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Fic: Favor

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Title: Favor
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, Suho/Xiumin
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Xiumin brings a present for a special friend, and a prank too. 

Summoning sprites is normally a difficult task, usually requiring ridiculously rare ingredients and complicated rituals. Luckily, Junmyeon’s one of the easier ones to call out.

"S-S-Stop that!" he chides through chattering teeth, his head poking above the lake’s surface. Minseok feels the light swipe of a webbed hand and quickly withdraws his finger from the water before he receives more than a smack. Unfortunately for Junmyeon, the threads of frost Minseok had created remain, prolonging the chill. "Just throw in an offering like a normal mage! Now I’m freezing!”

Minseok laughs, lowering his hand again so he can draw out the cold in icy wisps, returning Junmyeon’s waters to their usual temperature. “Sorry, sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“You shouldn’t lie,” Junmyeon sighs, whether out of exasperation at Minseok’s antics or in relief at the lake’s warmth. “I could curse you for that.”

They both know Junmyeon wouldn’t though. Beneath the scales, Junmyeon is one of the softest creatures Minseok’s ever met. Plus, he takes jokes pretty well, honestly.

“After I got you a present from the mainland?” It’s just a small trinket, bought during a run to the apothecary. But Minseok watches, pleased, as Junmyeon’s eyes light up.

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Lakehouse and dock on the side of a lake.
Author's Note: Written for EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition's final round. This was sort of written on a whim, though an anon did ask earlier for a possible Suho/Xiumin drabble due to the lack of it thus far in the competition. It feels like it should be a small part of a larger fantasy story, but I honestly don't remember putting too much thought into it other than the idea of Ice Mage Xiumin ironically making the water too cold for Naiad Suho lol. Maybe capturing Xiumin's more playful, teasing side due to a meta discussion I had with an anon on KFA2 about the different facets of his personality. Anyway, the relationship between them is probably meant to be platonic but can be taken however. 
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Title: Taking that First Step
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, Kai/Suho
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Junmyeon and Jongin aren't quite friends. Not yet, anyway. 

His knee twinges just looking at the staircase leading out of SM's basement level. It’s a familiar feeling – the ache, the weariness – and Junmyeon wishes Minho was still around to help him up.

“Sunbae,” Someone calls out, hesitant, distant. A voice he’s not intimately familiar with, that has always lingered in his periphery instead. “Need some help?”

Junmyeon turns back towards Taemin’s friend, a polite smile masking his earlier grimace. “Oh, Jongin, you didn’t leave yet?”

“Lost track of time,” Jongin explains quietly. Junmyeon expects the conversation to stop there considering their admittedly impersonal interactions usually end that quickly, but Jongin surprises him. “Is your leg hurting? I could give you a lift.”

The concern is new. From how he usually rejected Junmyeon’s friendly offers of after lesson meals, it had seemed like Jongin only cared about his dance practices. Junmyeon feels his smile softening into something real.

“I’d appreciate that,” Junmyeon says, choosing honesty over courtesy for once since Jongin’s done the same. “Hyung will treat you to ddeokbokki later, okay?” he insists as they start slowly making their way up.

“You don’t have to…”

This time though, Junmyeon doesn’t think he’ll let Jongin get away with a no.

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Prompt: It all begins (began) here.
Author's Note: Written for EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition's final round. Inspired by several anecdotes shared by Suho. The first (if I remember correctly) was that he and Kai were not actually that close until about two years into their training together, the second was that Suho would regularly treat the other trainees to food, and the third was that during their predebut period when Suho had his leg injury (around 2008-2009), Kai would offer to give him piggyback rides when leaving the practice rooms because Suho was in so much pain and he would've had to walk up and down the stairs in the SM building otherwise.

Suho and Kai's relationship has always been something I'm fond of looking at, not just because I ship them lol, but because they were the two longest trainees and they were both very close with SHINee. I wanted to write from that angle, that due to not being close yet, they might've seen each other as the "friend of a friend". It actually doesn't show too much, but I also wanted there to be an underlying current of... Not quite heartache, not quite loneliness, but something close? After Super Junior debuted in 2005, SM had wiped out most of their male trainees, to the point where Jonghyun was mentioned as either one of the few remaining trainees left before SM accepted more, or the first of the new generation of trainees that would eventually become SHINee and EXO. And Junmyeon was right there around the same period, and if I remember correctly from what Chanyeol and Sehun once mentioned, he was considered part of the "hyung/sunbae" group of trainees. He was rather close to SHINee, especially Jonghyun and Minho, to the point where they thought they might debut together, but then SHINee debuted and his leg injury happened and no one knows what happened in what order but I think I wanted the aching feeling Suho feels in this drabble to be the result of both, although it can easily be attributed more to the physical pain. But Suho here is also feeling worn down because his closest friends have debuted without him. A lonely feeling. And it doesn't show quite as much, but I originally wanted Kai to feel something similar due to the absence of Taemin and how that would affect his rather introverted nature. Maybe it made him more willing to reach out to something like Suho after their initial interactions seemed to do the exact opposite of taking off. Who knows. But in the end, they became very close, although I couldn't show that here obviously. Close to the point where Suho was considered Kai's mentor, where Kai was the one Suho went to when he ran away from home. 

I think friendships, relationships are interesting, probably because I'm not so great at them myself. I wanted this drabble to be about how the two of them had to reach out for each other, and maybe it was in extenuating circumstances where Suho needed the physical aid or they were both lonely because they had been left behind by those closest to them. But more than that, there had to be earnestness on both sides I guess? Kai's earnest desire to help someone, Suho's earnest gratitude rather than the polite courtesy and his own desire to truly deepen their burgeoning friendship.  

By the way, the "step" in the title is a pun. First step up the stairs, first step of their friendship. Not a very good one, but a pun nonetheless lol
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Title: Playing Favorites
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Gamemakers weren’t supposed to pick favorites – just victims. Hunger Games AU.
Warnings: Mentioned off-screen character deaths.

“Where’s the District 5 boy?” a fellow Gamemaster asks, jerking Minseok’s attention away from a projection of a small island on the arena’s map. With every camera feed the man flicks away, his scowl deepens. “Does he need smoking out?”

“No,” Minseok answers before anyone else can agree, “I’ve got my eye on him.” That apparently satisfies his coworkers, who continue terrorizing the other Tributes instead of redirecting their attention to the remarkably uneventful adventures of Kim Jongdae.

So far, no one’s noticed the feeble threats Minseok’s planted around Jongdae, or how the whirlpools he introduces into the surrounding ocean only kill off kids coming after Jongdae. Waiting as the competition takes each other out isn’t an unusual tactic after all, even if it’s more Minseok’s plan than it is Jongdae’s.

Actually, if anything, Jongdae doesn’t seem to have a plan. He’d been like that during the skill assessment, too, displaying only mediocre spearing skills and far too much sweetness to survive these games. Gamemakers weren’t supposed to pick favorites – just victims – and yet here Minseok was, throwing softballs at the kid.

“You better survive,” he sighs as he watches Jongdae, “considering how I’ve stacked the odds in your favor.”

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: May the odds be ever in your favour.
Author's Note: Written for EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition's final round. Despite promising myself never to write a Hunger Games/Battle Royale AU, here I am with a pretty obvious one. I do think I managed to spin it in an interesting way, although since I don't regularly read these AUs, I don't know how unique it is, haha, though I usually see just tribute romances. Anyway, this is playing with the idea that Chen is kind to the point of foolishness, I suppose, and that Xiumin can be such a cheater when he plays games lol. Oh, Chen is from District 5 because electricity. Haha.
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Title: You Can Call Me Mon-jelut
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Everyone has to adjust to the company's newest policies, but Junmyeon does his best to make it work. Monsters, Inc. AU.

Kim Jongin, age six. Easily startled.

In the days when screams were king, such a footnote would’ve been encouraging. Things are a lot different now though, and instead, Junmyeon sees a warning more than anything – they can’t scare kids anymore after all. Frightened children don’t laugh easily, and Junmyeon already has a hard enough time doing his job.

While waiting for the light over the closet door to turn red, Junmyeon fluffs the fur around his neck one more time, smoothing down his floppy ears as well. I’ve got this, he reassures himself as he twists the door handle and enters Jongin’s bedroom, smile wide and friendly.

“Jongin! Guess who!”

As expected, there’s a sleepy little boy in the room, wearing puppy-printed pajamas and a pout. He rubs his eyes and squints at Junmyeon without a hint of amusement on his face, unfortunately.

“A big bunny?” Jongin asks, blinking blearily as he takes in Junmyeon and his infamous dudumchit pose.

“Not a bunny,” Junmyeon insists, not quite sure what a bunny actually is, “I’m a monster. But a nice one. A funny one – the funniest!”

Jongin grudgingly chuckles, and just his smile’s enough to light up all of Monstropolis.


Original Post: Here.
Prompt: Monster. 
Author's Note: Written for EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition's final round, and honestly one of the pieces I really wanted to write. I had actually been thinking about it before the final round, but only because the likelihood of "Monster" being chosen as a prompt was so high lol. It's an AU of my favorite Pixar film, Monsters, Inc. and a play on how Suho continues to insist that he's the funniest member of Exo. I thought Kai would be the most fun to have as Suho's assigned child because he's so easily startled but is often depicted as somewhat sullen and solemn, haha. Anyway, the type of monster Suho is... is probably something resembling a giant rabbit, considering he's the bunny king lol.
This is the dudumchit pose by the way, very well loved by Suho lol. Monjelut (몬제웃) is a pun on Suho's "exjelut" nickname. Exjelut (엑제웃) is an acronym for "the funniest (member) in Exo", so naturally monjelut would be short for "the funniest in Monstropolis" lol, so adding that to a line from Monster's chorus gave me the title. Laugh with me, please. 

Anyway, that should be the last of the drabble competition fics. It's been... a little under a year since the actual competition, so the fact that it took me this long to repost my entries... is kinda sad lol. I've had a lot going on in real life, not necessarily a lot I've been happy with, but being able to revisit writing that I was happy with was very nice. I'd forgotten how happy I had been, as well as exhausted, and I think one of my biggest regrets is that by not reposting sooner, I wasn't able to remember all the thought and planning I'd been putting into these drabbles, which is my entire reason for such long, meandering author notes. But I'm happy that I helped Suho's team win, finally. It's kind of sad because I feel like this might be the last event for EM, which seems to have slowly started dying. My own interest in Exo and EM has cooled a bit too, although Suho and the others are still very dear to me. I want to keep writing, but I don't know if I have anything interesting to tell, or if I have the confidence to try to write it. I hope this isn't the last thing I post on here, even if it's the last thing I've completed. 

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