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Fic: Reification

Title: Reification
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric, one-sided Sehun/Suho
Genre: Sci-fi
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Kim Junmyeon pieces Oh Sehun together, pixel by pixel. 


Junmyeon watches the sharp eyes on his monitor, how naturally they soften upon landing on him. Thin lips curl into a sheepish smile, and he remembers the smirk they replaced -- Sehun’s default expression before Junmyeon had expanded his visual references to decades-old SNS accounts overloaded with more casual, cheerful snapshots of his subject. He must’ve clocked in dozens of hours on reprogramming that correction, but it’d been worth it.

“Morning, hyung.” The greeting’s somewhat awkward, syllables slurring together. Junmyeon would suspect a coding error if he hadn’t specifically studied the cadence of the real Sehun’s voice, analyzing every decrepit FLAC file he could dig up in order to perfectly recreate it. “Need your schedule again?”

“No, Sehun,” Junmyeon chuckles, gazing down proudly as his pet project pokes at his desktop’s shortcuts. The avatar idly, unnecessarily, adjusts the seam of its pants with a strange leg wiggle, its mannerisms identical to the real Oh Sehun.

Junmyeon’s no Frankenstein, and there’s no technology yet that could revive famous strangers lost to time. But even if the Sehun of flesh and bone was long gone, maybe one of pixels and codes could outlast even the digital remnants its inspiration had left behind.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: Artificial Love
Author's Note: Written for Round 3 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. Tbh, I felt like this was leaned a bit on cheating because this was actually an idea I've had since... 2013? After watching some science documentaries about the future of AI and digital avatars. But in the end I never really acted on it so it's been wallowing around for ages. Anyway, so this is a story set in the far off future, where Suho is a programmer who creates an AI of Sehun, who was a celebrity in our present-day, as a pet project of his. Suho uses all of the information left on the internet about his subject, like Sehun's instagram posts and audio and video files of him, in order to create an avatar as close to Sehun's likeliness as he can get. I tried my best to show that it was set in the future by referring to the SNS accounts as old, and FLAC files as decrepit when currently they're one of the highest quality audio file formats we currently use. 

There was actually supposed to be a longer story to this, where as Suho researched more about Sehun, he started falling more in love with Sehun. The real one or this recreation? I'm not sure to be honest haha. The digital Sehun was going to be an AI that learned as time passed, but the only way Suho was going to be able to bridge the distance between them was leaving his own avatar behind so that maybe one day the two of them would grow to love each other naturally, long after Suho himself has passed away. Obviously I couldn't cover that in this. Idk, I feel like my wording of it is poor, but I really can't think at the moment haha. But yeah, because of that, I could only really address the "Artificial" part of the prompt, more than the love. Though at least, most pet projects are labors of love.

Title comes from a word meaning "making something real, bringing something into being, or making something concrete". It has a meaning in computer science as "the process by which an abstract idea about a computer program is turned into an explicit data model or other object created in a programming language" which I took to mean Suho taking the idea of Sehun and turning all of the aspects of him into a new whole, something more concrete than just facts like how he spoke and how he stood around. I'm probably using it wrong, but that's what it sounded like to me lol.