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Haven't done one-sentence challenges in a while. Felt nice. Used this generator.

D.O / Chanyeol - panic

Chanyeol can't help flinching when Kyungsoo reaches over from his seat with a sardonic grin -- maybe he had teased him a little too much this time -- but instead of the sharp smack he'd been expecting, Chanyeol feels Kyungsoo's arms wrapped uncomfortably tight around him, his face buried in Kyungsoo's chest at an awkward angle, the breath forced out of his chest at Kyungsoo's sudden display of tenderness.

D.O / Kris - otome boyfriends

Intimidatingly designed Wu Yifan had been programmed with three distinct characteristics: a docile personality, easily won affection if given enough game-bought gifts and flattering words, and -- in the case that neither were being effectively courted by the player character -- the ability to woo and win over Do Kyungsoo, the hardest ranked bachelor in the game.

Suho / Xiumin - cutting your losses

Trainees always leave quietly in contrast to the ruckus made when they're first accepted into SM once they've understood that making the massive investment in training doesn't actually guarantee a debut, but as Minseok watches another slip out of the dorms and into the night with their head hung low, he catches Junmyeon's eye and knows neither of them are ready to give up quite so easily.

Baekhyun / Lu Han - beach houses

As the others wrestle in the sand or wade in the low tide of the Jejudo beach that had been chosen as the location of their summer MV, Baekhyun sneaks into the rented beach house in hopes of claiming the master bedroom, only to find Lu Han already sprawled out on its bed and glaring at anyone who would dare approach his newly claimed territory.

Tao / Tao - teacher's pet

The black cat lounging on the professor's desk grooms himself to perfection for a quarter of the period before finally shifting into the form of the class's missing Transfiguration professor, who smiles all too smugly with a self-satisfied, kittenish grin and his wand twirling between his fingers.

(a/n: Not what you were expecting from teacher's pet, eh? lol)

Total Word Count: 305
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Title: The Liondragon
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Tao-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot, 1994 words
Summary: Cheating's a traditional part of the Triwizard Tournament and always has been, and while Zitao isn't surprised by the fact that his headmaster is intent on discovering what the First Task actually entails, he is surprised at what he finds. Harry Potter!AU set during Book 4, Chapter 19.


Zitao looks up immediately from his assigned reading, surprised to see the headmaster standing at the entrance to his cabin. He immediately scrambles to stand at attention and can't help but feel relieved that he'd been too lazy to change into his sleeping robes early.

"Yes, Professor?"

The headmaster looks at him with an appraising eye, something he rarely does unless he happens to be visiting the school's dueling club while Zitao is up for a spar. Zitao's skin prickles under his dark gaze, but he stays as still as possible, as if he's been petrified.

"You're unusually good with lurking around dark corners and what-not, aren't you?" the headmaster asks, stroking at his goatee. "I'm always getting reports from the faculty about you."

Zitao flushes. To be considered shady at the same institution where one of the darkest wizards of the twentieth century was educated was nothing short of mortifying, but the headmaster simply shakes his head and reaches over for Zitao's shoulder. It's the first time he's ever touched Zitao. Probably the first time he's ever spoken to Zitao.

"Don't worry, son," and that's not really reassuring at all, "we all have our talents." Talent, Zitao thinks, is usually reserved for international golden boys and revered school idols who improve the standing of the school with their mere presence. Not for little Chinese purebloods like him whose parents just thought it was a good idea to ship him to the other side of the continent for schooling. "And such talents must be... utilized."

Not that the way his headmaster says it doesn't make his skin crawl, but it would be nice to be able to help out. Since the three -- no, four -- champions had been chosen, the rest of the student body that had been selected to come along to Hogwarts had simply been milling about looking for things to do in-between the assignments their professors back home had sent them off with. Zitao's been dying for some of the excitement the tournament had promised back in September when it had been announced during the opening feast.

"Would you mind doing a favor? In the name of Durmstrang."

It's not really a question, not when Zitao has years of schooling under his belt that have instilled a sense of duty and loyalty to his school. But still, he smiles, standing straighter than before.

"Yes, Professor Karkaroff," he repeats, all too eagerly.

And that's how Zitao ends up spending his evening lurking around the cabin of Hogwart's intimidatingly large groundskeeper. It's a blessing that Hogwarts isn't quite as cold as Durmstrang, because that just meant he could forgo his thick red school cloak in favor of standard black robes; but he can't help but miss the familiar weight on his shoulders.

He can't afford to get caught though.

He watches from the shadows as the groundskeeper strides over to the Beaubatons carriage, his grizzly hair as messy as ever even though Zitao can see that some effort had gone to sweetening his appearance. It's rather romantic to watch the groundskeeper get flustered around his equally tall lady-friend, the headmistress of Beauxbatons.

Zitao sighs wistfully. Maybe they're going for a romantic stroll around the lake under the moonlight. He should try that sometime.

She asks him something playfully as she latches onto his beefy arm, and it's like one of the magical operas his parents take him to back at home. He almost regrets missing the beginning of their giant romance, even if he has enough trouble deciphering what they're saying even without all of their accents coming into play.

Their steps are so large, Zitao has to dart after them to catch up, all while remaining in the shadows. But from a distance, their silhouettes look very pleasant and almost normal sized if he pretends they're further away than they really are.

But Professor Karkaroff's instructions ring in his ears: Do not let the groundskeeper out of your sight. The First Task almost always involves a magical beast. And so Zitao follows them diligently.

He's grateful they never venture into the forest, which is forbidden for reasons that had not been properly explained to him and his schoolmates, but only stick to walking along the perimeter. It's easier to hide amongst the trees and the couple's voices are so loud that they mask any stray noises Zitao makes.

But eventually, something else drowns out his noises and their voices -- a roar.

Zitao sticks to the forest, but pushes ahead past where the groundskeeper and the headmistress have stopped so he can take a closer look. It sounds like-- But it couldn't be--

He feels the heat before he actually sees them. The dragons.

The dragons are appear to be of the Western sort -- firebreathers with large wings rather than the benevolent rain-bringing, wingless species that decorate his trunk back on the Durmstrang ship. He recognizes half of them, the green one and the black one unknown to him. But one is native to Durmstrang's region, and a species often brought by to showcase to the upper-years as a special treat: the Swedish Short-Snout.

It's the last he's most interested in -- a Liondragon. One of the types that had been transplanted in China and flourished alongside its wingless cousins well enough to earn the name Chinese Fireball.

It's beautiful, with its red scales and its golden spikes and even those bat-like wings. Gorgeous.

Zitao wishes that he could get a little closer, maybe even close enough to catch a glimpse of the flaming pearl that is surely at the underside of it's chin. He's never seen one in person like this, outside of tapestries and moving murals in his family home. But unfortunately there are far too many wizards -- probably the dragon keepers, he thinks enviously -- out and about, shooting stunning spells at the dragons and pulling on their restraints. It's a shame really.

He watches as a lanky red-headed wizard walks over to the groundskeeper and they start conversing, gesturing now and then to the dragons who have already been stunned. Zitao's too far away to hear much, and anyway he's far too focused on observing their dragons.

As the other dragon keepers set down dragon eggs -- real dragon eggs, all of varying shapes and colors -- he has to hold back a moan of longing, only to hear the groundskeeper make a noise in his place.

The headmistress is walking closer to the dragons now, at a distance Zitao can't help but envy. But it's just his luck that the Liondragon, whose fire-breathing range is probably the shortest after centuries of cohabitation alongside water-bringers, is closest to the forest's edge due to being the least likely to start a fire.

Zitao watches as the dragon keepers move further from their posts, probably to heal any wounds inflicted by their monstrous charges, until there's only two keepers left at the enclosure around the Liondragon. As soon as they walk around to the other side, Zitao charges forwarding, knowing perfectly well that he'll be hidden behind the dragon's impressive bulk.

The distance of approximately thirty meters feels like nothing, passing by as quickly as if Zitao had been on his broom. His steps are quick and sure and he easily hides himself in the shadow cast by the Liondragon in the moonlight.

He breathes a quick sigh of relief. He can't believe it. He's actually next to a dragon.

If only he had his magical camera.

Zitao turns to face the dragon, taking in its dazed form. The scales are less red and more of a shiny scarlet up close and the golden spikes around its face gleam like the newest of Galleons. Underneath its regal chin is the flaming pearl he's only heard about in legends, and he's so close it feels like he could grasp it in both of his hands. The dragon is just so beautiful.

"Which one's this, yeh say?" he makes out the groundskeeper asking from the other side of the Liondragon, and he freezes in the safety of its shadow.

"Chinese Fireball," the red-headed keeper says, "this bloke's from the Canadian reservation actually. We couldn't get a nesting mother even though the Ministry asked, but apparently the fellow's as bloody protective of the young as any of the actual mothers. A real papa wolf."

"Doesn' the bloke have a name?"

Zitao hears the keeper chuckle. "Oh, he's got more than just a name. We can never keep it straight, really. Got four different papers from three different embassies with a whole mix of names and birthdays provided. Anyway, one of our guys insists on calling him Yifan, but the rest of us would probably mangle it and offend him. So we just stick with good old Kris."

"Kris the Chinese Fireball," the groundskeeper says happily, the sound of his hands clapping together in happiness echoing around the enclosure, "beau'iful name for a beau'iful boy."

Zitao turns to the Liondragon, whose golden eye is now half open and staring at him.

"Yifan, huh?" he whispers in Mandarin, the familiar tones slipping from his mouth easily in spite of the months he's gone without speaking a word of it. He rests his chin on his palm and his elbow on his knee, but maintains respectful eye-contact. "I think that's prettier."

The dragon grumbles at him, a deep gravelly noise that isn't very pleasant to the ears and sounds more like a drunken bear than anything. Or maybe a diseased toad? But he sounds pleased enough, although Zitao doesn't know whether that's due to hearing the language of his homeland or the use of his preferred name.

"Good luck though, and don't fry anyone," Zitao admonishes playfully, to which the dragon snorts. A mushroom cloud of smoke erupts from his nose and Zitao has to hold back his chuckle.

"I mean it," he says, "you'll have all of Durmstrang and Bulgaria on your scaly behind if you roast one of Krum's arms off for an afternoon snack."

He knows the Liondragon is still too stunned to do more than roll his golden eyes at him, but he still likes to think that Yifan understands.

"I should probably go now," Zitao whispers regretfully, finally noticing the increasing shadows coming towards the enclosement. "It was nice meeting you, Yifan." He bows, deep and low and formal as befitting for a regal creature like a dragon, and when he looks up he sees a single golden claw sluggishly pushing something over to him. The stunning spell must be wearing off.

After a few moments of struggling, Yifan finally seems finished with his task. In front of Zitao is a single scarlet scale the size of his head, that glimmers even in the shadow of the dragon's body. It must have been shed during the struggle against his keepers earlier, while Yifan was thrashing about.

"I can keep this?" he asks incrediously, reaching out to stroke it with tentative hands. It's so smooth. Dragon scales are rare, at least in their pure forms, and are rumored to be imbued with protective qualities. The red-headed keeper must have been right about Yifan's protectiveness, and Zitao feels a comforting warmth bubbling in his chest at the thought of being under such protection.

Yifan makes a tiny grunt before closing his eyes. Zitao doesn't have to be a dragon to understand him.

"Thank you, Dragon ge," he says respectfully. He picks up the scale and holds it close to his chest. "You take care too."

As he escapes the enclosure, making his way back to the lake and Durmstrang's ship with his present tucked underneath his robes, all Zitao can hear is the sound of Yifan's loud snoring echoing in his ears. Even when he bumps into Karkaroff halfway back, all he can breathe out when his headmaster asks what took him so long is a single word.


Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: First of all, this is not related to the other
HP!AU I've already written for the HG competition lol. In this one, Tao is older than Harry and is a sixth or seventh year at Durmstrang. He was eligible for putting his name into the Goblet of Fire, but unfortunately (fortunately?) Krum was chosen instead. I'm still not sure how I thought of this, I can't remember exactly, but I did like the idea of Tao meeting Kris, who became one of the dragons in the first challenge, and both of them taking a liking to each other as travelers far from home. I had to ret-con a few things, hence the explanations of how Kris doesn't match the nesting mother criteria and about the dragons back in China. A few things about the Chinese dragons, I grabbed from Wikipedia like the flaming pearl, but for the most part I stuck with canon. JKR used such Westernized dragons though... lol. As for the bowing thing, I know that it's not common to bow in China anymore, but I did read that it was traditional when dealing with an emperor and dragons were said to be the Jade Emperor's descendents, so I thought it was proper? lol yeah. And Kris giving Tao the scale was his way of saying "Take care" because he's a big softy at heart lol

This was fun to write. I had to fix up a lot of errors before reposting, but it was definitely worth it. \o/
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This is going to be a compilation of all the fanart/vocaroos/edits/etc. that I made for EM's Hunger Games competitions! Or just the first round actually, since I submitted way too much then lol I actually kinda ashamed of how bad I am, but I was working to earn points for Xiumin and in the end that's what matters! lol

ETA: idk what' the deal is with the cuts, I think it's hard to fix them with the vocaroo posts so this compilation's a little sloppy? But this is the best I can do, I'm just really that bad with technology lol orz ughhhh

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In honor of part 66 of EM, anons sounded like they were planning on doing a fic-focused part for all 66 potential pairings. Unfortunately, things got derailed because of Exo's activities in Russia, but I figured I could still at least give one-liners and prompt generators a try. It's kinda late right now and I still want to shower, so I'll probably add my author's notes in the morning. The generators used were this, this, this, and this.

ETA: It's morning.

suho / xiumin - meant to be

It's easy for others to forget that Junmyeon's always been a maknae -- his family's second son, his class's precocious age-breaker -- when he becomes the leader of a group of boys, three-fourths of whom are even younger than him; but when Minseok sits across the table from him and lets him spill his worries over the first warm mug of coffee Junmyeon didn't have to pay for himself in ages, he finds himself easily slipping back into the role of dongsaeng and basking in the simple pleasure of being the one taken cared of after having the burdensome weight of responsibilities and expectations shoved on his shoulders.

(a/n: Instead of going for the "meant-to-be soulmates" approach, I decided to tackle the age hierarchy relationship between Suho and Xiumin. I've seen the topic discussed before, but never in-depth and never in fic, about how their relationship must be if Xiumin is the hyung but has to defer to Suho due to the leadership status. It probably helps that with Suho's age-breaking, they might consider each other chingus. But two things Suho said -- about wanting to return to a time when his parents took care of him and how he relies on Xiumin (and Lu Han) to discuss things he can't share with his dongsaengs -- stuck out. For a long time, Suho was probably used to being the youngest, even if he was one of the longest lasting trainees in SM. So when Suho gets to rely on Xiumin like this, he's returning to that position of being the dongsaeng taken cared of.)

D.O / D.O - reasons

If he were ever found out, Kyungsoo would state that it's not narcissistic at all to fall asleep to the sound of his own voice -- if anything, he thinks it would be perfectly understandable given how utterly offensive to the ears everyone else's voices are in comparison, even on the occasions that he misses a note.

Kris / D.O. - silence

Kyungsoo is especially ill-tempered after the doctor prescribes a few days' worth of rest for both his body and his voice in response to a sudden cold, with his usual looks of apathy and judgement escalating into full-blown stink-eyes every time someone so much as warbles in the shower and accidentally reminds him of his misfortune; it's only because Kris is rather quiet by nature -- and thus preferable to the rest of the boys -- that Kyungsoo does little more than silently tsk at him for bringing in bland, watery soup from a can.

Kris / D.O. - supernatural

It's far from an even match -- Kyungsoo can stomp around all he wants, but his fissures can't do much to an opponent hovering meters up in the air -- but what goes up must eventually come down, and even if Kris has a ridiculously unfair physical advantage as well, Kyungsoo is used to standing his ground against odds like this.

(a/n: Supahnatural powah. No, I tease. This is more inspired by Pokemon actually -- ground type has a disadvantage against flying type. Not that they're Pokemon in this. I mean, they could be? But that wasn't the intent lol)

Kris x Chen - burning and praying for more

Their first night in the Chinese dorm is eventful in that Jongdae shoves his bed against Kris's and insists that it's the best remedy for his case of homesickness, and if this remedy just so happened to include Jongdae's body curled up next to Kris, branding his skin wherever Jongdae's warm flesh made contact under their sheets, then maybe Jongdae could stand to stay homesick a little while longer.

(a/n: Chen's a sneaky bastard, they're hot for each other. I'm not suited to write Krischen, where's paca when you need her...)

Total Word Count: 390
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 Another long break from writing anything on EM lol although I guess it's because it's less of a fic meme these days, which makes me sad :( Nonetheless, I was happy to see that someone decided to run another one-sentence challenge! It's been about two months (18 parts!!) since one of these, I've missed them. I mean, Exo's even come back in the time it's taken meme to get back to these lol

Unfortunately, I was sleeping when it happened so I didn't post any of my fills onto meme even though I still tried them out because I was so terribly late u__u Anyway, I still feel iffy about my characterization, in addition to my writing, so it wasn't a huge loss? It's been so long since I wrote anything... I miss it.

ETA - 06/14: EM had another challenge lol I'm surprised it happened so quickly. And someone said we're doing another tomorrow?! Ah... lol

ETA - 06/16: I missed yesterday's, but it was a SHINeexo challenge anyway lol. Although I guess it would have been nice to write for my old fandom again. Honestly, I didn't miss the timing for today, I just didn't have the confidence to post it. Oh well. I have a final to by studying for anyway. I don't think I'm going to do particularly well, especially if I'm wasting my time on one-liners, but I just need to get a 67 to get a C in the class. Low-ballin' it lol, I'm just so burnt out.

ETA - 06/17: I also wrote three Xiulay today, but I posted that separately since it was a series of connected drabbles and they weren't one-liners anyway. Maybe that's why I had trouble getting the last one done today. But surprise! I managed to write about all twelve members at least once, I'm rather surprised. (On a more negative note, I'm pretty sure I failed my final. At least I can write my frustrations out.)

ETA - 06/20: The challenge was really an iTunes shuffle one today, but since my iTunes library's been... well it's not pretty and it hasn't been since 2010, lol. But given the state of things, I just went for the typical one-liners prompted by the generators. Only two today though because one of the prompts was bulimia, and even though I swore I'd stick to whatever prompts I'd get, I had to break that promise for that one. Smh.

ETA - 06/22: The challenge was girl!exo one-liners. It was interesting, and a little pornier than I was honestly planning? But not too much, I'm still a novice in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, today's fills were really supposed to be for yesterday's challenge, but I didn't finish until the day had already passed. 

ETA - 06/26: Honestly, these were the responses for 06/23, but I've been really slow bt-ing so I missed the challenge by a long-shot lol. Still managed to post one though, but it was on 06/24, which will have its own responses.

ETA - 06/27: These were meant to be for the 06/24 challenge. Obviously I missed it, but once again, I finished them anyway. Now I can focus on finding a birthday present for my friend lol. Oh, also of note, I broke 2k! What a surprise. Honestly, I probably broke it earlier if I included the xiulay, but I'm not so lol

06/13/13 responses:

Kris x D.O - Trivial Pursuit
It's stupid to think that a few stretches every morning will actually make him grow taller -- if that were really the case, he wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place -- but even harsh reality doesn't keep Kyungsoo from reaching for his toes and contorting his body each morning in ways only Jongin or Zitao are really capable of, and it doesn't keep him from dreaming of meeting Kris's lips one day without a bruised ego and three pairs of insoles.
Sehun / Tao - Disney princesses
"My hero," Sehun says, his voice neutral enough that Zitao can't make out his typical earnestness as he pulls Sehun by the wrist away from the mob of screaming fans -- but when Zitao finally turns to look at him, to tell him it wasn't a big deal or that he would have done it for any one of the others, the sheer tenderness in Sehun's smile and crinkled eyes stops in him in tracks and snatches the breath straight out of his chest.

(a/n: This is referring to the June 3rd trip to Changsha Airport where the place was so crowded and chaotic because of the fans that people were getting hurt. Apparently Tao went back to help Sehun, so there's a silver lining to every horror story I guess. Anyway, this is a loose interpretation of the prompt, but anons on EM had been referring to Sehun as Tao's chinaboo princess so a damsel in distress situation seemed right.)
Sehun / Tao - pre-debut vids 
"You accidentally recorded," Zitao informs him in stumbling Korean after they've been standing in the same intimately close poses for over a minute waiting for the flash to go off, but Sehun decides then and there to make the most of an awkward situation by slipping his free hand into Zitao's jeans as the cellphone camera's red light continues blinking at them.

(a/n: This is referring to this predebut picture. Sehun's hand placement is so questionable ;3 On a funny note, Taohun's been so popular lately, I'm a bit surprised.)
Kris / Kai - have we met before?
Yifan remembers how small and timid Jongin had seemed years before either of them expected to debut as he danced around the hallways of SM with graceful, light-footed steps that Yifan couldn't help but envy; but years later as they stand together on stage, he wonders where this new Jongin -- the one with a strut in his step, a sultry look in his eyes as his skin glistens from sweat under the stage lights -- came from, whether this Jongin had been there all along, hidden behind little Jongin's deep stares and shy smiles.

(a/n: Messing with the distinctions between the real person and the idol persona is always one of my favorite topics, but Boss told me that too many people rely on the stage names to make that distinction. I want to change from that, so I focused on the idea that Kai's idol persona is still a part of him, even if it's one that Kris doesn't recognize.)

06/14/13 responses:

Baekhyun / Lay - strip club
"Lighting is everything! The wrong angle could turn Lu Han into a gross old man instead of a fresh-faced rent boy no matter how well he's working that pole," Baekhyun insists as he fiddles with the dials on the control console, glancing over suspiciously as if he's not sure the club's new hire completely understands him; the sad thing is that Yixing knows all too well how right Baekhyun is because he's actually witnessed Lu Han in all of his hungover glory, dark circles and crow's feet exaggerated by poor morning lighting.

(a/n: Can be read as Layhan, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is lol. Also me poking fun at Lu Han's face just because I can \o/)

Chanyeol x Sehun - The Dreamer
Fourteen-year-old Oh Sehun is scrawny and little and stares at Chanyeol from a distance with these stupid, shy eye-smiles and his pink, wet tongue sticking out of his mouth in a way that makes Chanyeol wonder how much taller would Sehun have to grow before Chanyeol could get away with sucking on it without having to bend over quite so much.

(a/n: Simple enough, right? Chanyeol is dreaming of the day Sehun gets tall enough to kiss lol. Chanhun is actually one of my top OTPs at the moment, and more than anything I'd like a predebut fic about them because there are a few accounts of Chanyeol doting on Sehun or being weirdly possessive? lol anyway, Sehun joined SM when he was fourteen and Chanyeol joined when he was sixteen, but they were both brought in the same year. Fun facts lol)
Chen / Chen - keep your cool
Like everything else about joining SM, the news that Jongdae is going to debut comes too quickly -- he knows for a fact that some of the guys here have been training for years -- but as he stares into the mirror of the company bathroom he snuck into while his new manager wasn't looking, he takes a deep, calming breath and finds his reflection smiling back at him reassuringly.

(a/n: Set predebut when Chen was told he'd be a member of Exo. He doesn't strike me as the overly confident type when he's alone, for all of his snark and bravado, but as someone who will still carry through and wouldn't let himself get psyched out quite so easily :3 )
Sehun should really know better when Zitao holds open the door to the restaurant for her and offers nothing more than a mischievous smirk, but her breath still hitches sharply as Zitao's long fingers graze the bottom of her skirt, freshly manicured nails trailing along the sensitive skin of her upper thigh.

(a/n: The only one I actually posted on meme because I was late, once again lol. Rather than being from a prompt generator, it was a request for girl!Taohun. I wonder if I should have used girl names, but the only difference would have been probably Sehun to Seyeon tbqh.)

06/16/13 responses:
Kai / Xiumin - fortune-telling 
Lu Han is the one who comes up with the idea of using fortune ladders to allot roommate assignments during one of their overseas trips, but as Minseok follows the inked trails down, it's Jongin's name -- nice, quiet Jongin who sleeps like a log and doesn't wake up at ungodly hours of the night to start pillow fights or pinch his cheeks -- he finds at the other end of the line marked with his own name.
(a/n: This is a fortune ladder, although they're usually read vertically rather than horizontally. Each end of the other ladders would have been labeled with another member's name. Because you make it on your own, it's usually one-of-a-kinda and pretty random. It can be used for decision-making as well as fortunes.)
Kai / Xiumin - heroic deeds
Minseok pulls Jongin aside after one of their dance lessons because whatever the other trainees are planning for the top candidate for the position of SM's next golden boy is most likely going to be petty and immature; while the rest of them may be children, Minseok -- despite his tiny stature and his rather inconspicuous presence -- is a grown man and like hell is he going to let this happen under his watch.
(a/n: I wanted to write about Xiumin as the adult he is. It's something I feel like people tend to forget just because of his face. Once again, Kai is a passive presence :( 66th exo ship lol But yeah, here, Xiumin is less of a hero and more of a mature adult, but that's still something to be proud of :3)
Suho x Tao - dying will
"Another one from China," someone whispers into Junmyeon's ear, voice dripping with condescension as they watch one of the new guys introduce himself -- but rather than his dark eyes or heavy accent, Junmyeon notices the strong set of the kid's jaw and the overflowing confidence in the kid's stance and remembers a time when he used to be able to recognize those qualities in himself.

(a/n: Rather than going for the typical character death route, I decided to interpret "dying will" as more like "fading determination"? Suho has been training for years and he keeps seeing all of these new kids strutting in and Tao just happens to be the most recent. And he doesn't know when or how he lost that... spark that newer trainees like Tao walked in with.) 

06/17/13 responses: 

Chen / Luhan - gay vampires
It's a pity that Jongdae's pretty skin is fang-shatteringly difficult to pierce, and even moreso that his cold blood is stale compared to the fresh tang of actual human blood -- but he lets out these delicious little moans that have Lu Han nibbling his neck anyway, hungry in a way that won't destroy Jongdae like all of his other nightly treats. 
(a/n: They're both vampires. That's it.)
Chen / Luhan - volunteering
Lu Han gets picked for the dance-off of course -- the program is being recorded in Beijing and the MCs are obsessed with showing him off like some sort of hometown hero -- but it's both surprising yet, in retrospect, expected when Jongdae's arm shoots up like a rocket after the MCs ask for one of the others to go up against him, all too eager to soak in the limelight.
Suho x Kai - Raspberries
It's only after their youngest have been given their obligatory coming-of-age presents that Junmyeon whips out a bottle of expensive bokbunja that shines a deep ruby red under the living room lights, pouring each of them a glass with experienced fingers and watching them down it with excited giggles, all while pretending he doesn't notice the way the wine's rich red color stains Jongin's lips.
(a/n: Kyungsoo, Tao, Kai, and Sehun came of age this May. Bokbunja is Korean raspberry wine that's supposedly it's naturally sweet, but not too alcoholic so it seems like a good choice for celebrating the coming-of-age of the younger members. It may also improve libidos ohohoho.)

06/20/13 responses: 

Luhan / Sehun - wilted roses 
Lu Han constantly, loudly reminds everyone he doesn't like people on his bed, but that doesn't stop Sehun from sitting down on it anyway so he can pull the blankets up over Lu Han's sleeping body -- Lu Han may be the hyung, but as Sehun looks down at how the faded red dye of Lu Han's hair draws out the pallor of his skin, he figures that hyungs deserve just as much care as maknaes sometimes.
(a/n: Lu Han is the wilted rose -- he's pretty and currently red-headed, but even he will start looking and feeling like... tired and shit because of life and time. Inspired by someone on EM saying that their head-canon was that Sehun's a functional adult, probably in response to how everyone makes him out to be this immature brat.)
Kai x Tao - Four Humors
"My grandmother would make this for me when I was growing up. Good for the body," Zitao announces as he switches out Jongin's water bottle for a thermos of tea smelling strongly of peaches and ginger, and when Jongin looks up at him -- tired and sore from a long day of rehearsals -- Zitao mimes drinking it and smiles when Jongin obediently copies him with an endearingly grumpy expression.
(a/n: Rather than delving into the Four Temperments associated with the Four Humors, I decided to focus on the underlying principle of it all: balance. We usually only hear about the excesses or deficiencies, but if you were healthy, it meant the four bodily fluids were balanced, making that balance the underlying goal. This balance was maintained by diet and activity. Sanguine calls for sweets, melancholic calls for fruits, choleric calls for fluids, and phlegmatic calls for ginger.)

06/22/13 responses: 
Sehun x Xiumin - goodbye, my almost lover
Minseo is so tiny in Seyeon's arms as they hug each other good-bye that it's hard to remember that she's the unnie, although after EXO-M's plane to China takes off Seyeon can't imagine how she'd ever forget Minseo's quiet, strong, reassuring presence during the years they spent walking down the corridors of SM together, their hands mere centimeters apart but never quite touching.
(a/n: Xiumin and Sehun both joined SM in 2008, so they trained together for approximately four years. An interesting match with their age gap, and long enough for at least a sense of familiarity to build up.)
Baekhyun / Tao - commercial filming
Their first CF as twelve members is for some fizzy juice brand Baekhee finds too tangy to really enjoy, but then Zitao spills a can of it all over herself in-between takes and Baekhee spends the ten minutes the production staff gives them for clean-up with Zitao's sticky fingers in her mouth, savoring the sweet taste as she sucks each digit clean and Zitao dirties her free hand under Baekhee's mini-skirt, rubbing her thumb against Baekhee's clit and curling her fingers in Baekhee’s pussy until Baekhee comes all over her with a muffled moan.
(a/n: The Zitao I'm using here is 紫涛 rather than 子韜. I'm not sure if that's correct, but a friend told me that it was the prettier option and raised no objections. Google says it means 'purple wave' which is nice enough in my opinion. :3 I wanted to describe Tao's fingers but I couldn't do it, but at least I managed girl smut for the first time? Kinda.)
Baekhyun / Tao - karaoke room 
The best thing about all of their maknaes now being of drinking age is that when they celebrate their comeback, there's no excuse why everyone can't get ridiculously drunk at one of SM's high security noraebangs -- so drunk that all Baekhee has to do is sit back and enjoy the show, pretending that her panties aren't already soaking wet from watching Zitao alternate between obnoxiously grinding up against Chanmi and shamelessly making-out with Minseo.
(a/n: Inspired by EXO's appearance on Yoo Inna's radio show.)
D.O / Baekhyun - panic
"You didn't see anything," Baekhee sternly tells Kyungri, scooting away from Chanmi's drawer of padded bras and concealing the bottle of itching powder behind her back; she can't be sure Kyungri with her unfairly huge eyes noticed the latest shot fired in the cold war between Baekhee and Chanmi, but that doesn't stop the guilty flush in Baekhee's cheeks or the adrenaline pumping through her veins.
(a/n: Making fun of the sinking of baekyeol lol. Sadly, Kyungri is just a body with a name because I don't know how to characterize D.O for shit yet. Soon.)

06/25/13 responses: 

Lay / Kai - hold up
One night over a table of mouth-watering and distracting samgyeosal, the managers suggest that the group holds a 'friendly' vote for the top two dancers and, of course, Jongin and Yixing win by a landslide in spite of Jongdae's best efforts; however, that just means they're the ones forced to help demo the new choreography for Wolf the next morning, their death-grips on each other's wrists the only thing keeping them from toppling over on one side or another as they sway like a very pitiful tree and the others stare in muted horror.
(a/n: The joke is that Kai and Lay are holding each other up during the choreo. lol I don't know if they're partnered in the actual choreography, but I figured that if it's just practice then it wouldn't be a huge deal since temporary. Also, the managers were plotting this lol. Samgyeosal is grilled pork belly btw.)
Tao / Xiumin - stuck-up model
Physically, the newest Chinese trainee is a lot like Yifan in that he looks like the type of guy who'd be more suited for the catwalk -- tall as a skyscraper with his chin high and his shoulders straight -- but Minseok doesn't realize how right he is when, just like Yifan, the new guy's eyes meet his and he's greeted with a Cheshire Cat smile rather than the snub he'd been expecting. 
The fact that Zitao speaks informally to him doesn't bother Minseok as much as it would if it were anyone else because it's due more to Zitao's nonproficiency with the language than automatically assuming, like so many people, that Minseok was younger -- which is exactly why Minseok takes to correcting Zitao with a gentle, encouraging smile rather than a scolding over manners.
(a/n: Based off of two interviews, one in which Xiumin mentioned that one of his problems in life was people speaking informally to him because of his baby face and another one in which it was mentioned that Xiumin made sure to correct Tao's speech so that he was speaking formally rather than informally, which is normally seen as impolite.)
Luhan x Kai - Shell
The first year Lu Han trains at SM, he honestly sees neither hair nor hide of Jongin due to the impenetrable circle of veteran trainees flocking around the younger boy; unsurprisingly, it takes several months of dance classes together and the official announcement of the group line-up for Jongin to seek out Lu Han first, flinching a little when the door of the practice room slams too loudly behind him, but still approaching Lu Han with rather determined eyes for someone so obviously skittish.
(a/n: Kai coming out of his shell both literally and figuratively lol /rimshot)

06/27/13 responses: 

Baekhyun / Luhan - thief 
The two of them don't work together often if only because it feels like overkill on the off-chance that they are partnered up; between Baekhyun bending light around them like an invisibility cloak and Lu Han's ability to lift ridiculously valuable trinkets from their pretty, little pedestals without raising a finger, all the fun gets taken out of the very act of burglary and the whole thing starts to feel like an actual job rather than the petty dalliances of bored meta-humans.
Baekhyun / Luhan - it can't be removed like a tattoo 
"Does the pain ever go away?" Baekhyun asks despondently as they watch yet another media outlet speculate about SNSD's slow, messy disbandment due to conflicting interests between the girls and complaints against apparent company favoritism, and while Lu Han wishes he could answer that time heals all wounds, he still can't face his Mirotic-era poster of DBSK and not sigh over better times and his still-broken heart.

(a/n: Set in the future. Fans can get emotionally scarred for life because of disbandments, just saying u__u, This may or may not be based on reality lol)
D.O / Lay - ordinary
"That's pretty special, that you were already famous in China before all of this," Kyungsoo tells him while they're washing dishes together one night after Lu Han pulls out online clips of Yixing's child star days, but Yixing honestly doesn't feel special at all and hasn't felt so since the last time he performed on a stage for an audience screaming his name, rather than merely blending into a faceless crowd with nothing to show for years besides a heavy heart and his chest filled with longing as he watches others race towards the stars.
(a/n: Surprisingly, this is something meaningful despite the fact that these two are lowest tiered in my bias list lol. I think in general, Lay is very interesting and the years where he felt like he had nothing to show for the support he was still being given in-between his time as a child star and Exo's debut must have been... painful? Lack-luster? Ordinary lol /rimshot. I rag on him all the time for fun, but I can respect him a lot for holding onto his dreams for so long. Also inspired by this heehee.)


Total Word Count: 2020
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 It's been a while since EM held one of these, huh? But it was fun even though I was kinda late and didn't write as much as I have for the other times. I should probably get back to writing more, but I'm at that point where I'm seriously questioning my characterization in addition to my skills. It's disheartening, but it felt nice to even get out two sentences, I suppose.

The only good thing about the outfit the coordi-noona had thrown in Kris's general direction the night before was that there were now even more DSLR lenses focused on the resulting fashion nightmare than on Jongin; his acne-ridden skin thanks Kris for the sacrifice and the lack of painfully embarrassing, high quality close-ups.

(a/n: This is referring to Kris's atrocity of an outfit during a flight to China and the many close-ups of Kai's really bad skin which I will not be linking to because it makes me sad lol)

"Don't let this kid fool you," Chanyeol tells Sehun's pretty little study date, who's watching from across the table as he rests his chin on the top of Sehun's head and wraps his arms possessively around Sehun's slender neck, "this is probably the first time he's cracked open a textbook, let alone set foot in the library. You should look into finding a partner who's more than just a pretty face."

(a/n: Predebut Seyeol makes me weak at the knees because of how possessive Chanyeol seemed lol. Also, boys calling other boys dumb. That's something I like :3)

Total word count: 124
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EM held another one-sentence challenge :) It was fun to write again. I'm glad the pairings and prompts were pretty manageable this time around :3 Funny how this one was started exactly one month after the first lol

Kris / Lay - panic
"It's okay, Duizhang," Yixing says after an hour of watching an increasingly agitated Kris flush water into his irritated eyeballs, which are still red from when they were accidentally assaulted with pepper spray earlier, "the rest of your face is still nice enough, and even if you go blind, it's not like you could dance any worse than you do now?"

(a/n: A continuation of of my last Kris/Lay one sentence fill. Does that count as cheating? lol)

The day Do Kyungsoo walks into one of SM Entertainment's practice rooms and warms up his pitch-perfect voice with the same exercises Junmyeon's been using since he first started vocal lessons years ago, Junmyeon sighs dreamily and feels his own voice catch in his throat as the temptation to sing along bubbles beneath it.
All it takes is the lightest of pushes disguised as yet another clumsy dance attempt for Jongin to land in the path of the incoming train amidst the shrieks of the other members -- granted, the worst damage a bunch of preschoolers in conductor's hats and cardboard boxes can do is bruise up Jongin's shin a little bit as they crash into him, but frankly, Jongdae is willing to take any advantage he can get if he's going to actually participate in a dance-off against a so-called dancing machine.

(a/n: I was actually going to kill Kai at first, but I couldn't handle it and went for crack instead lol)
Jongdae laughs, his lips curled up into a smirk and his hands cupped around his eyes like a pair of binoculars as he asks "How's the air up there?" to which Chanyeol replies by taking in a deep gulp of air, bending down, and blowing it all in Jongdae's face.

Total word count so far: 254
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EM was having a one-sentence challenge using a random pairing/prompt generator :) It was fun. I only wrote two, but it felt nice to have something to post again. I guess I lucked out because I was given pairings that I've talked about with others before, even if they're not my top ships. Anyway, here's to the new year! :3

ETA - 01/08: EM had another challenge and I've decided to just put my new ones here :) 

01/05/13 responses:

Baekhyun / Tao - otome boyfriends

Baekhyun taps a combination of buttons and picks a chocolate cake out his inventory, watching as Zitao's heart meter rises and his pixelated cheeks turn a lovely shade of red that complements the dark circles the game developers had designed him with.

(a/n: I had no clue what otome boyfriends were, so I figured I could make them otome game boyfriends -- pretty much a dating sim boyfriend lol)

Kris / Lay - pepper spray

"Oh, sorry," Yixing says, looking far more apologetic than his flat tone implies as he watches Kris flush out his irritated eyeballs in the dorm's bathroom, "Lu Han told me it was silly string -- happy birthday by the way."

01/08/13 responses:

Chanyeol / Kai - fatal

Slowly backing away, Chanyeol can feel the tightness in his throat and the twitching of one eye as he watches Jongin advance towards him with both a dark expression and a frighteningly large rock in his hands -- maybe nailing him in the face with eleven snowballs in a row had been overkill.

(a/n: Based off of the series of photos in which sekaiyeol had a snowball fight and Kai picked up a huge rock.)

Lu Han / Baekhyun - the sweetest gift

"It's the first SMTown album I got all of SNSD to sign, so treat it well," Baekhyun rambles as Lu Han stares down in confusion at the blue reindeer and the 2007 WINTER SMTOWN on the album cover; it looks identical to the copy he had scavenged for back when he first came to Seoul, at least until he picks out five instantly recognizable autographs from all of the others and faintly hears Baekhyun say, "it was also the last one I got DBSK to sign before the split -- Merry Christmas, hyung."

(a/n: Only Love was SNSD's first time participating in an SMTown album and the last official time DB5K participated. The 2009 release, in addition to being a little pathetic, broke out right when the split started iirc, so there would have been few to no chances to get all five members to sign it.)

Baekhyun / Lu Han - torture

"Think that I'd remember those eyes, eyes, eyes," Lu Han croons to Tiffany as Baekhyun glares enviously through the glass of the practice room's door, making eye contact just as Tiffany places a hand on his shoulder like the choreographer instructed and smiling mischievously when Baekhyun's eyes narrow.

(a/n: Based off of Lu Han's participation in the TTS/Exo collaboration "DJ Got Us Falling in Love" and Baekhyun's fanboying over SNSD.)

Total word count so far: 275
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Title: Meticulosity
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Tao-centric, slight Kris/Tao
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot, 1000 words
Summary: Both Kris and Tao manage to care too much about things that shouldn't matter, but actually do.

When they had checked into the hotel that night, the beds had looked as soft and plush as any of the others Tao had become acquainted with. Big, fluffy pillows and soft, thick comforters -- he'd been all too eager to just bury himself in them and never emerge, regardless of their schedules. But when he flops down, arms spread in anticipation of sinking into the mattress, he finds himself disappointed.

Despite its deceptively cushiony appearance, his bed is surprisingly stiff. He feels a little like Goldilocks and tentatively wonders if he should test out Kris's.

Glancing at the closed bathroom door -- Kris had wasted no time in claiming it first, as if Tao would honestly challenge him for it -- Tao rolls over and stretches his leg across the space between their beds. Kicking the blankets aside, he bounces the heel of his foot down onto the surface once, twice, three times before deciding that a bed switch would be pointless.

"Duizhang," he calls out, careful to keep his voice low, "Duizhang, the beds suck."

Tao knows he shouldn't complain -- at least he's not stuck sleeping on a hardwood floor next to a flailing Chen again -- but that doesn't mean he has to like it. He kicks at Kris's bed as if it'll magically soften beneath the force of his blows, but no luck.

"Just go to sleep, Tao. Long day tomorrow."

Tao rolls his eyes, even if Kris isn't there to see him do it. "I'll sleep when you do."

There's a quiet scoff muffled by distance and a closed door, but no argument. Tao takes it as silent assent -- not quite as good as Kris's approval, but surely he's getting too old to be constantly seeking that.

The problem with waiting for Kris is that there's not much to do in their hotel room other than sleep. Tao doesn't dare raise his voice anymore, let alone practice his singing or language skills even if Kris is the least likely to tease him about it. There's no room for him to practice wushu or their new choreography either. He can already feel his eyelids drooping out of utter boredom.

Tao definitely doesn't want to sleep though, not before Kris does, not after what he just said.

"What are you doing in there anyway?" he asks after a few close calls. He reaches for his luggage and pulls out his laptop as he waits for Kris to answer. It takes just as long for his laptop to boot up.

"Getting ready for bed."

Tao frowns at the screen -- Kris's idea of getting ready for bed was far more elaborate than his own. There'd be no telling how long they'd be staying up tonight. "Just the three-step today?" he asks hopefully, trying to keep out any hints of childish petulance.

He looks up when he hears a click, just in time to see Kris poking his head out of the bathroom. His blond hair is tied up and his fingers are rubbing small, hypnotic circles into his skin. Tao's eyes linger seconds too long, but he can't help how Kris and his strict skincare routine fascinate him.

Kris takes a second to wiggle five foam-covered fingers at him, his eyebrows narrowed in concentration as he continues applying the product with his other hand. Tao stifles a impulsive groan and silently hopes that his leader is at least in the midst of using his toner -- and not just because it's the third step out of five. He knows from experience that it stings like a bitch, no matter how straight Kris's face stays.

With that, Kris returns to work. He doesn't bother shutting the door this time so Tao can see him hovering over the sink out of the corner of his eye, his profile as sharp and striking as ever as he splashes warm water on his face.

"Was that the toner?" Tao asks, turning back to his laptop. A slew of fantaken photos and videos from the group's latest outing have just been posted onto their Baidu Bar. He clicks on one in which his name is featured prominently, only to exit once an unflattering, unfiltered close-up of his pores load. Kris never has that problem he thinks glumly, clicking through other links.

"Exfoliant," Kris corrects. "It's important to scrub everything off."

Not everything needs to be scrubbed off in Tao's opinion, cleansed and toned and buffed until it shines like gold. There's no use telling that to Kris though, whose entire concept revolves around coming off as effortlessly flawless. There's a reason all of Kris's candids look like photoshoots and Tao's don't.

He continues searching through the site, his mouse hovering anxiously over certain links. Each click is a game of chance. The compliments may outweigh the insults tonight, but that doesn't keep the bitter sting of humiliation away every time he finds someone insulting his looks, his personality, his existence.

He doesn't even realize how long he keeps at it, not until a large hand closes his laptop for him. Obviously long enough for Kris to reach his last step: an overnight facial mask that whitens, tightens, cleanses. Creates an idol, an ideal.

"You shouldn't worry so much about what they say, Zitao."

Tao feels long fingers at the back of his neck, rubbing in those familiar, reassuring circles. He leans into the touch, tilting his head so he can look up at both of Kris's masks. Staring at Kris's mouth, he wonders whose words will come out -- the Kris he follows through airports or the one he first met back in Korea?

"You too, Duizhang."

Kris's lips barely twitch, a smile not worth ruining his mask. "That's different," he answers in his leader voice. So smooth, so sure, so authoritative. So wrong. But Tao can hear traces of Yifan in every pause, buried beneath sharp, shiny angles and fine details; he hopes Kris never manages to wear him away.

Prompt: Taken from seouldout's Round 6 Challenge Five/Final Challenge:
i give myself five days to forget you.
on the first day i rust.
on the second i wilt.
on the third day i sit with friends but i think about your tongue.
i clean my room on the fourth day. i clean my body on the fourth day.
i try to replace your scent on the fourth day.
the fifth day, i adorn myself like the mouth of an inmate.
a wedding singer dressed in borrowed gold.
the midas of cheap metal.
tinsel in the middle of summer.
crevice glitter, two days after the party.
i glow the way unwanted things do,
a neon sign that reads;
come, i still taste like someone else’s mouth.

- Warsan Shire,

Author's Note: I will explain this story later, when it is not 2AM in the morning LOL. I was very liberal with the prompt though. Very, very liberal.

It is no longer 2AM so I will elaborate! Haha. Well, the truth is that I had a whole lot of trouble with this prompt for a whole lot of reasons. Firstly, the new word limit. Ughhh. Also, I'm sure it's pretty... noticeable by now, but I don't really write stories where people are actually together or have broken apart. I write implications, longing, hoping. Sometimes there's mutual interest, but I rarely write actual couples because I am horribly inexperienced in that area and I don't feel like I can handle anything more than a strong interest lol For a writer I'm not very imaginative.

So. Faced with a poem -- the fact that there was only one prompt rather than two to choose from was troublesome as well -- that was very straight-forward in its topic... really screwed me up. So I did my best to make my old English teacher proud and I analyzed the shit out of it, in hopes that I could take bits and pieces and assemble something relating to the theme without actually writing a straight-up romance/break-up.  Which is how I ended up with this.

What happens here is that Exo M books a hotel for the night and Tao and Kris room together as usual (or I think it's usual. They mentioned that roommate assignments get switched up when they stay in hotels). Kris does his infamous facial care regiment while Tao refuses to sleep and instead spends his time online looking at netizen comments. Kris tells him he shouldn't because Tao is easily upset by the negativity, and Tao thinks Kris should do the same. The question is how does this relate to a prompt about someone trying to forget their ex-lover and is intent on getting rid of all traces of them?

Ahem. So, I refocused the subject of the poem (the ex-lover) to mean the real Kris (Yifan, if you will) and basically internalized the shit out of everything. I like internal conflict and the dichotomy between who we are and who we're trying to be, if that isn't obvious. I should probably try to get new material. That dichotomy is pretty much played out long story short in the first few paragraphs about the beds -- they appear soft and perfect, but in reality they're stiff and uncomfortable and Tao cannot ignore that. Anyway. So what Tao is witnessing is Kris attempting to scrub away all traces of his old self, rather unsuccessfully, and polishing himself up. I got the idea for this part from reading lines 5-11, because it did remind me of the principles of a skin-care routine? An attempt at deconstruction followed by a superficial reconstruction. 

I guess a huge influence was the
Kris meta on KFA from almost three months ago? About Kris's awkward stage presence and how he seems to handle himself like a person who wasn't always considered good-looking and had to work on that? I tried to make it so any self-consciousness on his part was more subtle than Tao's and would only show up towards the end as Tao was making comparisons between the two of them. There's a reason why the title is "Meticulosity" which means "taking extreme care of about minute details" and the original title was "Careful, Careless". It comes from the line about how Tao considers Kris's concept to be "coming off as effortlessly flawless" which is a joke. Because they're idols, they're all about hard work and training and being coached in controlling how they're seen and then there are all of these fans who praise Kris for looking like a model in the most mundane places, as if that's his natural state and he can't help how good-looking he is. When I guess my head-canon is that he works super hard at keeping up appearances. This ties into lines 8-11 of the poem, where there's all of this bright, attention-grabbing imagery that reflects the person's desire to... grab attention after they've been abandoned (lines 1, 2, and 12).

Again. I tried not to let this completely influence my characterization of Kris, who from Tao's POV would come off as grown-up and mature and something to aspire to. I will continue more on Tao later, I swear. lol Kris doesn't actually show any insecurity in this story other than what Tao thinks he hears in the little pauses Kris takes. And the reader just has to take his word for it, that he thinks he's seeing bits and pieces of the Kris he met in Korea behind the mask of Duizhang and Exo-M's Kris. It could just be Tao's delusion, that he thinks Kris is having the same problems he is because he wants to identify with Kris so much, but honestly I wrote it so that Kris does have that little bit of doubt, just smothered under denial and his... adultness. Maturity! There we go.

As for the "whose words are coming out of Kris's mouth" part, that comes from the emphasis on mouths in the poem tbh lol. So instead of "I still taste like someone else's mouth" referring to the ex-lover, I had it refer to whether it's... Kris or Duizhang really answering Tao. Someone else. Yeah lol

Okay. Now for Tao. I wanted him to come off as only a little bit childish, but wanting to come off as mature.Tao does try very hard to act like an adult -- he wants to stay up until Kris, an actual adult in his eyes, goes to sleep; he knows he shouldn't complain and tries not to sound like a brat -- but in the end, he is still a teenager. Insecure and immature. I wrote him as still being freaked out about the whole "Crayon" recording incident and being affected so easily by the negativity online even when he's trying to be mature about it all and just. Yeah. And then there's that stroke of insight at the end, where he can recognize that even Kris, who he highly respects and looks up to and aspires to be, isn't perfect and isn't as mature and... confident (?) as he seems. idk. I hope I conveyed that.

As for any hints of Taoris. Honestly, I ship them. They were my first Exo ship. But I tried to write this where it could be taken as mere admiration, a platonic relationship between the two. I guess it was from reading so many complaints over at KFA about how Taoris is portrayed in fic and I just wanted to go for something mellow? Like, make it obvious that Tao admires Kris but not to make him completely controlled by that. I didn't get to work in any real banter, but I did want to level out their relationship a bit. idk if I succeeded though :(

Also, just for fun, my idea of the three-step routine was cleanser, toner, moisturizer while the five-step was cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturizer, and overnight facial mask. I don't really know if this is the proper order because all of the research I did actually contradicted each other at certain points, but ehhh. lol I tried at least to be legit! Also, the thing about the toner stinging is from personal experience ;__; I chose the exfoliator as the one step other than the mask to be described because it is the rougher scrub. Better at washing away unwanted things on your skin. Ahem.

Another long-ass A/N. Oi. /o\

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