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Title: Aftermath
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: General
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble, 753 words
Summary: Minseok is always reaching for the light, even in the end. After the end. Warning for character death.

Minseok had been, not exactly close, but within sight of the exit when he had watched the reflection of Junmyeon reaching his hand out for Sehun and the two of them running out of the maze together. Ignoring the calls of the others behind him, he had followed as quickly as he could, somehow managing to avoid walking into the mirrors that had been obstructing him for the past twelve hours.

'Almost there,' he thought, his once cautious walk escalating into a full-on run, ‘just a little more, just a little further.’

The air in the maze felt hotter, drier than when he and the other four had just entered it. The mirrors he passed were increasingly fogged, so streaked with condensation that every time he faced one head on, the reflection staring back was cloudy and distorted. The sweat that had dripped from his forehead wasn’t just from the exertion, the pressure of finding that long sought after exit. Neither was the sweat that had collected on the back of his neck, that had made his collar stick stiflingly close to his skin.

It was so close though. He was so close.

Minseok could almost feel a hint of the chilly autumn breeze, beckoning him closer to the exit. Could barely see the distant lights of the rest of the damn park, the familiar silhouettes of five people running towards those lights.

“You guys!”

Before his eyes, the exit had started to disappear, darkness on both sides inching closer and closer to each other until there was only a thin strip of light between them. He sped up, his feet hitting the ground harder than ever, faster than ever, his arm outstretched as he reached for the light.


His hands slammed on the doors, cold and heavy and far too solid to give way no matter how much he pushed and pulled. The gap in-between was too narrow for even his hand to pass through, and all he could do was peek through and watch as one of the silhouettes slowed, turning to look back at the maze, at the house, at him.

It was the briefest of moments, and Minseok felt his heart leap into his throat before sinking to the very bottom of his stomach as that last figure turned back around and continued running.

The screams of first Zitao, then Yixing and Chanyeol and even Kyungsoo started to echo somewhere in the maze far behind him, ringing in his ears, neverending. He swallowed, painfully, bitterly. Closed his eyes and tried to take several deep breaths, the last coming out as a startled gasp as he felt sharp nails trailing along the skin of his exposed arms, digging into him, dragging him away from the closed exit and into the darkness.


Every joint aches. Every bone creaks. Minseok tries to roll his shoulder and hears a pop instead. His mouth hangs open from that last gasp, frozen in place. His limbs feel too stiff to move, his eyelids too heavy to lift, and yet he still manages to open his eyes in spite of what must be crusted blood trailing down his face over them.

The first thing he sees is the moon, still high in the sky.

The first thing he remembers is the shadowed face of one of the others turning back to look, and leaving him behind anyway.

It isn’t anger he feels. Not exactly. Whatever pushes him to sit up regardless of his protesting body is both stronger yet duller than pure rage.

Resentment. It bubbles under his skin, his flesh already discolored after hours of rotting away. The sweat has long since dried on his skin, the terror that had caused it evaporating along with it.

He struggles to stand, all while taking in the trees he’d been so desperate to see just hours before with numb disinterest. A short distance away, four bodies mimic his stiff movements as they too rise, stumbling over their own limbs.

The lights of the amusement park are further away still. He remembers reaching for them, but they feel somehow closer now than they had then. Although the process is slow and stilted, no thanks to how his leg has somehow become heavier than lead, he attempts to take his first step in their direction, only barely managing it. His other leg is too much of a pain though, and he settles for dragging it behind him instead.

This time, he’ll make it back into the light.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: The only thing I managed to write for the Halloween event :( And it was after Xiumin had already been eliminated the first time (only to be brought back halfway through the finals as a zombie lol).Writing from the point of view of a newborn zombie is actually pretty interesting.
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This is so very late, haha. So, EM actually held a Halloween event back in 2014 (it has been so long, fuck) which I... had limited participation in, mainly because it was run over 48 hours with very little warning and I am terribly slow in all things. As can be seen from how long it took me to post about it lol. I only did one drabble and two songs for the event, and Team Xiumin did not make it very far, regrettably. Tbh, it's been so long that I don't actually remember what place he ended up in... The event was pretty interesting though, being run differently from the previous two. Very interesting lol. The premise was Exo entering an amusement park, going through the attractions, and trying to escape alive. I wish I had posted about it sooner when the whole thing was still fresh in my memory lol.

Anyway, I'm posting my two song edits here, and then posting the drabble separately lol. Oh, right, fun fact, it's 48 hrs of Halloween because mod took inspiration from the infamous Chinese fanfic "48 Hours" where Exo kills each other off. Cheerful, this fandom lol.

Title: "48 Hours of Halloween" song edit
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
Boys of Exo, enjoy your stay
Wouldn't you like to see something strange
Come on in and you will see
A theme park fitting of Halloween

Hey there Exomeme
Though it's not Halloween
Any longer as of last night
Treat it like Halloween
All anons step up please
Earn some candy or else your opger's gonna die

In your tales, make us scream
48 more hours of Halloween

Into the haunted house as five
What a poor choice, might not come out alive
I really hope you all like your teams
If one fucks up, the other's still not free

Hey there Exomeme
48 more hours of
Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween

Reflections of opgers everywhere
This mirror maze is causing a scare
Four more hours and then we'll see
Who makes it out, and not in pieces

Hey there Exomeme
Though it's not Halloween
Any longer as of last night
Treat it like Halloween
All anons step up please
Earn some candy or else your opger's gonna die

In your tales, make us scream
48 more hours of Halloween

This is a cover of "This is Halloween" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas", with the lyrics changed to reflect the event. The Haunted House and Mirror Maze references refer to rounds during the event, and the candies were technically the points we were earning with each fan submission. It was actually a really challenging event due to the lack of time we were allotted. Forty-eight hours is seriously too short! And as can be seen in the lyrics, the event actually went on after Halloween had already passed haha... Oh, right. Opgers (oppar+geger) is an ugly word and so hard to pronounce, fuck it.

Title: "In the Dark of the Night" song edit
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
At the end of last night I was tossing and turning
Had a nightmare about a grave six feet deep
It scared me out of my wits
Now a corpse, falling to bits
Now I'm after your oppars
Their nightmare is me~

I was once the most cutest of all muggle killers
When we entered this park, we made a mistake
The house and the maze made us stay
But somehow those five got away!
Hey dongsaengs beware
Dage's awake~

In the dark of the night, the undead will find you
By the end of the night, just before dawn
Revived, oh how sweet
Now I'm back to compete
In the dark of the night,
You'll all be gone

Come my stans, please
Rise for your dage
In just nine hours' time
Post more work
Yes, work ever faster

In the dark of the night
At the end of the night
Survival is mine!

You can really see how limited my singing range is with this lol. It's a cover of "In the Dark of the Night" from the Anastasia soundtrack, only it's in undead Xiumin's POV with the lyrics changed to reflect the situation at the time of the event. Xiumin's team had failed so he was technically eliminated due to dying during the mirror maze round, but the event mod brought back the deceased team halfway through the final round to compete as zombies, with the delayed start being the penalty for failing earlier. It was actually really smart imo, a great event twist. Now that I'm thinking about it though, idk if this even got counted? The one limitation about this event was that it was strictly Halloween themed, and I'm still not sure if meta counted. 

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