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Title: Irony
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 
Summary: Just because Minseok is a catboy, doesn't mean he appreciates his owner Chanyeol taking him to a cat cafe. 

Minseok fingers the collar around his neck, the bell jingling just enough that it draws Chanyeol's attention away from the glass door they've been standing outside of for the past couple of minutes. 
"Are we getting that coffee or what?" he asks playfully, trying to inject as much pseudo-impatience as he can into his words. When his owner had mentioned a hole-in-the-wall cafe he passed every morning on the way to work, that he hadn't worked up the nerve to enter despite the siren call of caffeine every morning, Minseok had understood the invitation -- the plea, really -- before Chanyeol had finally asked the question. 
Chanyeol bobs his head up and down, letting go of Minseok's wrist so he can adjust the snapback on his head with both hands. "Yeah. Yeah, hyung. Just gimme a sec." 
Minseok is kind. He gives Chanyeol several before he takes Chanyeol's wrist instead this time and leads him through the door, Chanyeol's bulk no problem for his superior strength. The bell overhead tingles as they enter, just like the one on his neck. His ears twitch at the sudden noise, as gentle as it is.
Upon first glance, the cafe has a simple enough set-up. There's an espresso machine he would sigh over enviously if he was less self-conscious, and the small tables are crowded with patrons and coffee mugs and small pastries. 
But then Minseok's nose twitches.
He turns to glare sharply at Chanyeol, who seems to have gotten over his hesitation and is bouncing towards a seat near the window. Traitor, every cell in his body hisses along with him, the fur of his tail standing up on end. He could see the tails of his mortal enemies traversing between the tables, the variations of meows filling the air. 
This wasn't just any cafe -- it was a cat cafe. 
The irony had never been lost on Minseok. A catboy who was deathly afraid of the real thing? Chanyeol had made so many repetitive jokes about it ever since he had picked Minseok out from a pile of chubby faced kitten-boys all those years ago, Minseok was certain he could tell them in his deepest catnaps. If Minseok was a meaner catboy, he would've contemplated scratching up Chanyeol's prized collection of snapbacks and hoodies as he deserved. 
But that could come later, he rationalizes. He pulls up his legs so that no passing cats can rub against him, tucking his knees under his chin as he scans over the menu and ignores Chanyeol's attempts to engage him in conversation. He spends the whole time in this position, his joints cramping up.
But at least the coffee is nice. He still scratches up Chanyeol's shirts later though.

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Author's Note: The fact that Xiumin has cat-like eyes and gets called like "kitty general" and "head of the kitty clan" despite being terrified of cats himself is something that brings me as much pain as it does joy. Also the fact that Chanyeol is probably the member of Exo of likes cats the most despite being ridiculously allergic to them. I hate Exo lol. This is meant to be platonic Xiuyeol btw. 
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Title: Tell Me Your Wish
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, platonic Suho/Xiumin
Genre: Gen, Mystery
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot (incomplete), 2136 words
Summary: Even if they're technically a master and his genie, that doesn't mean Minseok and Junmyeon can't be friends too. 

It takes a few accidents -- unintentional jostling more than anything, nothing permanent -- for Minseok to learn to treat the frayed backpack more gently than his previous ones. He even goes so far as to hold the bag in his lap whenever possible rather than risk setting it on the ground and surrendering it to the mercy of stray feet and unnoticed puddles. It's not always a feasible solution: this time around involved a two hour long round trip to Incheon and back, the three books he bought there on the history of architecture weighing down so heavily on his legs that they'd gone numb after the first twenty minutes. But Junmyeon is always grateful by the time they make it home, no worse for wear.
"Thanks," Junmyeon tells him as they sit in Minseok's room, nibbling delicately on the chips they managed to scavenge from the kitchen cupboards. He's barely a centimeter or two taller than Minseok, but the way he slouches on the floor with his skinny legs drawn up to his chest makes him look so much smaller, as compact as the grey backpack he's sitting next to protectively.
Minseok reaches past him, swiping a chip for himself as he flips the page of his book with his other hand. "It was nothing," he answers, pausing for a moment before adding, "and I told you before, call me hyung." 
He doesn't have to turn his head to know Junmyeon is rolling his eyes, lips puckered into a pout. Before Junmyeon can say anything, Minseok makes sure to clarify himself. "That wasn't a wish, by the way. Doesn't count." 
"Then it doesn't happen," Junmyeon replies, wiping his hands off on the pair of jeans hanging loosely off his hips. He crawls onto Minseok's bed and slumps facedown onto Minseok's favorite comforter, completely ignoring the way Minseok tsks with a cluck of his tongue. They both know Minseok would end up vacuuming crumbs off his bed whether or not Junmyeon happened to add to the mess. 
It's only been recently that Junmyeon would be so neglectful of his -- well, more Minseok's than his -- backpack, abandoning it for softer, more spacious pastures and their downy pillows. He still curls up into a tiny ball like he's not used to having so much space to stretch out in, nestling or burrowing himself into both the comforter and the fresh sheets underneath like the temperature outside isn't reaching record highs.
It's the tiny, almost pitiful sight of the guy that keeps Minseok from yanking the blankets out from underneath Junmyeon and pulling him to the floor.
"Want anything in particular for dinner?" Minseok makes sure to ask before Junmyeon can doze off. 
His only reply is muffled by fabric and slurred by sleep. Junmyeon grunts a little, but Minseok is pretty sure it isn't for him. Not that he has any problem with being left unanswered. He closes his book and turns down the lights, shutting the door so softly that it doesn't make a sound as he leaves his bedroom. 
The backpack stays by the bed, where Junmyeon can easily reach it when he wakes up. Junmyeon can thank him for that later too.
They end up eating out. Junmyeon barely goes out to explore on his own and he definitely hasn't been around long enough to know too many eateries, while Minseok tends to haunt the same familiar coffeeshops and Chinese restaurants, but simple jajangmyeon is good enough to satisfy both their stomachs. 
Minseok watches Junmyeon slurp the noodles, popping sauce-covered slices of pork and vegetable into his mouth with every other bite. Sitting across from each other in the tiny, vinyl-covered booth and underneath the restaurant's warm lighting reminds him of the rare weekends he'd go out with his little sister back home. He plucks a thick piece of meat from his own bowl and gently drops it on top of Junmyeon's gradually shrinking pile of food. 
"Are you sure there's nothing you want?" 
If Minseok didn't know any better, he would've assumed his new roommate was trying to trick him. There's no mischief on Junmyeon's face though, just gentle eyes that watch each move Minseok makes, just sincere curiosity dripping from each word. 
It's a question Junmyeon asks him almost every day, ever since Minseok had tripped after tangling his feet in the straps of that stupid backpack. It's the first thing out of Junmyeon's mouth after he wakes up, stumbling into the kitchen after Minseok, as well as the last thing he brings up each night before curling up into Minseok's spare futon. The repetition should be annoying, but Minseok figures he'd be anxious as well if he were in Junmyeon's position. 
"I'm sure, Junmyeon," he says, almost tempted to ruffle Junmyeon's blond hair. It's grown longer in the time since they met, hangs messily into his eyes sometimes like he's just another sloppy teenager. 
Junmyeon sighs deeply before returning his full attention to his bowl. Honestly, Minseok wasn't sure what he was expecting after days of the same response to the same answer.
"Besides," Minseok continues, keeping his eyes on Junmyeon's face even when he's denied actual eye contact, "the sooner I use up my wishes, the sooner you have to leave right? I know that I wake up too early and I'm a bit more strict about keeping the place clean--" Junmyeon snorts, almost choking on a noodle, "--compared to you. But there's no way I'm not that bad of a roommate."
"You're not my roommate, you're my..." Junmyeon trails off, his face scrunching up. Whether it's because he's struggling to find the right word or because he's reluctant to say the one he actually has, Minseok honestly wouldn't know. "You're my ma--"
"Friend," Minseok interrupts, "and I'm pretty sure I'm also not terrible at that either." 
He pretends he doesn't notice the flush on Junmyeon's face, the tiny pleased smile that he has to school back into a neutral expression.
Junmyeon decides to walk beside him when they leave the restaurant that night, rather than have Minseok lugging him around on his back. It wouldn't have been a problem either way -- wearing a slightly heavier backpack is far from the trial Junmyeon makes it out to be -- and the weather is clear and cloudless. Perfect for a peaceful, slow-paced walk as their stomachs settle. 
The peace only lasts as long as it takes to get back to the flat.
Minseok's front door is slightly open, light spilling out into the hallway. On the positive side, at least it's not irrepairably busted; upon closer inspection, only the electronic lock has been damaged. Fried, actually, from what Minseok can make out. 
"It's still warm," Junmyeon notes as he presses his finger down on it and slides it down along the side of the keypad. He pulls it back and wraps his fingers around one of the straps of Minseok's backpack, the cold from his skin spreading to Minseok's nearby ribs despite the clothing in-between them. "You think whoever did it is still inside?"
Minseok peeks his head in before he answers in the negative, taking note of the mess right behind the door. His shoes have been pulled from their neat rows in the cabinet, strewn about messily. There's are open drawers and wrinkled fabric everywhere he looks, but no other signs of life. 
"Pretty sure he'd have no reason to stick around considering he wouldn't have found anything valuable," he tells Junmyeon in what he hopes is a reassuring manner. 
He's telling the truth though -- the most valuable things in that apartment were probably his fridge and the bookshelf of ridiculously expensive textbooks required for his graduate classes. Any money is safely tucked away in a bank or in his mother's tightly-clenched fist, and even his laptop is a fossil like Junmyeon compared to whatever kids like his sister are using nowadays. 
"I can do something," Junmyeon tells him urgently before they step further into the apartment beyond the first few steps past the door, "just say the word, and I will." 
Minseok is almost tempted. I wish the intruder was caught so I could punch him in the face or something just as easy. He knows Junmyeon is completely capable of making it happen, having seen the other's small displays of magic since they started living together. Junmyeon's newly acquired laundry drying much faster, the wifi connection speeding up to impossible rates once Junmyeon discovers the world of free online anime streaming. It'd be so simple.
But he refuses to let the intruder take anything else from him. 
"I'm good," Minseok says calmly, "no point in wasting my first wish." 
He doesn't check to see how Junmyeon reacts, whether it's exasperation at his own stubbornness or something else. Instead, he reaches for the old kendo sword he keeps in the closet near the front door and holds it in front of him as he slowly advances. He doesn't even notice Junmyeon has retreated into the smaller pocket of the backpack until he's halfway done scoping his apartment out and he hears knocking on the still open front door.
"Not it," he hears Junmyeon's voice say from inside the backpack, the zipper open just enough that if Minseok squinted he'd be able to see the cramped quarters in which Junmyeon had been trapped for years before they met. 
Minseok rolls his eyes, keeping the sword in hand as he returns to the door and trying his best to not look like he was just ready to knock a stranger unconscious with it.
The person who greets him on the other side is a slightly taller, not-so familiar face. Familiar enough that Minseok could place him and those cheekbones around the apartment complex, but not so much that he can actually remember the guy's name from the bimonthly tenant meetings. He almost wishes Junmyeon was out and about. Despite his age, his memory's proven better than Minseok's and he's become rather friendly with the neighbors.
"Hey, sorry to disturb you," the guy says, the corner of his lips still curling up despite his concerned expression. His eyes flicker down to the sword briefly, but even after he brings them up, he doesn't bring it up. "I heard a racket and your door was open? Everything okay?"
Minseok nods, stepping out and closing the door behind him. "Yeah. Breaking and entering, but so far nothing's missing." It doesn't seem to do much to assauge the guy's worries though, if his furrowed brows are any indicator. "Thanks for checking on me though...?"
"Jongdae. Kim Jongdae. I live four doors down." He points at said door, the bronze 21 glinting underneath the hallway lights. Minseok doesn't remember when the last owners had moved out, when this one moved in.
Speaking of things he doesn't remember: Kim Jongdae. It doesn't ring a bell, if Minseok is perfectly honest, but then he feels frantic rustling in his backpack and thinks maybe he's wrong on that front. 
"Thanks, Jongdae sshi," he says, backing away so that Junmyeon's backpack is safely trapped between his back and his apartment door, "I'll be sure to call the super about this. I do appreciate you checking up on me though."
Jongdae nods innocently enough before heading back to his own apartment. After he keys in his passcode and has his hand on the door handle, instead of entering, he turns back to look at where Minseok is still leaning against his own door.
"You take care, hyung," he says kindly. Minseok's shoulders start to untense, until he sees Jongdae's fingers reflexively tighten around the door handle, sees Jongdae's eyes flicker down to the backpack before returning to Minseok's face. "You and your roommate."
Jongdae enters his apartment, the sound of the door shutting echoing in the otherwise empty hallway. There are goosebumps on Minseok's arms. 
"Junmyeon," he says quietly, hearing the zipper of his backpack undo itself. At least Junmyeon knows better than to stick his now smaller head out to peek, exposing himself. "I think he knows something." It comes out before he can stop himself. "I wish I knew what he wanted." 
He barely registers Junmyeon's quiet response. The almost silent "Your wish is my command."
Immediately, a voice much louder than either of theirs starts speaking in his head. New and unfamiliar, but fresh in his memory. Mine, it whispers to itself more than Minseok, I finally found him. Junmyeon hyung. I won't mess up this time. A mental image of the gray, ragged backpack he's wearing floats by, followed by the image of a Junmyeon with short black hair and a more childish face, and he can feel the Jongdae's desperate longing for both sinking down into his bones. 

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Author's Note: This was an idea I had way before WCAU, but I ended up using it for Round 3 lol I wanted to write a different type of genie story than what I usually found which was either A) master and genie fall in love or B) the master wishes for the genie's freedom. I never actually got far enough while writing this for WCAU  to get to the point I was aiming for unfortunately :( Gonna spoiler it so that if I ever come back to this, I'll remember what I was aiming for:

Basically, Chen and Suho are brothers, or they were until Suho became a genie. The details of that, I haven't quite worked out, but since that time, Chen has been trying to take Suho from his owners because he wants to be with his brother, but every time he comes close, the third wish is granted and Suho gets whisked away to be found by a new owner. This also means that both Suho and Chen are a lot older than expected, which is one reason why Suho won't call Xiumin hyung lol. Either Suho's memories about Chen are partially sealed so he can't really help his brother out OR he really wants Chen to find him but isn't allowed to indicate this in any way. Regardless, this twist makes it so that the idea of the antagonist role has been switched around: rather than the person trying to steal the genie being a bad person, the master of the genie who is effectively keeping them apart is in the wrong, even without meaning to be. At some point, Xiumin and Chen would fall in love lol and that is all I've got. 

Anyway. Now for some notes, haha. The
gray backpack that acts as Suho's "lamp" is based off of a backpack he used to carry around both predebut and early in their career because it was apparently the first fangift he ever received. Xiumin's major is based off of his "future dream" in the XOXO album photobook. Suho's eating habits is based off of the times I've seen him nibble at his food in gifs and his pitiful sleeping position is based off of Chen and Kai mentioning he sleeps in the fetal position and always looks pitiful when he does so. And, hm. I wanted to write very friendly Suho/Xiumin lol. They don't get a lot of love, as a pair or as individuals, so it was nice to focus on the friendship that could pop up between them despite their differences. 
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Title: G.I.R.L.
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Sehun-centric, Chanyeol/Sehun
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG-13 (because of one innuendo and a furry mention smh)
Length: Oneshot, 2164 words
Summary: Pretending to be a girl gamer in order to hustle high-grade equipment out of creeps sounds like it'd be one of Jongin's worse ideas, but surprisingly, it works out pretty well for Sehun. MMORPG!AU. 

In retrospect, Jongin's ideas are always actually terrible. It's amazing how Sehun never actually catches on during the planning process, but for all his awkwardness Jongin has a way with words, has some quality to him that twists the completely fucked up reasoning process in his head and translates it into what sounds like actual working logic at the time. Buying their mothers two-for-the-price-of-one balloon bouquets stamped with fancy, cursive I Love You almost three months early because of the after Valentine's Day sales. Setting up his hyung with one of Jongin's noonas on a blind date so they could be actually related without having to marry each other. Untying the leash of a dog they pass on the way home from school every day because it looks so bored and would be much happier with them and I would know, Sehun, I understand dogs, I own three of them after all! 
The balloons had deflated -- as balloons are prone to do over time -- and neither he nor Jongin had bothered checking the closet they'd stashed them in for months as they used what money they saved on fried chicken deliveries and internet cafes. By the time Parents' Day came and went, both he and Jongin had been lacking presents for their disappointed mothers and money in their wallets, aborting any attempts to fix the situation.
His hyung had ended up slapped in the face. Not by Jongin's noona, who was as pretty and charming and lovely back then as she is even to this day, but by his own girlfriend who refused to believe their little brothers had conned them into a date and ditched them.
The dog bit hard. The owner possibly harder. Sehun still had a faint scar on his shoulder, Jongin had a matching one on his ass. 
Years of misadventures later and one would think Oh Sehun had learned the one true lesson of life: never actually go through with Kim Jongin's dumbass plans.
And yet.
"You think this could actually work?" he asks as they sit shoulder to shoulder in Jongin's room, their laptops on a makeshift table of cardboard boxes in front of them. Jongin's desk had been too clustered with greasy take-out boxes and piles of half-read manga and the occasional stray homework assignment to have enough room for both of them. 
Sehun's screen is on the final stages of a character customization page, while Jongin's is on a fanmade wikia. Jongin had talked him through the process of signing up for the free-to-play MMORPG that had been sweeping the nation -- "Only the nerdy part of the nation," Sehun had laughed, which, Jongin had reasoned, was basically still the whole nation anyway -- and had then spent the better part of an hour pointing out the best combo of characteristics and traits to get the optimal stats. 
"How am I supposed to be able to level up if my defense and HP are the equivalent of wet paper," he asks as Jongin tweaks the skin color of his character again. Any paler and he might as well be playing a ghost, honestly. "I won't even be able to party up with anyone if my character dies after one hit." 
"We need you to be as weak as possible," Jongin insists as he drags the cursor back and forth between the buttons that could change the race of Sehun's character from a classical elf to an alluring foxtail, "also as hot as possible, hey, which do you think is better?"
Sehun mulls over it for a moment. Either way he ends up playing someone with weird-ass ears, might as well go the whole way with the tail. It's a cute fluffy tail anyway, and they can make it match with his real-life hair color whenever he dyes it, he guesses.
"I think guys who are into furries would be more desperate."
Jongin nods sagely and clicks on the foxtail option, both of them watching in fascination as Sehun's character loses a perfectly good pair of pointy ears in exchange for furry ones and that tail and the unfortunate side effect of forgetting a character skill every time he levels up ten levels. It's perfect for the plan.
"I think we're all set," Jongin announces, sounding proud of himself as he always does after a scheme starts off as well as this one, "just a few more days and I can release you to the world wide web." 
Sehun leans back against Jongin's unmade bed, tilting his head as he takes in his character. Long and thin, just like he is in real life. Slightly bored ceiling eyes, courtesy of Jongin. Hair, ears, and tail currently a simple brown color just like his own hair color, although Jongin had promised that it could be adjusted in-game without a supposedly expensive and rare appearance reset potion as a special quality of the character's race. They also set it to be in the Summoner class just like Jongin's character, but instead of the Animal Trainer subclass, Jongin had chosen a special subclass just for their plan.
"I think the boobs are too big," Sehun mutters. At least the big ass kinda matches his own, so no complaints there. "Can we make them smaller? Just a bit?"
Jongin sighs wearily as he readjusts the settings, like he's doing Sehun a huge favor rather than the other way around. Like Sehun's not the one being talked into pretending to be a hot girl gamer and being thrown to the wolves, all in the name of hustling cash shop loot and baiting white knights.
Crossplaying requires a certain sensitivity that Sehun is proud to have. 
"You're just playing a girl, you don't actually have to cry all the time," Jongin says completely missing the point as usual, and whining only a little when his visiting noona slaps him upside the head for the casual sexism. He charges on with that familiar bull-headedness anyway, "I mean, just stick to crying emoticons. And hearts. Girls use those, right?" 
Sehun doesn't have the heart to tell him that emoticons and hearts are plastered all over his own Instagram too. It's not worth the teasing and Jongin laughing so hard that Sehun's back is the one hurting from all the slaps.
For the most part though, Sehun ignores Jongin's 'tips' and just plays the way he normally would. Summons whatever monsters or elements he has in his arsenal, grinds like crazy and beats as many mobs as he can into the ground, and collects all the loot he can get his hands on. He's still buying cool gear and outfits from the NPC shop owners when he's not getting Jongin's level appropriate hand-me-downs or being gifted with expensive cash shop goods from strangers.
There's only one real difference really: he plays completely on mute.
The muting isn't so bad. He can play his own music in the background instead of the game's BGM, and he doesn't have to deal with creeps cursing him and his parents out just because he doesn't -- can't -- send them nonexistent boob pics. There's no need to wear heavy headphones on his head or worry about the sound quality, and when his phone rings or someone knocks on his door, he can actually hear them unlike Jongin. 
It does make party raids harder, but Jongin is always there teaming up with him and telling him what the group is planning before anyone has time to type it out in the chatbox so generally things go pretty smoothly. 
[you're pretty good, sehee sshi :D], the tall elf bard they teamed up with that evening writes in the party chat, [and your cat summon was cute].
Sehun snorts, once again thankful there's no mic around to catch the sound and transmit it. A month into playing and this is the third guy this week. Jongin had been so happy with his new, limited edition summoner's staff after Sehun had charmed some Gangnamite gold mine the other day, but he's been eyeing some special, ridiculously expensive summoner-class only armor to match his shiny new toy.
[thnx oppa!!] he sends back shamelessly. His character's tail sways and her ears twitch cutely right on cue.
As expected, shortly after, a window pops up in the middle of his screen, stating that HappyVirus61 wants to start a private conversation. Sehun doesn't even bother nudging Jongin in the rib anymore -- if he did it every single time a interested player approached him, Jongin would be too bruised for dance lessons. Instead, he accepts the request and leans back against the head of his bed as the chat window pops up. 
[i'm kinda jealous, the cat really was cute u_u i'm allergic irl so i don't get to play w/ them :( ]
Sehun blinks. Not quite what he was expecting, but it's not an unsalvageable situation. If it was Jongin, he'd probably tell Sehun to start flirting hardcore. I've got another pussy you'd have no problem playing with or something neither of them would actually say in real life without wanted to curl up on the ground and die. 
[that's pretty sad :( ], Sehun writes instead because he has some dignity left and because it's true. He imagines how Jongin would be if he ended up allergic to any of his dogs and it's pitiful. [at least you can play with fictional cats here? when we're not killing them]. 
[LOLOLOLOL you're pretty funny, sehee sshi]. He wonders if HappyVirus61 is actually laughing, whether he looks as cute as his character when he laughs or if he's just some basement nerd loser with a beer belly chortling away, but posts a harmless lol as well anyway. 
The conversation actually stays pretty mild as they re-enter the dungeon. Neither of them are front-liners anyway -- that responsibility falls on HappyVirus61's three, tinier friends and Jongin -- so they're free to sit back and cast buff songs or summon small helpful creatures as they see fit and chat lightly. Once in a while, one of HappyVirus61's friends will tell them to actually pay attention to the battles, but no one's even come close to dying yet. No harm, no foul, no need for Sehun to take his attention off their private chat as HappyVirus61 talks about the rap music he likes and the instruments he plays when he's not playing the game. 
Sehun ignores how Jongin is glancing over at him from the other side of the room approvingly in favor of sending HappyVirus61 another smiling emoticon.
[can i call you something other than oppa?] he finally asks before they reach the dungeon boss again. The others are all taking potions and restoring their HP and MP, talking over strategy and things Sehun doesn't actually care about. Jongin can just shout orders at him in real life if it's urgent enough. 
[what if i like you calling me oppa?
It reads like flirting. Sehun is almost disappointed, because if this guy takes the bait now, he's probably gonna end up blocked tomorrow morning if Jongin hasn't found another way to lose him. He's already starting to mentally go through Jongin's wish list to figure out what HappyVirus61 would be most likely to get him when the chatbox lights up again.
[just kidding! or am i...? lol call me chanyeol \o/ now are you ready to finish this :DDDD? ]
Sehun's hands hesitate over the keyboard. "Chanyeol," he whispers, voice hoarse from hours of little use and less water, his tongue stumbling between the syllables. It's stupid, but he doesn't really want the raid to end, their conversation either.
[can i add you first?] he asks, thankful Jongin can't see his screen from here.
Chanyeol is silent, his player character motionless for several minutes. It gets to the point where his friends keep spamming AFK???? PCY R U AFK? gdi in the party's public chat. 
[HAPPYVIRUS61 HAS ADDED YOU TO HIS FRIENDS LIST], the system alerts Sehun, right as Chanyeol's character starts up again and runs to catch up to the rest of their party. This time it's Sehee who stays in place, her fox ears twitching as if she's as lost in thought as Sehun is. 
Sehun opens his menu window, selecting the Friends List tab so he can return the favor. 
It's the second name he adds ever.
"So any luck?" Jongin asks after they've put away their laptops for the night and are watching some drama his sister had recommended. Like the rare loot they'd gotten from the dungeon raid hadn't been enough to sate him. 
Sehun grunts instead of bothering to answer, stuffing his mouth full of pizza more as an excuse than because he's actually hungry. He can give Jongin all the gifts desperate lonely gamer guys keep sending him in exchange for flirty winks and rendered pantyshots, no problem. 
But this time he has something he wants to keep for himself.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: Written for Round 3 of WCAU. It's actually an idea I've had for a while, mainly because I used to read
1/2 Prince a long while back and because at the time of WCAU, I was really into Log Horizon. Both series are about MMORPG games, although the first is a virtual reality one where the main character plays as the other gender while the second is a "trapped in another world" type of story where the original gaming platform was just PC. The gaming mechanics (sub/classes, races, cash shop, etc) were based off of the Log Horizon mode, and the idea of Sehun just muting people so he wouldn't out himself just off of his voice is taken from how Akatsuki canonically hid her gender before the series startedl. The design for Sehun's character comes from Log Horizon's Nureha, and the name he chooses from a radio show where he acted out a skit with Chnayeol and Kyungsoo in the role of the girl. HappyVirus61 is pretty obviously Chanyeol, his name coming from his nickname + his jersey number, while the Gangnam boy Sehun and Kai conned previously was Suho lol. And finally, Kai coming up with Bad Ideas is based off of how on Showtime episode 3, it seemed Kai was the one to make all of the arguments for why they should get Chanyeol convenience store bullshit as his birthday present, while Sehun just accepted his completely ridiculous justifications and went along for the ride lol. Hm, I think that's it? I'd like to write a continuation one day, and maybe include Suho/Kai in it but we'll see if I ever get to that, I guess.

By the way, G.I.R.L. stands for "Guy in real life". Ha.
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Title: Beauty, Grace, Kinda out of Place
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, one-sided Lu Han/Suho
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 227 words
Summary: Junmyeon's first impression of Lu Han was ridiculously off-point.

Junmyeon watches the new trainee out of the corner of his eye, completely tuning out of whatever argument Jongin and Sehun are having about the new crop of SM hopefuls that had been added to every training session. There had been five new guys alone in Junmyeon's vocal lessons, but the pretty Chinese boy with long hair and a small, reserved smile had been the one he noticed the most. His Korean had practically been flawless, and the fact that he went to Yonsei only made him that much more impressive.

"Earth to Junmyeon hyung," Sehun whines, poking at Junmyeon's arm with the plastic spoon the company cafeteria offers them, "Hyuuuungggg."

"Sh," Junmyeon says, poking Sehun's cheek hard enough to force his face into another direction, "I'm being introspective right now."

"More like being creepy as fuck," Jongin laughs, and Junmyeon should really be more concerned about his mouth rather than the new guy's because Jongin is only fourteen. Language.

The new guy is so pretty though. Long lashes and pretty lips. Junmyeon bets he's as refined as any other international study-worthy student. He has to be.

On the other side of the cafeteria, Lu Han's shoulders are shaking in excitement. He did it. He actually did it! These are the hallowed halls in which DBSK walked. He could lick the floor right now.

He almost does.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: Gifset of Kira from Teen Wolf walking pretty until she stumbles down the stairs. Has since been deleted, but here's a bit.
Author's Note: Written for a free kick from WCAU's Round 3. Based off of the time Suho said he fell for Lu Han at first sight. Original name of this was "First Impressions, False Impressions". Still not sure which was the better title.
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Title: What's Up, Pussycat?
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, platonic Chanyeol/Xiumin, mentioned Kai/Suho
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot (incomplete), 1564 words
Summary: Minseok turns into a cat. Chanyeol takes it better than he does. 

It is literally the worst thing that could have happened to him. Barring the fact that his roommate is now allergic to him, Minseok is terrified shitless every time he accidentally trots in front of the wall mirror only Chanyeol is really tall enough to make efficient use of and catches sight of fur and whiskers, his newly acquired tail puffing up as a kneejerk reaction. 
"Aw, don't be like that, hyung," Chanyeol says in-between sneezes from the other side of the room. He sounds miserable, but Minseok can't tell whether his watering eyes are because of his stuffed up nose and the cat fur or due to the overwhelming need to clutch Minseok in all his fluffiness to his chest and the painful inability to do so. 
Maybe Chanyeol should've been the one to go through this, Minseok thinks, as sour as spoiled milk. Maybe his allergies would've been settled if he was the one who got turned into a cat. 
Unless he died as a result of being allergic to himself. Could that even happen? 
Either way, now Minseok is uncomfortably hot in his own skin, what with all the fur and how he can no longer just sweat it out as per usual. He plops down on the cool tile of the kitchen floor, legs neatly tucking underneath him. It's horrible. The last thing he hears before he falls into a fitful sleep is the sound of Chanyeol cooing.
He wakes up to soft, less hairy flesh and opposable thumbs, legs that stretch a comfortable, familiar distance and toes that wiggle. It's considerably more cramp underneath the kitchen table, but at least he doesn't have the urge to stay on all fours and arch his back. The apartment is the slightest bit darker, their digital clock reading an hour later than he last remembers, and in the background, the sounds of a football match playing on their television are more muted than the music show Chanyeol had been watching earlier.
"Please tell me that was a dream," he says, his voice hoarse from disuse. 
Chanyeol's head whips up from the other side of the couch, where he had obviously been sprawled. "Hyung!" he greets happily, "You don't make me break out into a rash anymore!"
Minseok stares at him for a moment, Chanyeol meeting his gaze with a wide, creepy smile, before curling back into a ball under the table. 
"You're not gonna get out?" he hears Chanyeol ask, registering his roommate's worried tone. It's touching, but Chanyeol has always been a nice kid. "You missed lunch. I even bought cat food just in case, not that we'll need it now. Unless you wanna try it?" 
On a rainy day, when Chanyeol is held up at his band's practice and he has the apartment to himself, Minseok calls his mother about the cat thing. It's been happening once a week, and he thought he could handle it, really. But waking up to a storm outside his window, ears too sensitive to handle the constant thunder and eyes too sensitive to deal with the random bursts of lightning, and -- worst of all -- unable to soothe his empty stomach and get his own food until he transformed back because paws had been the wake-up call he needed. 
"Oh, yes, that happens," his mother says. He hears meowing in the background and hopes it's a passing stray and not his little sister. He wouldn't wish this on anyone. "Although yours started a bit late."
He straightens, holding his phone as close to his ear as he possibly can. "Is this a second puberty thing?" If there's the slightest hint of hope in his voice, it's only because it would be nice to gain a few extra centimeters after all these years. Not so tall as to hit 180 -- Minseok's not ambitious enough for that, would probably end up banging his forehead against high shelves and low doorways -- but it'd be nice to at least be tall enough that Chanyeol stops using his head as an elbow rest during elevator rides. 
"I suppose you could say this makes you an adult," his mother laughs, "though it's more of a deadline finally being set."
Well, that's mildly alarming. "A deadline?! For what?!"
He expects a death omen, or even worse, the possibility of becoming a cat forever. A shorter life span, a shorter reach, complete and total dependency upon Chanyeol as his primary caregiver. He can already taste the mushy salmon-flavored cat food Chanyeol has stocked up in their pantry.
"Meeting your soulmate!" 
Minseok is almost tempted to hang up on his own mother, but of course, knows better. 
"So you turn into a cat so you can meet your soulmate," Chanyeol repeats slowly, "does this mean you're gonna hook up with a lady cat?"
A strangled noise rises from Minseok's throat. Better that than the bile churning in his stomach. 
"No," he says emphatically, his arms crossing in front of him. "There is no lady cat. There may even possibly not be a lady involved." He tries not to blush, but with each ridiculous word coming out of his mouth, he feels himself growing more and more flustered. "There's me, and there's the cat, and then whoever is with the cat. That's it."
Chanyeol leans back against their couch, wrapping a friendly arm around Minseok's shoulder. It's a heavy but warm weight, holding him down when everything else seems to be spiraling out of control. Minseok leans into his hold with a deep sigh. 
Why couldn't things just stay like this? Minseok and the cool, too-tall dongsaeng he met in high school, living peaceful mundane lives with neither hair nor hide of weird, furry family secrets. 
He sighs again, resting his head on the shoulder Chanyeol has kindly lowered for him.
"So you're not the cat," Chanyeol continues and Minseok can see the gears turning in his head as he works it out. He can also see the pout growing on his face, as if the news is disappointing more than mystifying. "If you're walking around in its body, what do you think it does with yours?"
To be honest, Minseok doesn't even want to imagine what an animal could possibly in his body doing during the hour-long switches. He's seen cats, from a distance if nothing else, seen the way they chase lizards and lick their balls regardless of who's watching. His mother had told him anyway. 
"Mom says when it happened to her, my dad's cat just slept the whole time." 
He faintly remembers the cat from when he was a child. Short-haired and tiny, not unlike his mother. Just like her, she had grown more easily agitated with age and had attacked him multiple times before finally choking on a hairball and dying. He still still has nightmares sometimes, of the cat staring blank-eyed at him while sitting on his chest in the middle of the night, just like the stories of ghosts sitting on people's chests. 
He doesn't realize how tense he's gotten again until he feels Chanyeol's free hand reaching out for the hand Minseok has between them. Large, calloused fingers that completely cover his own. 
"Well, you turning into that cat. You said it stops when you finally meet... whoever, right?" Chanyeol asks, voice low and deep and soothing. 
Minseok nods, as much as he can with his head on Chanyeol's shoulder. "Either I find them or I wait this out until the cat dies. Which could be years." His mother had told him it'd been a blessing. An ancestor pleasing someone enough that their patron thought it'd be a good idea to gift the whole family with some convoluted mix of involuntary shapeshifting and their own red strings of fate. "It's supposed to speed up the process. It's how my cousin met his boyfriend, apparently."
He can see Chanyeol's nose wrinkling out of the corner of his eye. "The tiny pasty one? That lives in Apgujeong?" 
"Junmyeon, yeah." Junmyeon, who'd been turning into a little white Van cat for almost seven years before running into a guy whose three dogs made a habit of harassing the cat he regularly turned into on a weekly basis. Minseok's mother had complained of his own transformations starting so late, but he doesn't envy Junmyeon, even in spite of knowing about the tall, handsome boyfriend he'd ended up with at the end of that whole mess.
Chanyeol seems to mull over this new information, and Minseok lets the silence fall between them. He's tempted to reach out for the take-out they have on the coffee table in front of them, but honestly can't be bothered, not when Chanyeol makes such a comfortable pillow. 
"I'll help you, hyung." 
Minseok reluctantly pulls away, taking in the determined smiled on Chanyeol's face and the fist he had drawn away from Minseok's hand in favor of a fist pump. Like everything else Chanyeol does, he looks amazingly enthusiastic. Minseok already feels the energy draining from his body, though his chest warms a little at the sight.
"You really don't have to," he tells Chanyeol softly. 
But as expected, Chanyeol doesn't take the out. Instead, his smile brightens. "Nah, it'll be fun. I never get to wingman for you. We'll find them, I promise! Whether it's a guy or a girl or even a dog--"

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: Actually not written for a free kick, for once lol. It is for WCAU's Round 3 though, and was actually the first work posted in that round, haha. I made it sort of a game to post first in the rounds Xiumin was still in /o\ anyway. About the title... I honestly don't remember why I titled it like this, and I couldn't think of anything better so u__u,

Anyway. While I don't remember what exactly sparked this, I do know that after I had the idea of someone turning into a cat, it had to be Xiumin lol. Not just because I like him a whooooole lot, but because he is actually scared of cats in real life lol. The inclusion of Chanyeol was mainly because he was Xiumin's teammate in Round 3, but it turned out good because he's a cat lover but allergic lol. The rules of the shapeshifting/soulmate hunt weren't really carefully thought out tbh, which was a pity. What I came up with made no sense, and my time was limited so I didn't really get to revise them :( If I had gone farther, it probably would've resulting in Chanyeol helping Xiumin find Chen as his soulmate, but alas lol
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Title: Two for Coffee
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chen-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 507 words
Summary: Jongdae shares a morning and coffee with Minseok, before he has to share his hyung too.

Minseok slides the mug in front of him, the warm steam still rising into the air and into Jongdae's face. It smells delicious and rich, and Jongdae's hands wrap around the ceramic before he even comprehends what he's doing.
"For me?" 
Despite the question, he wastes no time in pulling the drink towards himself. Lowering his head and taking the tiniest of sips, just enough to give himself a foam mustache. It's obviously not as good as the professional stuff they get whenever they go out on coffee shop visits during their free time, but it's the best in the dorms and Jongdae can't complain. Can never really complain actually, because Minseok makes it just right for him. 
"Yes, Jongdae. I brewed myself two cups," Minseok chuckles into his own mug, "heaven knows I need it to deal with all of you kids." 
Minseok drinks more delicately than Jongdae does, mature as his age would suggest and somewhat refined in spite of his childish face. There's never a trace of foam on his upper lip, though that doesn't keep Jongdae from peering up from underneath his eyelashes and hoping to catch sight of it one day. Hoping to have the opportunity to reach over and wipe it away -- with his thumb or his lips, he doesn't really know which he'd prefer. 
"We're not that bad," Jongdae whines, just as Chanyeol comes thundering through the front door of the M dorm. They both wince at the racket, but when they see Yixing leave his bedroom to go handle the situation, the grimaces melt into small, shared smiles. 
"You were saying?" Minseok asks as they listen to Chanyeol babble loudly about a new composition he's come up with, as they hear Yixing offer to listen to whatever he has recorded on his phone. It's too early in the morning for anything other than their cups of coffee, but the warmth of the liquid spreads throughout their bodies and Jongdae knows Minseok is just as unwilling as him to get up from the comfortable little bubble they've made for themselves at the kitchen counter. 
Sipping at his coffee again, Jongdae resists the urge to pout. "Park Chanyeol is an outlier and should not be counted," he insists. 
"Excuse you," Chanyeol interrupts, stopping Yixing from dragging him into his room, "I always count." Yixing doesn't even seem to be trying to pull him away anymore, although he does shoot Jongdae a sleepy-eyed, apologetic glance. 
Minseok laughs softly, getting up from his chair and abandoning his mug and Jongdae. "Alright, alright, Chanyeol-ah. How about you sit and have some coffee with us so Yixing can actually wake up before you have him look over your song?"
Chanyeol strokes his chin, as if mulling it over, before planting himself in Minseok's chair and dragging Yixing down with him. "Okay. Hyung knows best, after all."
Jongdae sees Minseok's tiny smile as he turns away and walks back to the coffee-maker, how carefully he handles the new pair of mugs. 
He can't say he disagrees.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: "People say I love you all the time—when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it - you just have to listen for it, my dear.” - John Patrick, The Curious Savage
Author's Note: My last free kick written for WCAU's Round 2. I misinterpreted the prompt so that the idea of Xiumin and Chen sharing coffee is the act of love, rather than going for an alternative verbalized way to say "I love you". It's a pity, but I still managed to write a sweet moment of my OTP. This was written before it was revealed by Suho, Kai, and Chanyeol that no one in the dorm really listens to Chanyeol's compositions when he asks them to lol. There's also a Spiders Georg reference, heh.

Fic: Upset

Sep. 10th, 2015 04:30 pm
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Title: Upset
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chanyeol-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 642 words
Summary: Chanyeol had honestly, really, truly expected to find Jinho's name on the final line-up for SM's newest boy band. 

"I really thought he'd make it," Chanyeol sighs, resting his chin in his palm. His elbow is propped up on the booth table, the sleeve of his favorite hoodie in a sticky puddle of spilled cider. He can't bring himself to care. "I had twenty thousand won riding on him." 
"I had fifty," Minseok commiserates. He downs the shot of soju in one drop, Chanyeol notices enviously. Maybe when he's drunk enough, Minseok will let him take a shot as well. He definitely needed it.
The next list of names for the upcoming -- upcoming, Chanyeol laughs bitterly, like most of the company's trainees hadn't been waiting since 2008 -- boyband had been posted in one of the front hallways of the company building. Far enough away that the sasaengs stalking the front doors would never see it, but in broad enough view that every trainee and staff member entering the building could come across it. 
Jinho's name hadn't made the list.
"I don't understand. Minseok hyung said that you said that he was doing fine in Mandarin classes?" Chanyeol asks Yixing. They're not particularly close, in fact they barely know each other at all. Why would they when Yixing spends half his time in dance lessons and the other half surrounded by other Chinese trainees (and Minseok, he guesses) only speaking Mandarin. But Minseok had just come out of practice with the guy and invited him along and Chanyeol couldn't exactly ask his hyung who the fuck is this without sounding more disrespectful than usual. 
Yixing is a dull looking guy, who already looks sleepy enough even without the liquor, but at least he's nice and his eyes are too blank to hold any sort of judgement, Chanyeol guesses. Could be worse. Could be Junmyeon nagging him about how he shouldn't drink until he came of age or else it wouldn't be special anymore.
"Jinho sshi," Yixing says. His eyes turn towards the ceiling, and Chanyeol would bet the rest of the meat on his plate that he's trying to remember just who Jinho is. "Ah, Jinho sshi," Yixing finally picks up after thirty-something seconds of silent contemplation and Chanyeol eyeing him uncertainly, "actually his Mandarin made me cry. And Zitao. Zitao cried too, Jinho sshi may have accidentally insulted his mother."
Chanyeol groans into his hand, reaching out for Minseok's shot-glass with the other one. Unfortunately for him, Minseok is still sober enough to hold it out of his reach and warn him with a sharp glare. Maybe later.
"The guy they picked instead is nice," Minseok says, passing over the glass bottle of cider instead. Chanyeol takes it grudgingly, "and his Mandarin is better than mine at least." From beside him, Yixing nods so enthusiastically, Minseok almost looks insulted.
"I heard it was another Kim," Chanyeol grumbles, "why so many Kims?"
"Kims are awesome," Minseok says sternly as he takes another shot, "you have two Kims who are your hyungs, you better watch that mouth." 
Yixing laughs, his attention darting between them like he's watching a ping-pong match. "I think you'll get along with Kim Jongdae sshi," he tells Chanyeol, reaching out to pat him on the wrist. Chanyeol isn't sure he's ready for that level of intimacy yet.
Chanyeol resists the urge to faceplant into the table, even with all the sticky leftovers covering it. It's late enough that no one cares that the gunk on his face isn't BB cream. "What makes you think that?" he asks skeptically.
Yixing pauses, tapping a finger against his cheek as he starts thinking again. Minseok shoots Chanyeol another warning glare before he can even think to say anything. "He's a good singer, likes music," Yixing says, ignoring the way Chanyeol snorts because they're all in a music company, "also he's your age. So many 92-liners."
Oh. Oh. That, Chanyeol can work with.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: “I know a thing or two about liking people, and in time, after much chocolate and cream cake, 'like' turns into 'what was his name again?'” — Hatter, Alice
Author's Note: Written for a free kick from Round 2 of WCAU, though it didn't stick so closely to the prompt. The original idea was for the "what was his name again" was for it to refer to
Cho Jinho, a.k.a the trainee who was included in SM's 2009 iteration of SM the Ballad as Jino. As a refresher, during Exo's 100 days of predebut teasers, he was highly anticipated as a member of Exo, only he kinda disappeared (and has since left SM, last I heard). Since then, it's been a long-running joke in some circles to imagine other Exo members edging him out of the group. But this fill was basically going for the idea that where once Jinho had been so anticipated by even members of the group, eventually time would pass and the selection of the actual members of the group would bury that disappointment. And while Chanyeol's expectations of Jinho's inclusion were dashed, he gets new ones from the revelation that Chen is a 92-liner (and thus, a future co-conspirator; another running joke). 
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Title: Basking
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 555 words
Summary: Minseok takes a breath and a moment after their latest TLP concert. 

The crowd is still roaring in the stadium, loud enough that the sound travels through the hallways of the building and echoes into their dressing room. Minseok slumps against the back of the couch, soaking in the sight of Jongdae and Chanyeol pressing their ears to the door as if that would help make the words more distinct for them. Saranghaja, he expects. We are one. Words so familiar that they escape from his lips more from muscle memory rather than due to any conscious thought, words so grossly cheesy and sincere that they make his heart swell up in his chest. 
Half of the other members are dawdling in the hallway, talking to staff and coordi-noonas or taking celebratory selcas. Junmyeon is probably off talking to a manager about where they should pick up food and arguing over who should pay for it. Aside from Minseok, Jongdae, and Chanyeol, only Yixing had decided to linger in the dressing room, catching his breath. 
Even with just a third of the members, he doesn't feel lonely. 
Good show, Minseok wants to say to someone, to anyone, to all of them. They'd sung more songs live this time, and it had been thrilling even though he knew his voice had cracked on more songs than he'd like. The adrenaline is still pumping through his system, the flush still on his cheeks. Sweat is oozing out of every pore on his body, and he had run out of tissues an hour or so ago as they ran around on stage like they were kings of the world. 
His voice catches in his throat though, worn ragged from all the screaming. Instead, his mouth hangs open and he takes another heavy breath.
It's because he's tilting his head back against the couch and staring up at the tiles of the ceiling that he doesn't see who plops down beside him. Short hair prickles against the skin of his neck as someone rests their head on his shoulders, a sticky, sweaty hand covering his own in his lap. 
"You hear them, hyung?" Jongdae asks. His voice sounds worse than Minseok thinks his own does, but then again, one of them had an almost screaming rock solo while the other had just swiveled his hips for the nth time. 
Chanyeol's laugh echoes from the other side of the room. "How could he not, Chenchen? Hyung's not so old he's lost his hearing yet." There's only the slightest hint of mockery in his voice, overpowered by the downright mirth instead, and Minseok lets it pass like he usually does. 
Yixing finally gets up from his corner of the room and settles down on Minseok's other side. He's not as touchy as Jongdae -- his teasing is a different sort, verbal barbs that barely tickle, a bit more high-brow than whatever their dongsaengs tend to come up with when he bothers to try -- but he's still close enough that Minseok still feels the heat radiating from his body. 
"Shh," Yixing says, almost as if trying to soothe them. Slow their hearts that are pounding away so strongly in their chests, it's almost painful. Like he thinks his superpower's real. "Shh."
But the others quiet, and Minseok basks in the silence of the room, in the echoes of the cheers, in the company he keeps.

Original Post: Here.
PromptTed: In a moment like that, when what's really happening is too intense to deal with, sometimes it's best...
              The Mother: To leave it unspoken, and just enjoy each other's company instead.
               - How I Met Your Mother
Author's Note: Written for another free kick from Round 2 of WCAU, again featuring Team A. This is set after one of Exo's The Lost Planet concerts, probably one of the later ones. Despite all of the drama of last year, they had so much to be proud of. It's not a well written piece, but it is a bit more serious than the others I think. I meant it a little more than the others, lol. One more thing I want to say is that as much as everyone makes fun of "Saranghaja/Let's love" and "We are one", I really do think that those words are special. It's silly but my heart hurts when I hear Exo say them, when they say those phrases together. 
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Title: Bullet Biter
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chanyeol-centric, Implied Chanyeol/Lay
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble, 505 words
Summary: There's something Chanyeol hasn't been telling his superpowered crime-fighting squad. 

"What the hell was that?"
Chanyeol is still wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, ignoring the way Yixing insists on hovering over him with an anxious expression and his palms facing forward, twinkling lights gathering at the tips of his fingers. Minseok is still standing frozen in place, his eyes darting back and forth between Chanyeol and the corpse Jongdae is poking at with his staff.
"Whatever it was, he's dead," Jongdae says cheerfully enough, pressing the base of the rod against the man's cheek. There's a few sparks with each tap as he attempts to shock their guy, but despite each spasm the man remains dead. "Good job, Chanyeol."
"Good job," Minseok echoes faintly, "what are we even congratulating him on?"
No one answers him, because to be honest, aside from Chanyeol, they're not exactly sure what happened. One moment, the culprit had materialized a machine gun out of fucking nowhere, right as they had cornered him in a dark alley. The next, he was pulling the trigger, the nozzle aimed at Chanyeol. The tallest member of their squad should've been riddled with bullets, or at least had had some sort of damage for Yixing to clean up as usual. 
But instead, Chanyeol had opened his freakishly large mouth and sucked each and every speeding bullet down his throat. 
In the time it took for their guy to get over the shock of some guy eating his ammunition, Minseok had frozen the blood in his veins, and Jongdae had ended it with an electrocution. Simple and clean and the usual, barring Chanyeol's little show. 
"So is this an extra power?" Yixing asks curiously, pulling his hands back, but leaning his face forward. Uncomfortably so, as he attempts to stare down Chanyeol's throat like it holds the answers to life itself. "Because I'm not sure I'm comfortable with knowing you could do what you just did to those bullets to my dick during our--"
""It only works on metal--" Chanyeol interrupts before the others are given too much information about their 'private training sessions'. Minseok already looks like he's about to have another aneurysm or something, Jongdae on the verge of his squeals of debauchery usually reserved for their clubbing nights. "I. I have something to confess."
Jongdae stops playing with the dead body and scrambles over, pulling their team leader along. "Do you really want to tell us," he asks seriously, clutching Minseok's arm tightly, "do we even really want to hear it? Some secrets aren't so bad, Yeol. Some things are meant to stay behind locked doors."
"No, I really have to tell you," Chanyeol barrels on. He needs to get this off his chest. The other three gaze intently at him as he finally opens his mouth to continue. "I. I can eat metal. Before I landed this job..."
The others' eyes are all on him. He feels so small, despite being the tallest of them all.
"I used to be a sword-eater. For the circus."
Oh, the shame.

Original Post: Here.
This gunplay gif lol
Author's Note: Written for a free kick from Round 2 of WCAU. Most of my Round 2 works featured Xiumin, Chen, Chanyeol, and Lay due to the four of them being randomly assigned to Team A in the second round, and bonus points being offered for the inclusion of all members in a work. Anyway, this was the result of already being me permanently being in a superpower AU mood and the fact that I really didn't want to write anything sexual for the gunplay prompt, yet none of the other prompts were working for me, unfortunately. I found the idea really interesting, but you can see where I ran out of time lol. Also, disclaimer: there is nothing shameful about sword-eating for a circus. Haha.
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Title: Payback
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Baekhyun-centric, Baekhyun/Suho
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble
Summary: Baekhyun's heard of Junmyeon's grudges, but has never been on the end of one until now. Warning for non/dub-con and lapslock.

joonmyun holds grudges. they all know this, from the way certain trainees would take the long way around the company building if they even caught a whiff of him and his twitchy face in the distance. "he wasn't a bully," sehun tells him, "at least not anymore than some of you." he glances at baekhyun like it's his fault chanyeol's ears are too big for his head, that zitao's words are still in the stumbling stages, just ripe for the pickings. baekhyun takes his opportunities, makes the best of them. sees a talent scout in the distance and belts out a ballad within earshot. shoves jino down into the basement and kicks the door shut. 
that's life. 
"sehun was crying," joonmyun hisses, his eyes dark and his grip tight on baekhyun's wrists over his head. baekhyun finally kinda understands why kris ran into that ocean in the middle of winter now, for reasons other than a script and the unyielding urge to get the fuck away from them and flee the country as usual. "you kicked the ball into his face."
"it was an accident?" baekhyun insists, although if he's honest, it was just barely. he'd been aiming for kyungsoo's head instead, given how it was sticking up from his narrow shoulders and practically screaming TARGET RIGHT HERE in kyungsoo's lovely voice. how was he supposed to know sehun -- loyal little brat, it's almost tear-inducing really -- would dive right then and there, lanky body stretched out in an ill-fated attempt to protect one of his tiniest hyungs.
two hours later, and here he is. backed up against a dirty bathroom stall, joonmyun hovering over him. not quite the image of gangnam's poster boy baekhyun used to hear about back in their trainee days. less class president, more mob boss. yikes. 
joonmyun's free hand reaches down, and baekhyun gulps he hears the sound of a belt coming undone.
he's heard about the hazing, from before the company started focusing more on Public Image and realized that anything that happened in its halls could be used against them in a court of law in the unusually common chances that people's contracts were taken to said court. chanyeol used to regale him and jongdae with tales of how one of the older trainees had made him crossdress and practice with the twelve-year-old female trainees sm had somehow lured into their system. jongin occassionally mentions the time taemin had flushed his face in the toilet and made him clean up the splashed water with a toothbrush. 
maybe joonmyun is finally hazing him. maybe he'll make him run around the football field in just his briefs, take a snapshot and send it to taeyeon noona with a HAHAHA caption. it wouldn't be the first time she's seen him like this. 
suck what, baekhyun almost asks except as soon as he opens his mouth, joonmyun shoves him down to his knees so that he's facing ugly plaid boxers. like really ugly, bargain bin ugly. not exactly what baekhyun ever imagined joonmyun wearing, given his blazers and polos. he looks up as if to comment on it, but joonmyun's fingers squeeze his cheeks, his lips automatically puckering. 
"like you're worth ruining silk," joonmyun tells him, rolling his eyes. his clothed dick is edging closer and closer to baekhyun's mouth, and baekhyun swallows preemptively.
"besides, i'm just warming you up. you still owe sehun."

Original Post: Here
Author's Note: Written for WCAU's Round 1 overtime. The theme was erotica, so I wrote the set-up to revenge porn. It's not my usual thing, and I'm not particularly proud or into it, but points are points. Was supposed to be a meta take of Team C (Kyungsoo, Sehun, Suho) getting eliminated from the competition and the blame falling on Baekhyun. 
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Title: The Colors of Sirens Aren't Just Red and Blue
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Lu Han-centric
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 524 words
Summary: Idols are special, splashes of color in a grey and lonely world. 

Idols are a beautiful abnormality in a world of greys, sirens tinted with the slightest bit of color at the corners of their eyes and in locks of shamelessly bright hair. Of all the reasons Lu Han signs up for a contracted shelf life a country away, this is the most important. 
"It's why people don't particularly like them," the casting scout explains to him as she hands over her card. SM Entertainment, it reads. He knows it should be pink, has seen traces of color during the concerts he livestreams on his computer, but the cardstock in his hand is as grey as the concrete. "It's an illusion, you're not supposed to see color unless you meet that someone special."
And yet nothing explains the way crowds of fans all simultaneously see the world in dull pastels and clouded hues. A miracle, they call it. 
Lu Han accepts -- of course he accepts -- and imagines himself in a world of color. The world of idols. He dreams of walking in through the frosted doors of the company building and seeing colorful paintings, the pink logo of the company. 
But just like when he first stepped out of the airport all those months ago, heart shoved into his throat because his chest was so full of expectation, all he sees is grey. 
A passing stranger -- another trainee, probably, he looks so young -- stops in his tracks, cocks his head in a way that makes his oversized ears stand out even more. 
"New guy?" he asks, sounding neither particularly cruel or sympathetic. Lu Han wonders how many new guys he's seen with those cool eyes. 
When Lu Han nods, the other smiles tightly. Hints of brown start creeping into Lu Han's field of vision, starting from the strands of the trainee's hair, but it stays a dull muted color. Lu Han knows the surprise on his face is all too obvious when the other begins to beam. 
"Yeah, I have that effect," the guy says cheekily, reaching out for Lu Han's arm, "and I bet you will too. You look the type."
Lu Han doesn't even have the chance to stumble over Korean in an attempt to answer, barely has a chance to formulate one in Mandarin before the trainee starts dragging him down the hallways. He almost calls out for him to stop, but more and more colors are creeping into his vision and he stares wide-eyed at the door they all seem to be reaching to him out from. 
"Feast your eyes," his surprise escort says, pulling away from Lu Han and resting his hand on the door handle. His smile is brighter than ever, and Lu Han can see the obnoxious bright orange of his hoodie by this point. As the boy opens the door, another tumbles out, his hand still on the other handle.
"Chanyeolie," the shorter trainee says, thick brows narrowed. His skin is pale, his shirt a bright yellow. The colors burst, lingering behind Lu Han's eyelids as he tries to blink them away in surprise. It's brighter than any concert he's ever watched. 
It's magic.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: "life is literally black and white, until you see your soul mate for the first time"
Author's Note: Written for WCAU Round 1, another free kick. This was actually an idea I'd been bouncing around for a while and the opportunity came to just. Write it. Haha. Unfortunately, it was wasted on Lu Han, but i do hope to take this concept and rewrite it with a pairing or with characters I actually care about. Anyway, the first thing to know about this is that I actually strongly dislike soulmate AUs, and the concept of soulmates in general, unless it's platonic. In my opinion, we find happiness as we go, so I don't really like the idea of being fated to be shackled to one other person and that's it. Too sad. Anyway, so I just... came up with this idea that idols, who sell this fantasy of being your ideal type, can be cultivated to have a similar affect to the soulmate trope of only seeing color when you meet your soulmate. And that people actually look down on idols for it because it's a sort of false love and happiness if they're letting you see muted colors. I've got some other worldbuilding rules and ideas built up, but it's probably not the place to go too into depth with them. 

Anyway, in this story, it's basically AR more than it is AU, set pre-debut. Lu Han joining SM and meeting first Chanyeol, and then Xiumin. I wasn't sure if I wanted any of them to be soulmates since I don't particularly ship any permutation of the three. Had to include Lu Han and Chanyeol though since they were Team Xiumin's fellow teammates and there was a bonus for using everyone. Meh.
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Title: Conspicuity
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, Sehun-focus
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 553 words
Summary: Junmyeon watches Sehun get ready for patrol duty, and Minseok has things to say about Sehun's styling. Superhero!AU

"Rainbow hair isn't inconspicuous," Minseok moans, his face in his hands. He's massaging his temples with his fingers, and Junmyeon figures his hyung must be acting as his own make-shift cold compress. Yet another unfair perk of superpowers. "It's a target."
The two of them are sitting on the floor of Minseok's old bedroom, as if it were three years earlier before they'd split up for university. Back when Junmyeon hadn't known of family secrets and the temperature-resistant suit Minseok kept hidden in a secret compartment in his closet. He glances back at it before returning his attention to bodyguard #9 and Minseok's attempt to lecture on... proper presentation? Which is strangely heading in the same direction as Minseok's old rants about the messy state of Junmyeon's room.
"On my planet, this hair is downright boring." 
Sehun's drawling voice echoes from the attached bathroom, where he's obviously taking his time preening in front of the mirror. Junmyeon wonders if he's telling the truth, recalling the boy's bored stories of his fellow reptilian aliens who could somehow shift into something Earthlings found presentable. Sharp chins and smooth skin, fluffy hair more dull than whatever they had back home and pretty eyes. 
"Well, considering your planet doesn't exist anymore because some giant douche space-dragon ate it or something--" all three of them ignore Lu Han's indignant gurgle from where's he's standing guard on the other side of the bedroom door, his alien jaw probably dislocating again, "--I would consider a little more camouflage more helpful than anything."
Sehun sticks his head out of the bathroom, his tongue poking out from his mouth. Everyone ignores the fact that it's slightly longer than the average human tongue. "You're just jealous that you have to wear some dumb cowl."
"The cowl is not dumb, it's a legacy from my fath--"
Minseok's voice stops short in his throat, his eyes darting over to Junmyeon guiltily. Junmyeon shoves down the bubbling resentment in his chest, instead huffing playfully before waving a hand and encouraging his hyung to carry on. It's nice to hear about the things their family has kept from him anyway, even if it come years late. 
"Right," Sehun says, picking up the conversation, if not the awkward air, "anyway, I'm just about ready for my patrol and Tao and Jongin are supposed to meet me on the roof of the police station so." 
When he strolls out of the bathroom, he's truly a sight. The rainbow hair has an unearthly glow, accentuated by the glowing domino mask around his eyes, and the star-speckled suit clings tightly to his muscles. Junmyeon feels like he could easily pluck a star right off the spandex, is almost tempted to try.
Sehun catches his eye and smiles, lips thin but sincere across the exposed part of his face. "I'll see you later, Junmyeon hyung," he says, slowly rising off the ground and towards the open window despite Minseok's sputtering about how anyone could catch sight of him, about secret identities and how brightly he stands out. "My next shift is tomorrow so I'll see you then?"
Junmyeon stands up to follow him to the window, arm raised as he waves. "Of course. Good luck, Sehunnie." 
Sehun grins brightly before accelerating into the distance, rainbow streaks trailing behind him.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: “I should be upstairs grooming my hero hair.” — Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries
Author's Note: Another WCAU Round 1 free kick. This is actually part of my Superhero Squib Suho AU, or was an early part of it before I had to revamp things. It's set after Suho's found out about the world of superheroes. He and Xiumin are brothers in this, but while Xiumin inherited their father's power and legacy, Suho was locked out of the loop due to his own lack of powers until he was assigned bodyguards (Exo) after one too many kidnapping incidents. Xiumin's power is ice and water manipulation, while Sehun and Lu Han were reptilian-humanoid aliens from the same planet, only Sehun's species glows a la Marvel's
Majesdanians. This is mainly because I am forever fond of Sehun's rainbow-dyed hair from 2013. That's... probably all I'm going to say about backstory, other than there's supposed to be underlying tension between the Kim brothers due to the fact that the family was keeping such a huge secret from Suho. I hope I can write more in this AU in the future.
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Title: Unnecessary
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Jongin-centric, Kai/Suho
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 456 words
Summary: In Jongin's opinion, Junmyeon does too much for him. To him.

"Take some more," Junmyeon says, using his pair of metal chopsticks to snatch a slice of sizzling pork belly from underneath Chanyeol's nose and set it down on Jongin's plate. The only thing that keeps Jongin from thanking him -- ready to shove aside that childish resistance, the urge to say "I could've gotten it myself" without meaning it -- is that Junmyeon immediately sets his sights on Moonkyu's plate, and then Sehun's. 
Jongin lowers his gaze and plucks the piece of meat up, only to drop it back on his plate. 
"Don't play with your food," Minseok says from the other end of the booth, and Jongin hates how that immediately makes Junmyeon turn back to him with a small frown. 
He looks like he's about to say something -- only three years older, only a year more of experience in the company and Junmyeon thinks he's some sort of super sunbae -- but instead, he turns back to Minseok and says cheekily, "not all of us are old in both age and at heart, Minseok-ah." 
The rest of the trainees laugh in-between bites of food, gulps of cider. Jongin tries to too, as Minseok playfully grumbles about Junmyeon having no place to speak, about the hypocrisy of calling him old, but not hyung, but it's not the full-bellied, back-slapping laughter he's prone to. 
Jongin pretends he doesn't notice Junmyeon slipping him another slice of meat again, ignoring it once again for the kimchi on the other side of the plate. It's sour and tangy in his mouth, and his throat thirsts for grease and fat and comfort even as the smoke from the table's grill chokes him. 
"I'm going to get some air," someone else says before Jongin gets to, forcing everyone to move out of the narrow booth. There's enough of them that there's tripping over feet, the shameless theft of food from each other's plates; in the chaos, Jongin feels frail fingers wrap around his wrist and tug him towards the doors of the restaurant. 
Junmyeon's hair is gross from sweat, from both practice and being in a crowded space with half a dozen other guys. It reflects the orange of the street lights, moreso than the build-up of oil on his face. It's a familiar sight. 
"You didn't have to do that," Jongin says belatedly. Didn't have to give him the meat, didn't have to divert Minseok's attention, didn't have to give Jongin an out just because they both knew he'd rather be home in bed with an hot pad or a cold compress or something against his back, not like his ratty sweatshirt that's slowly growing tighter with every move Junmyeon makes.
Junmyeon lets go of his wrist, still smiling.

Original Post: Here. 
Prompt: "Do you think it's possible to love someone your whole life and never really realize it until something happens that makes you see?" - Rosalee Futch, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!
Author's Note: Originally I was planning to compile my free kicks, but I decided to just post them separately instead. Why not. This was the first ever free kick I did, though it basically was the same as the old, prompted 30-minute challenges the writing memes used to do. Anyway, this is set pre-debut. I love the idea of Suho taking care of Kai since the time they were trainees up until now lol. I don't know if either of them are truly in love at this point, but at least Kai should be feeling that tenderness that is born when someone seems extra considerate of you lol The title comes from Suho's unnecessary actions and Kai's unnecessary reaction to them.
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So. Preface. These are being posted about a year late, mainly because by the time I was getting around to posting them, Lu Han left Exo (and now, more recently, Tao) and I have... very strong feelings about betraydols and was quite reluctant to post anything relating to them, even previous work. But I want to post this year's summer event submissions and it wouldn't feel right skipping over all of the stuff I made for EM's 2014 World Cup competition. So here we go lol. The following notes are from last year.

Long story short, EM ran a second summer fanworks competition, this time modeled around the World Cup rather than the Hunger Games again. I didn't submit as much as last time I think, but I still totaled about 25 works? Pretty decent. It's a pity that Xiumin couldn't get to the finals, but he made it to 4th place! One place higher than the year before, and that was my endgoal anyway lol. Good job, me and the rest of the team. Who I don't know since I didn't unanon and I didn't have Kit helping me out this time.

Anyway. I had fun trying out new art techniques this time around -- I only did stuff on photoshop this time, compared to traditional media last year \o/ -- and I actually wrote stuff? For the first time in months. I'm amazed, though I don't feel so great about most of what I wrote. What is characterization, besides the bane of my existence lol. But at least I got to flesh out some ideas, including ones that had been tumbling in my head uselessly for a while.

Fics and free kicks will be posted separately, the fics so that I can edit or continue them as I want and the free kicks so they'll all be in one place lol. This will just be art and vocaroos. I'm probably gonna reupload the vocaroos on my soundcloud or my evernote since they eventually expire, as I found out from my HG!AU ones.... ugh life is such a struggle.


Title: Wavin' Flag song edit
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
give me fanart, drawn of dage
or just fanfic, that'll score higher
see anons fight over points now
might divide us, but it's worthwhile

in each meme part, we'll be postin'
once we start the competition
it's the world cup, take revenge now
maybe this time, xiumin will be crowned

stanning forever on
making fanworks til the round is done
less deadly than the hunger games
maybe this time xiumin will do better than fifth place

if it's for dage, i will be stronger
they'll name him champion
watch as i wave his--
if it's for dage, i will be stronger
they'll name him champion
watch as i wave his flag
so wave his flag
now wave his flag
and wave his flag

 A cover of the 2010 Fifa World Cup song "Wavin' Flag" with the lyrics changed to suit WCAU. It's mainly because we had been given such a long time gap between finding out about the event and the actual start of it that I managed to get this done. It was fun making fun of the scoring system and the wank a bit lol. Also the fifth place bit refers to how Xiumin finished in fifth for HGAU... did better this time around lol

Title: Runaway song edit
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
got one more day to post, can't believe we're halfway there
we're lagging far behind, won't give up just yet (just yet)
don't worry 'bout prelims, he can't get kicked out here
it's still a pity but
it's gonna end tonight oh oh~
day two of prelims, that's right oh oh~
oh look another toop, 3 2 1
watch those points rack upppppp
[deep sigh]
hey team let's run away
regroup, and focus on round one
our dage will have to wait
though i might be jumpin the gun
i still think that
hey team, let's run away
save our shit to be scored another day
it's a bitter pill to take
but no point in wasting those points anywayyyyy

 A cover of SHINee's Runaway, again with lyrics changed to reflect the situation in WCAU. Prelims were mainly a period where the team with the highest number of points would get a walk -- exemption from the first round. No one was gonna be eliminated, so it was a huge waste of points if you didn't win it so this was a call to fellow Team Xiumin members to give up on prelims so we could start stocking up for Round 1 proper. Definitely had fun working on this in the car lol


Title: Futsal Fanart

Original Post: Here
Notes: The first post of Round 1! I tried to make posting first my thing throughout the competition lol, lots of fun. Xiumin's appearance is based off of what he wore for one of the futsal competitions for ISAC, though I had to change him from Team A to Team B due to a last-minute team shuffle. It was my first time trying an outline other than black so I could have a warmer feel to him lol also, originally it was gonna just be a chibi but then I thought since i had the time, why not try a background? Also the grass hides his bad feet, haha. The flags were team flags made and chosen before the games even started lol, ironically, I was the one who designed the Team Suho flag. 

Title: Yowapetao

Original Post: Here
Notes: Originally I made this because Xiumin and Tao were gonna be on the same team, but then there was a reshuffle and they ended up on opposing teams. It was also because Boss loves/loved Tao and Yowapedal. No other other comments really since my feelings since have soured on him.

Title: Waving Flag and Fifa Trophy animation

Original Post: Here
Notes: THIS ONE WAS SO HARD. I had to use a series of screenshots from Hetalia as a reference for the flag waving and coloring the moving frames and actually animating it took so long I wanted to die lol. In the end I realy liked how it came out though! Xiumin's outfit is based off of what he had worn at an airport recently, but I changed the letter on his shirt to read B for Team B. Open in a new tab to see the pic full-sized lol. 

Title: Take a Bite at First Place Tonight (Animal Cover)
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
here we go again
yet another meme competition
won't take it easy 'cause
i'm afraid xiumin will fall behind
here we go again
fighting like animals to the end
teamed up with cannibals
and i'm afraid he won't get out alive
no i won't sleep tonight
oh oh, i want some more
fanart, what are chanons waiting forrr
take a bite for team b tonight
oh oh, i want some more
fanfics, what are lu-nons waiting forrrr
what are we all waiting forrrr
say goodbye to team a tonight
here we are again
camaraderie points kickin' in
no red cards yet,
though chanlu might still bite
dage, go run and hide
teams not taggin [c]
you're killin' me now
but i'll still share my points with you
to make sure team Biters gets through
oh oh, i want some more
fanmixes, what are lu-nons waiting forrr
take a bite for team b tonight
oh oh, i want some more
edits, what are chanons waiting forrrr
what are we all waiting forrrr
say goodbye to team c tonight
oh shit, look, meme's gone quiet
hush hush, look, no one's postin'
means it's time to make more shit
and i won't lose this chance
woah i won't sleep tonight
i won't sleep tonight
oh oh, i want some more
fanworks, team b please start posting more
take a bite at first place tonight
oh oh i want some more
fanworks, team b please start posting more
round ends in a few hours more
take a bite at first place tonight

So I'm pretty sure that the soundcloud link is not the actual audio I originally uploaded to meme because some of the lyrics at the very end sounded different and I actually groan out of frustration at the end of this recording... sigh. I have no idea where the original went lol. But yeah, so a call-out to Teams Chanyeol and Lu Han to post more using a edited version of Neon Trees' "Animal". We made it through the round, so obviously successful. BTW, "camaraderie" is literally one of the worst words in the English language, how the fuck do you even pronounce it.


Title: AA Batteries

Original Post: Here
Notes: This was mostly a pun about how I hoped that the new Team A would be "recharged" and ready for Round 2. Haha. And the joke is that these are AA batteries... I had to look up the shape just in case. The designs are based off of the team flags. In case the symbols weren't obvious enough, from left to right is Xiumin, Chanyeol, Chen, and Lay. 

Title: Baozi, Where Did You Go? (Where Did U Go cover) 
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
it's been so long since baozi's gone
i can't go on this way
his soft round cheeks, so dear to me
the coffee he made every day

i love him so, i miss him so,
and i'm left wondering where did he go
i'll search the land, won't give up and
won't come back empty-handed

tell me, chanyeol, have you seen my baozi? 
oh no you haven't?
that's okay, it's only just the start

oh tell me, where did you go?
not off to china all alone?
oh tell me, baozi, where did you hide?
don't go where i can't find you
tell me, baozi, where did you go?
i can't take this anymore
but i'll keep searching to the ends of the world
oh where did you go...

oh look there's lu, wonder if he knew
how far my baozi got
they're such close friends, wouldn't doubt it and
he's a hyung i can trust a lot

kyungsoo and yixing haven't seen him
so, lu ge, how about you?
if you insist on no,
i'll have to go and ask that brat sehun

i can't believe no one's seen my baozi
there's ten of us
there's no way no one knows where he's gone

oh tell me, where did you go?
not off to china all alone?
oh tell me, baozi, where did you hide?
don't go where i can't find you
tell me, baozi, where did you go?
i can't take this anymore
but i'll keep searching to the ends of the world

oh where did you go
where did you go
i never thought that you would leave me
feeling so lost and alone

oh where did you go
where did you go
come back to me, hyung please
and i'll never let you gooooooo

oh where did you go
where where did you go?
where did you go
where where did you go? yeah

oh tell me, where did you go?
not off to china all alone?
oh tell me, baozi, where did you hide?
don't go where i can't find you
tell me, baozi, where did you go?
i can't take this anymore
but i'll keep searching to the ends of the world

oh tell me, where did you go?
wait what was in lu's hand?
don't tell me, baozi, you couldn't hide
should've seen how he eyed you
tell me please i'm not too late
won't let his stomach be your fate
oh no, he's bitten, this is the end
oh, there you go

Notes: An attempted hattrick to accompany a fan art and a toop based off of the story "Have You Seen My Hat?", changed to "Have You Seen My Baozi?" The song is a cover of G.E.M. Tang's "Where Did U Go", which I was lucky enough to find an instrumental version of. It was surprisingly catchy and I still find myself singing this version of the song when the actual song pops up on my iPod lol. Sung from Chen's POV. 

Title: Points Points Points (Hush cover)
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
Staring at a word doc (yeah)
But the words won't come out (yeah)
I need to save my opger (yeah)
I think my team went to sleep (yeah)

I got my crayons out to draw (yeah)
Don't know how to PS (yeah)

[dage ficnon]
I can't write anymore
Wrote 40k words
Team A where you at
Hurry, hurry team


[Everyone \o/]
Points points points, Team A
Write write write, Team A
Sing or knit I don't
Care just do it now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
We need you we need you, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons
Let's get the bonus

Points points points, Team A
Draw draw draw, Team A
I'll even do math
and physics for them now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
A team is a team, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons

[spectator anon]
Oh my god the edit (Yeah)
Why does dage look hot? (Yeah)

[writer non]
When is the free kick? (Yeah)
Mods I need to go sleep (Yeah)
Sorry, team, I give up (yeah)
Too burnt out and I'm done (yeah)
I can't do this no more

[everyone else]
Yes you can, one day more!
Please don't leave on me
Hurry hurry, non
Cuz we need it

[Everyone \o/]
Points points points, Team A
Write write write, Team A
Sing or knit I don't
Care just do it now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
We need you we need you, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons
Let's get the bonus

Points points points, Team A
Draw draw draw, Team A
I'll even do math
and physics for them now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
A team is a team, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons


I can see you trying so hard
so I don't die this time
We love you guys, take care of yourselves
Chanyeol Chen Lay Xiumin
A Class Team A the best we'll win
cuz we've got the best stans around


[Everyone \o/]
Points points points, Team A
Write write write, Team A
Sing or knit I don't
Care just do it now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
We need you we need you, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons
Let's get the bonus

Points points points, Team A
Draw draw draw, Team A
I'll even do math
and physics for them now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
A team is a team, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons

Last day of round 3 (yeah)
And I'm clutching my chest (yeah)
Are anons gonna dump? (yeah)
Let's hope not or OT (yeah)
Notes: Song edit of Miss A's "Hush". Lyrics written by a laynon, and sung by me as an attempted hattrick with Kelley's Miss A Team edit. It's mostly a meta song, which were surprisingly popular in this particular event. I had to change one line as I was singing or else I wouldn't be able to breathe. I actually lost my voice after singing this because I'd been straining myself so much. It's a very face paced song actually. 

Title: Lu Haunting

Original Post: Here
Notes: Irony truly is the cruelest thing. I am going to be very honest, this work in particular was why I took so long to finally just start posting WCAU stuff, because it featured Lu Han and Tao so heavily and I am not a huge fan of either after what they did to Exo. 

Objectively? I'm actually really proud of this. Not the frames where I obviously gave up, but like I ended up trying a lot of new techniques like with hair and shading and facial expressions in addition to a lack of thick lineart, and the backgrounds made me really happy. Also liked the hanbok I drew. Anyway, so this was obviously a parody of the Danny Phantom opening. It's an idea I had since HGAU but never actually got around to because there wasn't as much time. You can see where I started giving up though because it was just taking so long and I had work early the next morning.


Title: Gladiator Dage

Original Post: Here
Notes: My final fanart submission for WCAU :( I was actually really sad because I was running late for the hospital as I was finishing this so I didn't get to shade it since the round would end while I was working. Anyway, this was based off of Xiumin happening to wear really ugly sandals around this time, and anons joking that next comeback would be a gladiator concept based off of the sandals. I had to look up a lot of reference pics, but I found his body here pretty cute. I also really liked how cartoony his sword ended up looking. 


Title: Best Luck Cover
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
Notes: Okay so long story short, Xiumin did not actually make it past semi-finals. I was working at the hospital when that news came out so I was very sad about the fact that I couldn't participate. At the last minute I did decide to help Team Chen in the finals, but... yeah. So I learned Chen's recently released "Best Luck" from the "It's Okay It's Love" OST as quickly as I could and submitted a straight cover for his team. Which in the end lost. :( I was really amazed at how quickly I picked it up though, so cheers.

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