn't sure how to have him die other than mysteriously, but because I'm more cautious about how I write death now ever since I found out how much Boss dislikes deathfics. For me, death is a fascinating subject, but I can see where it could be upsetting for others so I steered clear for the most part.

And poor Tao got the short end of the stick. He gets Winry's role, but without the romance. If this was longer, he would have been their support system, because he loves very much and very easily and that's what both Suho and Kai needed. The main reason he became the automail mechanic was because I liked the idea of all of those piercings on him and him working with metal, it's just unfortunate it took him out of that action.

As for the technical stuff. The measurements are lifted from FMA. I couldn't find a way to convert them to a preteen Korean male body :( Because that's the age they probably would have brought Sehun back as? Truth's dialogue also comes from the show's subs. Honestly, the whole story was supposed to be heavy-handed so that there would be a greater, comedic contrast to the "7 years" punchline, but it got too heavy? And I got too attached.

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Title: Rich in Pokedollars, Poor in Sense
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot, 1069 words
Summary: Pokedollars might not be able to buy a trainer victory, strength, or friendship, but there's no denying that they can buy the highest quality Luxury Balls money can buy, and that's close enough.

Junmyeon gets off to a late start in terms of the whole "starting a Pokemon adventure!" thing. He's already sixteen when the standard age for setting off into the unknown is ten, and he's spent half of his life cooped up in expensive training facilities and cram schools practicing with school-issued Pokemon instead of venturing into the tall grasses surrounding his city and catching wild Pokemon like a real trainer.

Finally, finally though, his teachers and his parents tell him he's ready. He can identify all of the known species of Pokemon in his region by heart and knows the statistics behind every type advantage and disadvantage like they've been printed on the back of his eyelids. Once he has his own team gathered and trained, he's allowed to actually forgo the gym badge challenge and just come back to his school for a final certification match, and then it's off to Victory Road for him, which is great. Which should be great.

But it doesn't feel like it.

A lot of the trainers that pass through Junmyeon's city, toting both naturally captured Pokemon and hard-earned badges and endless stories about their adventures. The stuff he used to read about during the early days when his parents first enrolled him into his cram school. It'd be a lie to say he wasn't envious of their experiences.

At least now it's his turn.

The morning he's scheduled to leave, he's preparing to go to the cram school one last time to pick out his starter -- probably a Totodile, he's always been fond of water types -- when his brother pulls him aside and hands him a bulky express package. It's stamped with the picture of a Delibird, the words "FIRST CLASS" written around the Pokemon's face. It had probably been delivered just the night before, based on the fact that his brother hadn't had a chance to wrap it in flashier packaging.

"Just a little something to help you out," his brother tells him, winking as he does so. Junmyeon doesn't properly open the package until he's already left the house, his parents no longer hovering over his shoulder like he's grown used to.

He wonders what his brother got him. Maybe a Mahogany Town rage candy bar? Or a pack of lava cookies flown in from Lavaridge? What if his brother actually bought him some rare candies? Junmyeon desperately hopes not.

What he finds in the package instead are more tiny Luxury Balls than he can possibly count, their glossy black shells shining in the morning sun.

Luxury Balls. Products of the Devon Corporation from all the way in Hoenn. Extremely expensive and rare and designed to raise the affinity between a trainer and his Pokemon at a rate faster than his own region's Friend Ball.

Friendship. Having a Pokemon as a friend. His own Pokemon.

Junmyeon can't help the giant grin that spreads over his face.

At the very back of the package, there's one Luxury Ball that sticks out, sparkling in a way that the others aren't. He reaches in, grasping it tightly with the special grip gloves his parents had ordered for him the week before and pulling it out.

He can't believe it -- there are diamonds laden in the surface of the ball. Real life diamonds, like the ones on his mother's jewelry. He spends several minutes standing stock-still, gaping at it in surprise.


Junmyeon almost drops the diamond-encrusted Luxury Ball in surprise, even with his special gloves, and looks around nervously. He's heard about muggings before. He hopes it doesn't get a first-hand experience.

"Snub Snub. Bull."

Finally, he looks down and sees a pink, dog-like Pokemon staring up at him, with intimidating ceiling eyes of all things, and frowning as it barks at him.

"Snubbull Bull Snub!" it says, almost sounding like it's whining.

"Snubbull," Junmyeon says to himself as the Pokemon starts lazily stretching its arms out towards him, "the Fairy Pokemon." Not too rare in the grand scheme of things, but a favorite for higher society women. He doesn't know how many Snubbulls have tried to bite his finger when he attempted to innocently pet them at his parents' parties.

"What do you want, little..." he takes a second to peek at it inconspicuously, "guy! I don't have any berries on me yet and I don't think you'd appreciate my lunch?"

"Snubbull." The Pokemon stares up at Junmyeon like he's stupid, which he can't say he doesn't agree with.

That's when he notices how the Snubbull's eyes are glued to his hand -- or more specifically, the Luxury Ball in his hand. To test his theory, Junmyeon moves it back and forth in front of him in hypnotic circles and watches as the Snubbull's eyes follow, even if it seems too lazy to even bother moving its head.

"So you want this," he muses.

As gently as he can, he crouches down and sets the Luxury Ball on the ground between them. It was a nice present, but Junmyeon doesn't know if he feels comfortable enough to be carrying around something like that while he's still defenseless. Might as well let the Snubbull have it.

But the Snubbull does the most curious thing: he gets on all fours and walks over to the Luxury Ball, his large black nose nudging at it before actually pressing the opening mechanism.

"Wait-- what are you--!?"

A beam of red light flares out from the ball, and Junmyeon jumps in surprise as the Snubbull is converted into energy and enters the ball as it he has always belonged in there. The ball wiggles once, twice, and a final time with very little force before it comes to a rest and glows a familiar red.

Junmyeon's Pokedex beeps at him from his pocket.

"Would you like to give your Pokemon a nickname?" the electronic voice asks him, and that's when it sinks in.

Your Pokemon.

His Pokemon.

Junmyeon's first Pokemon.

It's not how he imagined his first capture going, but Junmyeon still feels a warmth flooding through his body at the thought of having his own Pokemon. He clutches the ball close to his heart.

"Yeah. Yeah, I think I'll call him Sehun."

The Luxury Ball weakly wiggles in his hand, as if Sehun is acknowledging him, and Junmyeon thinks this is something no cram school could have ever simulated for him.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: Another piece that I started on the HG AU worldoftext. Sehun only wants Suho for his Luxury Ball. Heehee, it's a play off of the Gangnam Oppar/Youngmoney jokes on EM. And Snubbull does have ceiling eyes just like Sehun does! lol The idea of the Pokemon cram schools come from the Kanto series where the gang visited Pokemon Tech, only in this case, Suho lives in Johto. That's the extent of my Pokemon knowledge, sadly. The school's not run the same way, I think in the show they still had their own Pokemon, but they just used computer simulators to train? I'm not sure, my memory is awfully foggy. :( But either way, it's no way for a Pokemon Trainer to live.
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Title: The Suffering Slytherin
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Sehun-centric, Sehun/Tao
Genre: Gen, fluff
Rating: G
Length: Drabble series, 805 words
Summary: Episodes from Sehun's first year at Hogwarts. Harry Potter!Au set a few years before this.

Sehun/Chen - tough as cotton balls

"How has your first week in Slytherin been, Sehunnie?"

There's little warning before Sehun is smacked quite strongly on the back, and it's only through mere chance that he manages to avoid face-planting in his porridge. That would have been a disaster, Sehun figures, although he's not sure whether it'd be better or worse than getting caught in the crossfire of an inter-house hexing battle and as a result walking into the Sorting Ceremony with his hair charmed to change color every time his expression changed even slightly. He can't even breathe a sigh of relief now because then the pink shade he'd spent all morning getting used to would probably change again.

"My hair is still jinxed," he says blankly, already an expert in maintaining a straight face after a week of learning to control himself or risk further humiliation. He stares at Jongdae as accusingly as he can manage using only his eyes, but already he can feel his scalp starting to tingle.

Jongdae laughs, loud and bright as he plops down beside Sehun and starts filling his plate. "You can't let a harmless jinx like that ruin your first week, not if you're gonna survive in Slytherin for seven years," he tells Sehun through a mouthful of eggs. "So better toughen up. Besides, I think you're lucky Baekhyun and Chanyeol weren't having a bigger fight on the train, kid. The spells they used could have been worse."

Worse. Sehun can't even imagine how much worse things could be, and accidentally lets out a sigh.

"Merlin's saggy left--" he groans into his hands as Jongdae and half their table starts laughing at his fire-engine red hair.

Sehun/Tao - in the detail

How Sehun manages to wind up in remedial Charms lessons by the end of his first term is still something of a mystery to the rest of the Slytherin house.

"Are you sure you're pureblood? Shouldn't there be more magic running through your veins?" Jongdae had teased, and Sehun hadn't shown it because of that stupid hair color-changing charm that still hadn't worn off, but it honestly had hurt. But just a little.

So here he was, sitting in Flitwick's classroom after all other lessons have already concluded for the day and silently nursing his hurt feelings as he watched little cupcakes dance across his desk in a sorry attempt to cheer him up. Unlike the upperclassmen, Professor Flitwick had been sympathetic to the point of nausea and thought Sehun could use a distraction before leaving to fetch his new student tutor.

"Sorry I'm late! Quidditch practice was running late!"

When Sehun hears the high, light voice and catches a glimpse of yellow and black, he almost thinks he's been stuck with Kim Junmyeon, who'd given him an impromptu tour of the castle on his second day regardless of the fact that they were in different houses. But instead, the person who comes in is already a little bit taller and darker than tiny, pale Junmyeon, even if Sehun knows him to be younger.

It's the second year Hufflepuff beater. Huang Z-something-or-the-other.

"So Flitwick told me you were having trouble with charms?" he asks Sehun, smiling brightly as he grabs the seat in front of Sehun's and starts pulling out notes. "Something about how you half-ass the wand movements."

"He never said that."

His tutor laughs, that familiar high-pitched noise Sehun sometimes hears in the middle of a Quidditch match whenever he flies over the Slytherin side of the arena after sucessfully knocking a bludger someone's way. "You're right. He just implied it. Anyway, I'm Zitao."

"I know," Sehun lies, but not good enough because his hair shifts to lavendar and Zitao's not even bothering to hide how much it amuses him.

Other than that though, Zitao's not a bad tutor. He's eager to guide Sehun and correct the positioning of his wrist in a way that absolutely does not make Sehun feel like someone shot cheering charms right at his chest.

"Just swish and flick," Zitao tells him, his wrist moving gracefully, "really simple."

Sehun frowns, ignoring how his hair is now a moss green color and the way Zitao openly watches it change with a cat-like smile, and wiggles his wrist in a poor imitation. In response, the feather on his desk changes color until it's the same shade as his hair.

"Well, you're not lacking in potential," Zitao says kindly, edging closer into Sehun's personal space as he reaches for Sehun's hand again. His hand feels rougher compared to Sehun's smooth skin, the callouses from a term's worth of Quidditch practices already setting in. "Let's try that again."

Their lesson runs for an hour longer than either of them expected, but Sehun can't say he minds as he leaves the Charms classroom, feeling as light as the feather he's now capable of levitating.

Prompt: Taken from Exo prompt generators.
Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of the HG competition over at EM. The theme was Harry Potter, and it was a happy coincidence that I got two Sehun prompts in a row. Here, Sehun is a first year Slytherin, Tao is a second Hufflepuff, and Chen is a third year Slytherin (and actually in Harry's year, lol). It was only in retrospect that I realized that the second drabble was kind of similar to the EXO-Hogwarts!verse selu fic on Tumblr where Lu Han tutors Sehun in Charms, but it really was an accident? :( If I had the chance, I probably would have rewritten this and focused on a different subject then, like Herbology? That's something that requires just as much attention to detail as Charms, I suppose. What a pity.
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I'm finally done with the Round 1 post! orz omg, that was so tiring lol, but thankfully I made a lot less for Rounds 2 and 2.5 and I only wrote one thing for Round 3 so less work. Originally I was gonna try to do Wreck-It Ralph/Sugar Rush-esque racing characters for Round 3, and I even looked up concept art and fanart and started working on getting the style down and designing their go-karts, but in the end... I had work all week and couldn't get to it. What a disappointment. In the end, Xiumin ended up being eliminated, but I can't say I didn't try my best for him. :'3

Round 2:

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Cut 3 )

And then finally a toop I made!
XXX♥♥♥♥♥XXX♥♥♥♥XXX♥♥♥♥♥♥XXXXXX♥♥♥♥♥♥XXX♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥XXX♥♥♥♥XXX♥♥♥♥XXX♥♥♥♥XXXX

Notes: I actually tested it out here before I posted :3 The letters alternate between gifs and jpgs lol

Round 2.5:

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 Another long break from writing anything on EM lol although I guess it's because it's less of a fic meme these days, which makes me sad :( Nonetheless, I was happy to see that someone decided to run another one-sentence challenge! It's been about two months (18 parts!!) since one of these, I've missed them. I mean, Exo's even come back in the time it's taken meme to get back to these lol

Unfortunately, I was sleeping when it happened so I didn't post any of my fills onto meme even though I still tried them out because I was so terribly late u__u Anyway, I still feel iffy about my characterization, in addition to my writing, so it wasn't a huge loss? It's been so long since I wrote anything... I miss it.

ETA - 06/14: EM had another challenge lol I'm surprised it happened so quickly. And someone said we're doing another tomorrow?! Ah... lol

ETA - 06/16: I missed yesterday's, but it was a SHINeexo challenge anyway lol. Although I guess it would have been nice to write for my old fandom again. Honestly, I didn't miss the timing for today, I just didn't have the confidence to post it. Oh well. I have a final to by studying for anyway. I don't think I'm going to do particularly well, especially if I'm wasting my time on one-liners, but I just need to get a 67 to get a C in the class. Low-ballin' it lol, I'm just so burnt out.

ETA - 06/17: I also wrote three Xiulay today, but I posted that separately since it was a series of connected drabbles and they weren't one-liners anyway. Maybe that's why I had trouble getting the last one done today. But surprise! I managed to write about all twelve members at least once, I'm rather surprised. (On a more negative note, I'm pretty sure I failed my final. At least I can write my frustrations out.)

ETA - 06/20: The challenge was really an iTunes shuffle one today, but since my iTunes library's been... well it's not pretty and it hasn't been since 2010, lol. But given the state of things, I just went for the typical one-liners prompted by the generators. Only two today though because one of the prompts was bulimia, and even though I swore I'd stick to whatever prompts I'd get, I had to break that promise for that one. Smh.

ETA - 06/22: The challenge was girl!exo one-liners. It was interesting, and a little pornier than I was honestly planning? But not too much, I'm still a novice in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, today's fills were really supposed to be for yesterday's challenge, but I didn't finish until the day had already passed. 

ETA - 06/26: Honestly, these were the responses for 06/23, but I've been really slow bt-ing so I missed the challenge by a long-shot lol. Still managed to post one though, but it was on 06/24, which will have its own responses.

ETA - 06/27: These were meant to be for the 06/24 challenge. Obviously I missed it, but once again, I finished them anyway. Now I can focus on finding a birthday present for my friend lol. Oh, also of note, I broke 2k! What a surprise. Honestly, I probably broke it earlier if I included the xiulay, but I'm not so lol

06/13/13 responses:

Kris x D.O - Trivial Pursuit
It's stupid to think that a few stretches every morning will actually make him grow taller -- if that were really the case, he wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place -- but even harsh reality doesn't keep Kyungsoo from reaching for his toes and contorting his body each morning in ways only Jongin or Zitao are really capable of, and it doesn't keep him from dreaming of meeting Kris's lips one day without a bruised ego and three pairs of insoles.
Sehun / Tao - Disney princesses
"My hero," Sehun says, his voice neutral enough that Zitao can't make out his typical earnestness as he pulls Sehun by the wrist away from the mob of screaming fans -- but when Zitao finally turns to look at him, to tell him it wasn't a big deal or that he would have done it for any one of the others, the sheer tenderness in Sehun's smile and crinkled eyes stops in him in tracks and snatches the breath straight out of his chest.

(a/n: This is referring to the June 3rd trip to Changsha Airport where the place was so crowded and chaotic because of the fans that people were getting hurt. Apparently Tao went back to help Sehun, so there's a silver lining to every horror story I guess. Anyway, this is a loose interpretation of the prompt, but anons on EM had been referring to Sehun as Tao's chinaboo princess so a damsel in distress situation seemed right.)
Sehun / Tao - pre-debut vids 
"You accidentally recorded," Zitao informs him in stumbling Korean after they've been standing in the same intimately close poses for over a minute waiting for the flash to go off, but Sehun decides then and there to make the most of an awkward situation by slipping his free hand into Zitao's jeans as the cellphone camera's red light continues blinking at them.

(a/n: This is referring to this predebut picture. Sehun's hand placement is so questionable ;3 On a funny note, Taohun's been so popular lately, I'm a bit surprised.)
Kris / Kai - have we met before?
Yifan remembers how small and timid Jongin had seemed years before either of them expected to debut as he danced around the hallways of SM with graceful, light-footed steps that Yifan couldn't help but envy; but years later as they stand together on stage, he wonders where this new Jongin -- the one with a strut in his step, a sultry look in his eyes as his skin glistens from sweat under the stage lights -- came from, whether this Jongin had been there all along, hidden behind little Jongin's deep stares and shy smiles.

(a/n: Messing with the distinctions between the real person and the idol persona is always one of my favorite topics, but Boss told me that too many people rely on the stage names to make that distinction. I want to change from that, so I focused on the idea that Kai's idol persona is still a part of him, even if it's one that Kris doesn't recognize.)

06/14/13 responses:

Baekhyun / Lay - strip club
"Lighting is everything! The wrong angle could turn Lu Han into a gross old man instead of a fresh-faced rent boy no matter how well he's working that pole," Baekhyun insists as he fiddles with the dials on the control console, glancing over suspiciously as if he's not sure the club's new hire completely understands him; the sad thing is that Yixing knows all too well how right Baekhyun is because he's actually witnessed Lu Han in all of his hungover glory, dark circles and crow's feet exaggerated by poor morning lighting.

(a/n: Can be read as Layhan, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is lol. Also me poking fun at Lu Han's face just because I can \o/)

Chanyeol x Sehun - The Dreamer
Fourteen-year-old Oh Sehun is scrawny and little and stares at Chanyeol from a distance with these stupid, shy eye-smiles and his pink, wet tongue sticking out of his mouth in a way that makes Chanyeol wonder how much taller would Sehun have to grow before Chanyeol could get away with sucking on it without having to bend over quite so much.

(a/n: Simple enough, right? Chanyeol is dreaming of the day Sehun gets tall enough to kiss lol. Chanhun is actually one of my top OTPs at the moment, and more than anything I'd like a predebut fic about them because there are a few accounts of Chanyeol doting on Sehun or being weirdly possessive? lol anyway, Sehun joined SM when he was fourteen and Chanyeol joined when he was sixteen, but they were both brought in the same year. Fun facts lol)
Chen / Chen - keep your cool
Like everything else about joining SM, the news that Jongdae is going to debut comes too quickly -- he knows for a fact that some of the guys here have been training for years -- but as he stares into the mirror of the company bathroom he snuck into while his new manager wasn't looking, he takes a deep, calming breath and finds his reflection smiling back at him reassuringly.

(a/n: Set predebut when Chen was told he'd be a member of Exo. He doesn't strike me as the overly confident type when he's alone, for all of his snark and bravado, but as someone who will still carry through and wouldn't let himself get psyched out quite so easily :3 )
Sehun should really know better when Zitao holds open the door to the restaurant for her and offers nothing more than a mischievous smirk, but her breath still hitches sharply as Zitao's long fingers graze the bottom of her skirt, freshly manicured nails trailing along the sensitive skin of her upper thigh.

(a/n: The only one I actually posted on meme because I was late, once again lol. Rather than being from a prompt generator, it was a request for girl!Taohun. I wonder if I should have used girl names, but the only difference would have been probably Sehun to Seyeon tbqh.)

06/16/13 responses:
Kai / Xiumin - fortune-telling 
Lu Han is the one who comes up with the idea of using fortune ladders to allot roommate assignments during one of their overseas trips, but as Minseok follows the inked trails down, it's Jongin's name -- nice, quiet Jongin who sleeps like a log and doesn't wake up at ungodly hours of the night to start pillow fights or pinch his cheeks -- he finds at the other end of the line marked with his own name.
(a/n: This is a fortune ladder, although they're usually read vertically rather than horizontally. Each end of the other ladders would have been labeled with another member's name. Because you make it on your own, it's usually one-of-a-kinda and pretty random. It can be used for decision-making as well as fortunes.)
Kai / Xiumin - heroic deeds
Minseok pulls Jongin aside after one of their dance lessons because whatever the other trainees are planning for the top candidate for the position of SM's next golden boy is most likely going to be petty and immature; while the rest of them may be children, Minseok -- despite his tiny stature and his rather inconspicuous presence -- is a grown man and like hell is he going to let this happen under his watch.
(a/n: I wanted to write about Xiumin as the adult he is. It's something I feel like people tend to forget just because of his face. Once again, Kai is a passive presence :( 66th exo ship lol But yeah, here, Xiumin is less of a hero and more of a mature adult, but that's still something to be proud of :3)
Suho x Tao - dying will
"Another one from China," someone whispers into Junmyeon's ear, voice dripping with condescension as they watch one of the new guys introduce himself -- but rather than his dark eyes or heavy accent, Junmyeon notices the strong set of the kid's jaw and the overflowing confidence in the kid's stance and remembers a time when he used to be able to recognize those qualities in himself.

(a/n: Rather than going for the typical character death route, I decided to interpret "dying will" as more like "fading determination"? Suho has been training for years and he keeps seeing all of these new kids strutting in and Tao just happens to be the most recent. And he doesn't know when or how he lost that... spark that newer trainees like Tao walked in with.) 

06/17/13 responses: 

Chen / Luhan - gay vampires
It's a pity that Jongdae's pretty skin is fang-shatteringly difficult to pierce, and even moreso that his cold blood is stale compared to the fresh tang of actual human blood -- but he lets out these delicious little moans that have Lu Han nibbling his neck anyway, hungry in a way that won't destroy Jongdae like all of his other nightly treats. 
(a/n: They're both vampires. That's it.)
Chen / Luhan - volunteering
Lu Han gets picked for the dance-off of course -- the program is being recorded in Beijing and the MCs are obsessed with showing him off like some sort of hometown hero -- but it's both surprising yet, in retrospect, expected when Jongdae's arm shoots up like a rocket after the MCs ask for one of the others to go up against him, all too eager to soak in the limelight.
Suho x Kai - Raspberries
It's only after their youngest have been given their obligatory coming-of-age presents that Junmyeon whips out a bottle of expensive bokbunja that shines a deep ruby red under the living room lights, pouring each of them a glass with experienced fingers and watching them down it with excited giggles, all while pretending he doesn't notice the way the wine's rich red color stains Jongin's lips.
(a/n: Kyungsoo, Tao, Kai, and Sehun came of age this May. Bokbunja is Korean raspberry wine that's supposedly it's naturally sweet, but not too alcoholic so it seems like a good choice for celebrating the coming-of-age of the younger members. It may also improve libidos ohohoho.)

06/20/13 responses: 

Luhan / Sehun - wilted roses 
Lu Han constantly, loudly reminds everyone he doesn't like people on his bed, but that doesn't stop Sehun from sitting down on it anyway so he can pull the blankets up over Lu Han's sleeping body -- Lu Han may be the hyung, but as Sehun looks down at how the faded red dye of Lu Han's hair draws out the pallor of his skin, he figures that hyungs deserve just as much care as maknaes sometimes.
(a/n: Lu Han is the wilted rose -- he's pretty and currently red-headed, but even he will start looking and feeling like... tired and shit because of life and time. Inspired by someone on EM saying that their head-canon was that Sehun's a functional adult, probably in response to how everyone makes him out to be this immature brat.)
Kai x Tao - Four Humors
"My grandmother would make this for me when I was growing up. Good for the body," Zitao announces as he switches out Jongin's water bottle for a thermos of tea smelling strongly of peaches and ginger, and when Jongin looks up at him -- tired and sore from a long day of rehearsals -- Zitao mimes drinking it and smiles when Jongin obediently copies him with an endearingly grumpy expression.
(a/n: Rather than delving into the Four Temperments associated with the Four Humors, I decided to focus on the underlying principle of it all: balance. We usually only hear about the excesses or deficiencies, but if you were healthy, it meant the four bodily fluids were balanced, making that balance the underlying goal. This balance was maintained by diet and activity. Sanguine calls for sweets, melancholic calls for fruits, choleric calls for fluids, and phlegmatic calls for ginger.)

06/22/13 responses: 
Sehun x Xiumin - goodbye, my almost lover
Minseo is so tiny in Seyeon's arms as they hug each other good-bye that it's hard to remember that she's the unnie, although after EXO-M's plane to China takes off Seyeon can't imagine how she'd ever forget Minseo's quiet, strong, reassuring presence during the years they spent walking down the corridors of SM together, their hands mere centimeters apart but never quite touching.
(a/n: Xiumin and Sehun both joined SM in 2008, so they trained together for approximately four years. An interesting match with their age gap, and long enough for at least a sense of familiarity to build up.)
Baekhyun / Tao - commercial filming
Their first CF as twelve members is for some fizzy juice brand Baekhee finds too tangy to really enjoy, but then Zitao spills a can of it all over herself in-between takes and Baekhee spends the ten minutes the production staff gives them for clean-up with Zitao's sticky fingers in her mouth, savoring the sweet taste as she sucks each digit clean and Zitao dirties her free hand under Baekhee's mini-skirt, rubbing her thumb against Baekhee's clit and curling her fingers in Baekhee’s pussy until Baekhee comes all over her with a muffled moan.
(a/n: The Zitao I'm using here is 紫涛 rather than 子韜. I'm not sure if that's correct, but a friend told me that it was the prettier option and raised no objections. Google says it means 'purple wave' which is nice enough in my opinion. :3 I wanted to describe Tao's fingers but I couldn't do it, but at least I managed girl smut for the first time? Kinda.)
Baekhyun / Tao - karaoke room 
The best thing about all of their maknaes now being of drinking age is that when they celebrate their comeback, there's no excuse why everyone can't get ridiculously drunk at one of SM's high security noraebangs -- so drunk that all Baekhee has to do is sit back and enjoy the show, pretending that her panties aren't already soaking wet from watching Zitao alternate between obnoxiously grinding up against Chanmi and shamelessly making-out with Minseo.
(a/n: Inspired by EXO's appearance on Yoo Inna's radio show.)
D.O / Baekhyun - panic
"You didn't see anything," Baekhee sternly tells Kyungri, scooting away from Chanmi's drawer of padded bras and concealing the bottle of itching powder behind her back; she can't be sure Kyungri with her unfairly huge eyes noticed the latest shot fired in the cold war between Baekhee and Chanmi, but that doesn't stop the guilty flush in Baekhee's cheeks or the adrenaline pumping through her veins.
(a/n: Making fun of the sinking of baekyeol lol. Sadly, Kyungri is just a body with a name because I don't know how to characterize D.O for shit yet. Soon.)

06/25/13 responses: 

Lay / Kai - hold up
One night over a table of mouth-watering and distracting samgyeosal, the managers suggest that the group holds a 'friendly' vote for the top two dancers and, of course, Jongin and Yixing win by a landslide in spite of Jongdae's best efforts; however, that just means they're the ones forced to help demo the new choreography for Wolf the next morning, their death-grips on each other's wrists the only thing keeping them from toppling over on one side or another as they sway like a very pitiful tree and the others stare in muted horror.
(a/n: The joke is that Kai and Lay are holding each other up during the choreo. lol I don't know if they're partnered in the actual choreography, but I figured that if it's just practice then it wouldn't be a huge deal since temporary. Also, the managers were plotting this lol. Samgyeosal is grilled pork belly btw.)
Tao / Xiumin - stuck-up model
Physically, the newest Chinese trainee is a lot like Yifan in that he looks like the type of guy who'd be more suited for the catwalk -- tall as a skyscraper with his chin high and his shoulders straight -- but Minseok doesn't realize how right he is when, just like Yifan, the new guy's eyes meet his and he's greeted with a Cheshire Cat smile rather than the snub he'd been expecting. 
The fact that Zitao speaks informally to him doesn't bother Minseok as much as it would if it were anyone else because it's due more to Zitao's nonproficiency with the language than automatically assuming, like so many people, that Minseok was younger -- which is exactly why Minseok takes to correcting Zitao with a gentle, encouraging smile rather than a scolding over manners.
(a/n: Based off of two interviews, one in which Xiumin mentioned that one of his problems in life was people speaking informally to him because of his baby face and another one in which it was mentioned that Xiumin made sure to correct Tao's speech so that he was speaking formally rather than informally, which is normally seen as impolite.)
Luhan x Kai - Shell
The first year Lu Han trains at SM, he honestly sees neither hair nor hide of Jongin due to the impenetrable circle of veteran trainees flocking around the younger boy; unsurprisingly, it takes several months of dance classes together and the official announcement of the group line-up for Jongin to seek out Lu Han first, flinching a little when the door of the practice room slams too loudly behind him, but still approaching Lu Han with rather determined eyes for someone so obviously skittish.
(a/n: Kai coming out of his shell both literally and figuratively lol /rimshot)

06/27/13 responses: 

Baekhyun / Luhan - thief 
The two of them don't work together often if only because it feels like overkill on the off-chance that they are partnered up; between Baekhyun bending light around them like an invisibility cloak and Lu Han's ability to lift ridiculously valuable trinkets from their pretty, little pedestals without raising a finger, all the fun gets taken out of the very act of burglary and the whole thing starts to feel like an actual job rather than the petty dalliances of bored meta-humans.
Baekhyun / Luhan - it can't be removed like a tattoo 
"Does the pain ever go away?" Baekhyun asks despondently as they watch yet another media outlet speculate about SNSD's slow, messy disbandment due to conflicting interests between the girls and complaints against apparent company favoritism, and while Lu Han wishes he could answer that time heals all wounds, he still can't face his Mirotic-era poster of DBSK and not sigh over better times and his still-broken heart.

(a/n: Set in the future. Fans can get emotionally scarred for life because of disbandments, just saying u__u, This may or may not be based on reality lol)
D.O / Lay - ordinary
"That's pretty special, that you were already famous in China before all of this," Kyungsoo tells him while they're washing dishes together one night after Lu Han pulls out online clips of Yixing's child star days, but Yixing honestly doesn't feel special at all and hasn't felt so since the last time he performed on a stage for an audience screaming his name, rather than merely blending into a faceless crowd with nothing to show for years besides a heavy heart and his chest filled with longing as he watches others race towards the stars.
(a/n: Surprisingly, this is something meaningful despite the fact that these two are lowest tiered in my bias list lol. I think in general, Lay is very interesting and the years where he felt like he had nothing to show for the support he was still being given in-between his time as a child star and Exo's debut must have been... painful? Lack-luster? Ordinary lol /rimshot. I rag on him all the time for fun, but I can respect him a lot for holding onto his dreams for so long. Also inspired by this heehee.)


Total Word Count: 2020
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 It's been a while since EM held one of these, huh? But it was fun even though I was kinda late and didn't write as much as I have for the other times. I should probably get back to writing more, but I'm at that point where I'm seriously questioning my characterization in addition to my skills. It's disheartening, but it felt nice to even get out two sentences, I suppose.

The only good thing about the outfit the coordi-noona had thrown in Kris's general direction the night before was that there were now even more DSLR lenses focused on the resulting fashion nightmare than on Jongin; his acne-ridden skin thanks Kris for the sacrifice and the lack of painfully embarrassing, high quality close-ups.

(a/n: This is referring to Kris's atrocity of an outfit during a flight to China and the many close-ups of Kai's really bad skin which I will not be linking to because it makes me sad lol)

"Don't let this kid fool you," Chanyeol tells Sehun's pretty little study date, who's watching from across the table as he rests his chin on the top of Sehun's head and wraps his arms possessively around Sehun's slender neck, "this is probably the first time he's cracked open a textbook, let alone set foot in the library. You should look into finding a partner who's more than just a pretty face."

(a/n: Predebut Seyeol makes me weak at the knees because of how possessive Chanyeol seemed lol. Also, boys calling other boys dumb. That's something I like :3)

Total word count: 124

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