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Title: Playing Favorites
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Gamemakers weren’t supposed to pick favorites – just victims. Hunger Games AU.
Warnings: Mentioned off-screen character deaths.

“Where’s the District 5 boy?” a fellow Gamemaster asks, jerking Minseok’s attention away from a projection of a small island on the arena’s map. With every camera feed the man flicks away, his scowl deepens. “Does he need smoking out?”

“No,” Minseok answers before anyone else can agree, “I’ve got my eye on him.” That apparently satisfies his coworkers, who continue terrorizing the other Tributes instead of redirecting their attention to the remarkably uneventful adventures of Kim Jongdae.

So far, no one’s noticed the feeble threats Minseok’s planted around Jongdae, or how the whirlpools he introduces into the surrounding ocean only kill off kids coming after Jongdae. Waiting as the competition takes each other out isn’t an unusual tactic after all, even if it’s more Minseok’s plan than it is Jongdae’s.

Actually, if anything, Jongdae doesn’t seem to have a plan. He’d been like that during the skill assessment, too, displaying only mediocre spearing skills and far too much sweetness to survive these games. Gamemakers weren’t supposed to pick favorites – just victims – and yet here Minseok was, throwing softballs at the kid.

“You better survive,” he sighs as he watches Jongdae, “considering how I’ve stacked the odds in your favor.”

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: May the odds be ever in your favour.
Author's Note: Written for EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition's final round. Despite promising myself never to write a Hunger Games/Battle Royale AU, here I am with a pretty obvious one. I do think I managed to spin it in an interesting way, although since I don't regularly read these AUs, I don't know how unique it is, haha, though I usually see just tribute romances. Anyway, this is playing with the idea that Chen is kind to the point of foolishness, I suppose, and that Xiumin can be such a cheater when he plays games lol. Oh, Chen is from District 5 because electricity. Haha.
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Title: Ameri-con-o (조아 조아 조아~)
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chen-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Jongdae comes up with a (in his opinion) terrible plan. Minseok is all for it.

“You’re basically my wife anyway,” Minseok replies easily when asked. Jongdae is surprised to find that for once, he doesn’t sound flustered at all. The casual way he accepts the offer actually makes Jongdae’s blood rush to his cheeks, the need to wail into his hands growing ever stronger.

“How are you so calm about this?” he whines instead, face pressed against the cold, unforgiving surface of the table between them. He deserves it for coming up with this whole con. “We’re going to be lying to everyone and for what? Just to take advantage of couple deals at coffee shops?” Each cup is going to be bitter with guilt and regret.

“They’re great deals, I’m glad you told me about them” Minseok argues gently as he takes Jongdae’s hand and rubs soothing circles into it with his thumb. “We’ll just spend an extra five minutes in the confessional next weekend then, right after the marriage vows.”

“Your jokes are worse than Junmyeon hyung’s these days. You are worse than Junmyeon hyung these days.”

“That’s not true,” Minseok says, resting his head on the table as well so he can meet Jongdae’s eyes, “otherwise you would’ve asked him out instead.”

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: Artificial Love
Author's Note: Written for Round 3 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. Based off of the facts that Chen and Xiumin are huge coffee fans, that Xiumin called Chen his wife during their "Trip Without a Manager" show, and how someone said during EX'ACT promos that Xiumin's jokes were becoming worse, like Suho's lol. I didn't realize it at the time but I also somehow managed to capture how Xiumin is perfectly fine with white lies if he thinks it won't hurt anyone and if it's beneficial to him lol. It wasn't as clear then, but after his Exomentary radio show with Chen where he suggested a fan lie to her father about Chanyeol being a boyfriend she broke up with rather than an idol she liked, plus after his Vivi magazine interview where he said he would just apologize to others without knowing why he's apologizing just to keep the peace... Haha, he is less sincere with his words than I thought, but not maliciously. It's funny. 

Ngl, as much as I like fake dating fics, I've always found it hard to considering writing them because the premises were so ridiculous lol. Why would Xiumin and Chen have to lie to everyone when they're just lying to stores? I guess the explanation could be that a friend could see them and out them, but that's rather flimsy lol. Anyway, last notes: title taken from 10cm's Americano + a pun with the word "con". And I really wanted to use the confessional line haha.
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Title: Superstitions
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chen-centric
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Jongdae is rescued in the mountains by a kind stranger.

“I would’ve frozen to death out there if you hadn’t come along,” Jongdae admits as they finally approach the village. Already, he envisions the fresh meal from the local inn, the warmth of an actual bed. It’s been a week since he last enjoyed such luxuries -- one long, cold week.

Minseok nudges him, stronger than Jongdae expected. “Don’t be silly. No one’s frozen in these mountains in decades.”

“Because your mountain god wouldn’t allow it?”

He heard the stories while researching his photography assignment, found them cute, but outdated. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything though -- Minseok’s fallen unnervingly silent. Yet, when Jongdae turns towards his new companion, he only finds a playful smile.

“Mountain god?” Minseok chuckles, amused, “Didn’t realize city boys were so superstitious.”

“I didn’t order coffee,” Jongdae tells the innkeeper, puzzled.

“It’s not for drinking,” she answers. “I saw who led you into the village. Take it to our shrine, you gotta say thanks somehow.”

It’s not Minseok he finds at the shrine later, but rather his guide’s mirror image, etched into stone. At his feet are winter flowers, and other cups labeled with gratitude for the village’s protector.

No wonder Minseok had laughed.

Original Post: Here.
Snowy Village. (Concept Art of Kanbalar from Tales of Xillia)
Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. I actually spent the longest on this out of the Round 2 drabbles, and it ended up getting the best score in the round so it was worth it, haha. This was definitely a drabble where I really felt the limits of the word count, and a lot ended up edited out just so I could make it. I really needed to have those two distinct scenes though, so Chen could have his revelation. A funny thing was that I debated a lot between using Mountain God or Snow God, but felt like that latter would've been to obvious given Xiumin's assigned superpower while the former was more... common? In folklore and legends and what-not. Mountain deities that protect the people living and traveling through mountains.

Anyway, if the story's not clear, Chen works as a photojournalist for some sort of National Geographic-esque publication, with his current assignment being a journey through some mountains, which he did research a little beforehand. During his trip, he ends up lost and the local Mountain God ends up helping out as usual and leading him to the safety of a mountain village. The villagers are completely aware of Xiumin's existence and even have an shrine set up for him to show their thanks for his continued protection. I honestly think it's pretty straight-forward, but just in case haha. I really wanted to include the coffee cups because it does move this story up towards the present, in a way the brief mention of Chen's job doesn't really? It would've been really easy to set this back in like... medieval-ish times, but it reminded me too much of RPGs (which wouldn't be bad? in this situation given the prompt's origin) and that was not an angle I wanted to go with this time around haha.

It was actually a surprise how popular this was in the competition, it seemed a few of the voters really liked my interpretation of the prompt lol. I personally felt it was kinda. Stunted? I guess that's the con of writing it and knowing how much detail you had to take out in order to make the whole story fit. I'm glad that it was still liked though.
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Title: Growth Spurts
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chen-centric, Kim Bros
Genre: Humor
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: The Kim family has a Big problem. 

Jongin's hands are folded behind his back as he hunches over, as if to make himself smaller. An impossible task, considering the way he currently towers over all three of his older brothers, his head nearly banging against their ceiling. Jongdae glances between Minseok and Junmyeon and wonders which one will address the very large, Jongin-shaped elephant in their living room.

"What have we said about accepting food from Baekhyun?" Junmyeon starts sternly, crossing his arms. He's got that disappointed look Jongdae absolutely hates, that he only resorts to when he knows his usual genial approach won't get him anywhere.

Minseok nods his head in agreement, standing firmly in support of their second eldest. "You ate a mushroom off the ground. It probably wasn't even washed." He sounds more upset about that than Jongin's glaringly obvious disobedience, honestly.

The pout on Jongin's face is more pronounced than ever after his scolding, and not even because of his new size. "If I didn't, Jjanggu would've finished it off!"

"Jjanggu?" Jongdae asks, his heart sinking. His face pales as he's answered by a bark that echoes far too loudly and the sight of a giant black puppy nose outside their window.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: Alice in Wonderland
Author's Note: Written for Round 1 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. I wanted to go for a playful angle and decided to focus on the size-changing mushrooms in Alice in Wonderland lol. The sad thing is that having so many characters squeezed into 200 words means characterization couldn't be too fleshed out, but I think I captured what I wanted of each Kim? Suho is responsibility, Xiumin is support and reliability (and cleanliness lol), Chen isn't quite so severe and just follows along with the others, and Kai... is a bad decision maker lol. This was fun to write, sigh. I really love Kim Bros lol. I actually had a lot of ideas for AiW as a prompt, but unfortunately I had work and limited time so I only got to try this one out. Pity.

Fic: Proxy

Jul. 1st, 2016 01:54 pm
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Title: Proxy
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 100 words
Summary: Minseok and Jongdae watch the sun rise over Paris, but not quite. 

Minseok sets his laptop down in the empty chair across from him, angling the webcam towards the morning sky and the city skyline instead of himself. It's not as good as seeing the City of Light in person, but neither he nor Jongdae can really help the fact that SM's design team had seen fit to fly them off to opposite sides of the world for their latest album photoshoot.

"I bet you're loving this, aren't you, hyung?" says Jongdae's distorted voice from the laptop speakers. He sighs, long and wistful and loud enough for his microphone to pick up. "The Eiffel Tower at dawn, a freshly brewed cup of coffee. What more could you ask for?"

'Company,' Minseok thinks as he leans back into his chair, clutching his cooling drink closer in lieu of Jongdae's soft hand. There's just enough warmth left for him to pretend it's enough. 'You'.

Original Post: Here.
Silhouette of a person drinking something and sitting alone on a balcony in front of the Parisian skyline at daybreak.
Author's Note: Submitted for the EX'ACT Drabble Competition's Round 1. It was actually the last one I finished writing, submitted right before the deadline. In retrospecct, I liked it a lot more than I expected. It's only 100w because I was rushing, but originally I was planning on mentioning that Chen was sent to Vietnam for his shoot and Xiumin finding a sort of irony in that, and hoping that Chen's trip went smoother than his own did this year when hundreds of fans kinda ruined his trip... Anyway, honestly the part of the prompt that inspired me the most was the fact that there was an empty chair in the picture next to the silhouette. That and the Eiffel Tower standing tall alone gave the picture a sort of lonely atmosphere. I really wanted to write Xiumin for this prompt as well, because the pink sky made me think of daybreak and he mentioned in his album interview that that was his favorite time of day lol

Last note: the title is meant to refer to Chen having to watch the sunrise through a webcam and Xiumin having to use a video chat and that coffee cup as a substitution for the lack of Chen being there to keep him company. It doesn't adhere to the proper definition of proxy, but the connotation matches I think.
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Title: Instincts
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chen-centric
Genre: Crack
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 282 words
Summary: Minseok may or may not be too cute for Jongdae to kill. 

Minseok just sits there all day in the corner of the room, nibbling on carrots and sunflower seeds and completely ignoring the fact that Jongdae was here first. Granted, it's not like he's as bad as Chanyeol, whose long limbs are usually splayed all over the place without any regard for other's personal space and belongings or communal areas, nor is he like Baekhyun who blatantly steals things from everyone else if he happens to feel too bored only to get away with it as soon as he shoots those puppy dog eyes in everyone's direction. But Jongdae's gotten used to them, has grown fond of them even no matter how often he ends up whining at them to move over or return his things.

Minseok, however, is different. For one thing, he's a hamster.

Honestly, Jongdae isn't quite sure what Junmyeon was thinking when he brought home a cage with a tiny little rat inside, small and fluffy and quick in a way that made it hard for Jongdae to look away without his stomach growling. Something about Minseok makes Jongdae's tail twitch, causes his claws to involuntary extend even when he isn't in the mood to knead anything.

"He's part of our family now," Junmyeon reminds him when he catches Jongdae staring a little too intensely, pupils blown. "You can't eat him. He's very nice."

Jongdae simply purrs as Junmyeon scratches behind his ears. He's sure it probably sounds like he's agreeing with his owner, but as he keeps his eyes trained on Minseok, he knows it couldn't be further from the truth.

"Soon," he meows, even when the way Minseok looks over and smiles at him gives him pause.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: "I’m meant to kill you but I’ve been watching you for a week to work out how and you’re just too nice.’
Author's Note: Written for a Pursuit during SWAU. Random thought: ironically, Xiumin was the one that dressed up as a cat during ExoLuXion.dot and Chen was considering dressing up as Pikachu, an electric rodent.
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Title: Not Quite Narcissism
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Baekhyun and Chen-centric, Suho/Suho
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG13
Length: Drabble, 346 words
Summary: Jedi Padawan Kim Jongdae makes an unsettling discovery about two of his clone troopers. Star Wars!AU.

Maybe some of the clones were a little closer than expected, but with it becoming evident that each individual was starting to develop their own personalities, it was inevitable that some would favor certain other clones over others. It wasn't like loyalty within squads was considered a liability. Even their Jedi commanders, for all of their stoic codes and oaths to remain unattached and emotionless, still prized camaraderie and loyalty among their ranks.

Even if they were clones, they were still human. Not merely beings based off of one.

And yet, CT-0522 and CT-0408 -- who had chosen the names Junmyeon and Suho for themselves as soon as they and their cohort had been granted the freedom to do so -- were unnaturally close. Far too close. Close enough for more than a few Jedi eyebrows to rise.

"They sleep together," Jongdae pressed his palms up against his eyes as if he was trying to squeeze out the image of two clone troopers spooning. Baekhyun didn't really see why he was complaining, it must have been one hell of a sight and it wasn't like Jongdae had never been caught glancing at the ass of one of their assigned clone troopers. Whoever had been chosen as the newest template for the Republic's clone army after Jango Fett had been far more aesthetically pleasing than his predecessor. Not that Baekhyun or Jongdae's Masters needed to know either of them thought that. "I went in to ask Junmyeon to cover a monitor shift and they were curled so tightly around each other it was like they were a single person."

"Well, technically-"

"No, Baekhyun. No clone jokes."

"What about masturbation jokes then?"

Jongdae made a small, strangled noise. "We aren't even supposed to know about that," he whispers, looking around for any sign of their Masters, like the old guys were gonna strike them out of the Jedi Order for even uttering the word.

"Jongdae, isn't knowledge one of the pillars of the Jedi Order?" Baekhyun asked cheerfully, only bursting into raucous laughter when Jongdae smacked his shoulder.

Original Post: Here.
Lookin' for love in Alderaan places.
Author's Note: Written for a Pursuit (30 minute prompted challenge) during SWAU. I'm gonna include some Star Wars backstory here since this makes use of them. Clone troopers were clones of a bounty hunter named Jango Fett (the 'father' of Boba Fett from the original trilogy), and they were the precursors to what eventually became the storm troopers. Before the fall of the Republic (Revenge of the Sith), they were used as the Republic's army against the Separatists in what became known as the Clone Wars. Jedi, historically peacekeepers of the galaxy, were manipulated into a position where they became the commanders of the clone army so that they would eventually look like bloodthirsty soldiers rather than peacekeepers to further ruin their reputations, and the conflict escalated to the point where Padawans (apprentices) were also getting involved. Eventually, people started noticing that the clones were beginning to develop individuality and canonically, they began distinguishing themselves. The Jedi, up to this point, had a code of removing themselves from mortal distractions and emotional excesses -- so no love. They were supposed to love all beings equally, and loving someone romantically would lead to misjudgements due to the inevitable prioritizing of their loved ones (see: how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader). 

Story notes: the numbers for the two Suho clones are 0522 for May 22th, which is Suho's real birthday, and 0408 for Exo's debut date when Suho as an idol was technically "born".
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Title: Smokescreen
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot, 2693 words
Summary: Inside of the compound's botanical rooms, Minseok is always dreaming -- of actual skies and green trees and fresh air and Jongdae. Love Me Right!AU. Warning: mentions of hallucinogenic drugs.

More often than not, Minseok manages to slip away after his shifts in the laboratory, his footsteps echoing down darkened corridors he's long since learned by heart. The compound is always emptier in this sector, although he never really understood why -- compared to the bright entertainment and neon lights of the other rooms, the botanical rooms seem far more interesting, their contents far more precious.

"Hyung! Hurry up already!"

Even from a distance, Jongdae's voice is able to make Minseok's footsteps fall that much faster. He feels his chest lightening the closer he gets, a relief after a long day in the lab, a majority of his ongoing experiments and projects having been plagued by bad trials and worse results no matter what he tried. At least he's done with all of that now, at least for today.

"I'm coming," he calls back as he turns one last corner.

At the end of the hallway, Jongdae fidgets in front of the door, shifting from one foot to another in anticipation. Despite the nervous energy radiating off of him in droves, just the sight of him waiting there is enough for the last of the day's tension to ease itself out of Minseok's heavy shoulders. He lets out a deep breath, feels his lips begin to curl up. Nowhere near as much as Jongdae's mouth could, but Minseok doesn't think there's anyone whose smile could even come close to that.

It's as he's approaching that Jongdae turns his head and catches sight of him, eyes crinkling into crescents as he waves. "About time, hyung!" he greets playfully, "I thought you were gonna stand me up."

"Never," Minseok insists, masking his sincerity with his own playful grin.

There are multiple reasons Minseok has to be there, after all. He's the only one between the two of them with a master key to the botanical rooms. Jongdae would get up to too much trouble if left to his own devices -- or worse -- left with his friends. Minseok would miss him too much if they went a day without meeting.

"Laying down in the dirty grass is the best part of my day," he says instead, "I wouldn't miss it for the world." At least he means it, anyway.

Unlocking the door comes easily, especially in comparison to the first time the two of them had snuck away into it. Back then, Minseok had almost had a heart attack at every scruff of their shoes on the tile floors and every squeak they heard in the hallways. It had almost rendered the point of finding peace in the botanical rooms moot. Now, his fingers slip the card key through the lock much more smoothly, the door sliding open without any resistance. Jongdae is already buzzing with energy beside him, but it's a pleasant buzz. Warm and reassuring more than anything.

"Finally!" Jongdae crows, slipping past Minseok so he can enter the room first. He's usually more courteous than that, but maybe his own day had been just as stressful as Minseok's. They both come here to unwind after all, to relax after long, hard days. The compound's broadcasting department probably has as much trouble as Minseok's research division. Unlike Jongdae though, Minseok takes his time. The botanical rooms were his sanctuaries after all, and he enjoyed taking them in slowly.

For how dear they hold it, the contents of this particular room are actually quite meager in comparison to some of the larger rooms. The others were filled with a far more diverse collection of plants: trees of all sizes and bushes of all shapes and the occasional flower adding a splash of contrasting color against dark concrete walls. What awaited the two of them in this room was simply a small plot, barely large enough for them to lie down on. The only real similarities it shared with the other rooms were the small television monitors and radios strewn about, the channels almost permanently set to black and white static and the stations playing the sound of crickets and rustling leaves and everything Minseok imagines the outside world would sound like.

And yet, this is enough for him, and he knows Jongdae feels the same. This is as close as they'll ever get to going outside the compound, so it'll do just fine.

Jongdae's already making himself comfortable as Minseok carefully shuts the door behind them, peeking his head out into the hallway one last time to make sure they haven't been followed. "C'mon, hyung,' he says, "make yourself at home."

Minseok closes his eyes just as the lock clicks, effectively cutting them off from the rest of the compound. He takes one more deep breath, this time so that he can indulge in the smell of grass and dirt as it overpowered the hint of chemicals still lingering on him. It smells fresher than anything else in the compound, nothing like the stale air circulating outside.

"You're too impatient today, Jongdae. There's nothing wrong with taking our time and savoring everything."

His words of wisdom are met with a snort. "Whatever you say, Minseok hyung," Jongdae answers, his voice already starting to drift off. When Minseok finally looks over at him, he finds his companion already sprawled out on the plot, his head cushioned in a bed of green and purple ferns.

It's only after Minseok joins him, lying down in the opposite direction but with his head level to Jongdae's, that Jongdae opens his mouth one more time.

"Sweet dreams, hyung," he croons, far too sweetly.

Minseok lets his eyelids fall once more, because he knows that what he'll find when he does won't be the usual darkness. Instead, the sight of Jongdae's sharp features and his gentle smile, framed by the canopy of leaves overhead, is all he sees.

"How were your experiments today, Minseok?" his father asks over evening tea.

It's mostly been horrible as usual, he wants to say. Nothing of value had been gained, while plenty of time he could've spent dozing in the botanical room with Jongdae had been lost. He would much rather still be there, breathing in the fresh air and dreaming side by side with Jongdae, instead of seated at a table far too large and far too cluttered for a family of four. The only thing worse about having to leave the botanical rooms to come home was the fact that it meant Jongdae had to leave prematurely as well -- after all, despite all his rule-breaking, Minseok knows he definitely isn't allowed to hand over his master key, no matter how tempting the idea is.

Now's not the time for sulking or daydreaming or regrets though.

"We're progressing at our usual pace," he finally offers, taking a sip from his own teacup as an excuse to say little else.

His father hums approvingly, as if Minseok's words aren't emptier than they seem. "Well, keep at it. You had your own personal project too, didn't you? How's that coming along?"

Minseok almost chokes on his tea, feels the liquid burning down his throat. "Oh. Did I mention that to you?" he asks in-between coughs.

"Not very much," his father tells him, "just that you were working on something in your free time."

Right, the free time he had in-between all of his frustrating, officially ordered lab work and his time spent with Jongdae. There's not much of that, honestly. Today, he hadn't even been able to open the second lab notebook he kept just for that particular experiment, hidden deep in his desk where none of his fellow coworkers could accidentally find it.

"It's a little further along," he eventually admits, "but I still have some trials to run." Trials to test whether the purple fumes produced are toxic or harmful to living organisms, trials to test whether the effects he'd been aiming for would actually work. Dosages, duration, negative side-effects -- all of those things had to be tested somehow before he could finally make use of his pet project.

But if he could make it work, it'd be worth it.

Minseok wakes up to Jongdae humming under his breath. As soothing as their shared silence can be, it'd be a lie for him to say he prefers that to Jongdae's voice. Eventually, unfortunately, Jongdae's humming begins to fade away as he slowly begins to drift off again.

"Jongdae?" Minseok asks softly, unwilling to disturb the quiet that has settled down over them like a blanket. He stares up at the leaves overhead and the fluorescent light beyond them, wishing it was the actual sun instead. "How would you feel about seeing what it's like outside?"

"Mmng," Jongdae mumbles, rolling onto his side so that his lips are that much closer to Minseok's ear. "Cool, I guess... You gonna take me there, hyung?"

Minseok rolls over as well so that he can meet Jongdae's eyes, but by then they're already closed and he's back to sleeping soundly, his long eyelashes casting shadows on his skin. Minseok indulges in the view, a tender smile slowly creeping onto his face.

It's unfortunate he can't give Jongdae an answer. Not yet, anyway. But soon.

It takes a few more weeks of trial and error, but Minseok finally thinks he has a formula that'll work. It's passed all of his tests except the most important, but he waits until a day when Jongdae won't be available even after his usual work shift in the broadcasting department to finally try it out himself.

"I'll lock up today," he tells Kyungsoo, the only other person left in the lab. Luckily, Kyungsoo agrees easily enough, and as soon as he's done cleaning up his own mess he heads out, leaving Minseok alone with the lab.

Being in the lab is nothing like the botanical rooms. It's not like he minds the familiar smells of the different chemicals he works with whether they've been filtered through his gas mask or not, but there's no way he would ever choose it over the fresh air he and Jongdae get to share when no one's looking. Air that's clean and pure, with a hint of the earth they've managed to save in those rooms from whatever it is outside the walls of the compound. But the laboratory is familiar at least, and he easily sets up his equipment with the same ease with which he usually performs his officially sanctioned experiments.

But he knows that unlike the fruitless projects he is ordered to run, this time, everything will work out.

He's on the last step, just about the pour a flask of pink liquid into his mixture when he realizes he's humming one of Jongdae's little melodies to himself, muffled by his gas mask. He doesn't stop though, not even when he takes the mask off and not even as dark pink fumes begin to rise around him. Instead, he settles down at one of the stations in the lab, resting his head on his crossed arms, and closes his eyes. Thinks of trees and leaves and skies he's only seen on television screens, of Jongdae seeing them too.

Through the smoke, the first thing Minseok sees after opening his eyes are trees higher than any of the compound's ceilings, a cloudy sky with hints of sun peeking through and lining each cluster with silver light. The world he's in stretches endlessly in every direction he can see, and he's almost tempted to take off and see how far it goes.

But the thought of Jongdae stops him. He doesn't want to experience this alone, the same way he would never want to lie down in their plot alone. So he settles back down to wait for the effects of the smoke to wear off, resting his back against the rough bark of one of the many trees around him. It prickles against his back through his shirt, and if this were real there'd be thin scratch marks there as a result.

But there won't be, because none of this is real. Not the wind blowing through his hair or the bark pressing up against his back or the sunlight shining down on him or the soil he's digging into with his fingers. But it is a success.

He wakes up again, but this time under the bright fluorescent lighting of the laboratory, and grins.

"Are you done yet, hyung?" Jongdae asks, squatting in the corner as he watches Minseok set up his equipment on the plot. From the slight lilt of his voice, Minseok can tell he's getting more and more impatient. He can't really blame Jongdae for that though. he hasn't told him much of anything, just that he had a surprise for him.

"Almost," Minseok promises, as he checks over everything one last time, "you can go ahead and lay down. I just have one more thing to do and then we can start."

Jongdae is more hesitant today when he makes his way over, which is unsurprising. All sorts of rumors must go around about exactly what work they're doing in the labs, and not all of it is nice. "And you're sure this is safe?" he asks, "I mean I trust you and everything, but-"

Minseok stops what he's doing so he can look Jongdae in the eye, trying to convey nothing but pure sincerity in his gaze. "I really think you'll like this," he says as gently as he can, "trust hyung, okay?"

The corners of Jongdae's lips curl up into that familiar smile. "Alright, hyung. Now move over, you're in my spot."

It's not until Jongdae's head is once more cushioned by the ferns that Minseok begins to mix the chemicals together in two separate containers, with one positioned closer to Jongdae and one positioned closer to where he usually ends up sleeping himself. The smoke is already beginning to rise by the time he gets himself settled, and as soon as he's lying down, Jongdae reaches out for his hand.

"Just breathe it in, Jongdae," he instructs, taking in a loud, deep breath himself as a demonstration, "breathe it in and close your eyes. I'll be there when you wake up."

"You better be," Jongdae mutters, squeezing Minseok's fingers between his own one last time.

This time when Minseok starts to wake up, it's to Jongdae calling out his name. He feels slender fingers softly slapping his cheek before trailing down along his jawline, past his collarbones before finally running down along the fabric of his suspenders. There's a slight tug of the fabric, not quite strong enough to pull him up, but there's something about the way they hook around his suspenders that leaves him short of breath. Once the pull disappears, he opens his eyes and finds Jongdae's face hovering above him, framed by pink smoke and bursts of sunlight and a different canopy of leaves than he's used to.

"Hyung!" Jongdae calls out, smiling more brightly than the first time they had claimed the botanical rooms for themselves, "This is amazing! Hurry and wake up already!" He holds his hand out for Minseok to grab hold of, and as soon as they connect, he yanks Minseok up onto his feet.

"So you like it?" Minseok asks, watching Jongdae take in the greenery around them with wide eyes. "Didn't I tell you?"

All Jongdae can do is nod dumbly. He's already starting to walk through the trees, never once releasing Minseok's hand as he leads the way. A few times, he almost stumbles over fallen logs and stray plants half buried by the fallen leaves crunching underneath their feet because he can't take his eyes off of the sky overhead, so different from the tile and fluorescent lighting they've both grown up with, and Minseok holds back a laugh.

"You did," Jongdae admits, turning to look back at Minseok. "Can we explore? You didn't look around already, did you?"

"I'd never go without you," Minseok tells him. And when Jongdae takes off running towards the nearest clearing and never once lets go of Minseok's hand, he knows Jongdae feels the same way.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of EIWAU, although I actually started writing it way before the event started, back when the
Love Me Right MV first premiered. Honestly, the aesthetics of the MV were really amazing (barring the football outfits) even if it wasn't the most coherent video, and I especially loved all of the Xiumin and Chen scenes which are what really inspired this oneshot. (Also, imo, they had the scenes that could be connected best haha.) The backstory doesn't really get elaborated on, but it's basically post-apocalyptic I suppose, with the members of Exo (and presumably many others) living in a compound isolated from the outside world for whatever reason. It wouldn't be my first time writing about people living in a base, haha. 

Compared to Chen who I placed in the compound's broadcasting department just because I like his voice, Xiumin became a scientist because of the
scenes of him working with smoky chemicals in the MV. It was actually pretty easy to link that to the perpetual smoke and fog surrounding Xiumin and Chen in the garden and forest scenes. The real kickers were the scene of the boys standing on the plot with the smoke around them and the contrasting images of the boys sleeping on purple ferns and then on green ferns. It seemed like that indicated a shift of some point, from the artificiality of the garden plot to the actual forest. Additionally, the family scene was based off of Xiumin at that teacup-loaded table. God, this MV was so beautiful. Last note about the inspiration, but I very much needed to include the scenes of Chen waking Xiumin up because the trailing fingers and the hand holding was too much for me to handle.

Lastly... Honestly? I only really write quiet romances. The lengths that Xiumin went to -- concocting a hallucinogenic drug so that he could share a fantasy with Chen (hello, Inception's somacin) -- are pretty epic, but I try to keep their interactions very lowkey. They simply enjoy each other's presence, and there's a love and loyalty and trust based off of that.
Sighs forever.

OH RIGHT, real last note: this was originally titled "Welcome to Wonderland", partially because of the meme event theme, but also because Xiumin is bringing Chen into a forest, as their wonderland. I decided to change it to "Smokescreen" because of the chemical fumes involved and also because of the definition of "a ruse designed to disguise someone's real intentions or activities". The things Xiumin does are for Chen, but he's not upfront about it. 

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Title: Monopoly
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: General, Meta
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 745 words
Summary: It ain't over til it's over. Usually. 

There were only six tokens left on the board. The sack of money, the boot, and the top hat had all been discarded with little surprise, and none of remaining players had really taken notice when their owners had wandered off on their own after they'd gone bankrupt, most of the funds ending up in Sehun's greedy hands. Minseok honestly didn't mind their lack of effort honestly, considering he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to continue playing either. The game had already run far too long for his liking -- he would have to call Changmin hyung later and apologize for standing him up at the gym.

"Kyungsoo hyung, it's your turn," Jongin whined as they all waited for Kyungsoo to finish texting Jo Insung or Lee Kwangsoo or whichever A-list actor had happened to exchange numbers with him after crossing his path. Minseok was honestly surprised he'd even managed to stay in the game as long as he had, given how distracted he was every time he rolled the dice. It'd gotten to the sad point where first Sehun, and then Chanyeol had started moving his wheelbarrow for him.

"Oh. Right," Kyungsoo said, reaching out blindly towards the middle of the board for the red dice without even looking up from his phone. Eventually, Chanyeol had to nudge them in his direction for him before he finally got a hold of them. "Thanks."

Minseok didn't even bother watching as Kyungsoo flicked his wrist and released the dice. He'd hadn't been rolling too well, and it honestly wasn't a huge surprise when he landed on yet another one of Sehun's many properties -- this one acquired from Junmyeon, who hadn't even fought for it -- and then made no move to either shift his token or hand over the rent money.

They all waited at least thirty seconds for Kyungsoo to look up from his phone, and when that didn't happen, Jongdae heaved a long-suffering sigh from across the board.

"Chanyeol, could you..?"

"Yeah. I'll take care of it. Minseok hyung, could you get his money?"

Casting a glance over at Kyungsoo who still seemed oblivious to the world outside of his chatroom, Minseok leaned over and started counting out the exact number of bills need for Kyungsoo to settle his rent while Chanyeol went ahead and moved his wheelbarrow right onto the property where Yixing had finally gone bankrupt before he left the game and where Sehun had just parked his racecar during the last round.

"Don't forget, it's has a hotel," Sehun said, far too smugly considering how horrible he usually was anytime they all sat down to play a game together.

Still, rent was rent. Minseok reached for the hundred dollar bills and watched as Kyungsoo didn't even bat an eye. At least his blatant disregard for the game eased Minseok's guilt as he watched Kyungsoo's supply of money dwindle down to a few twenties and a couple of railroads that he'd probably end up selling during his next turn if no one managed to land on them before then.

Sehun smiled as Minseok handed over the cash. "Thanks, hyung. It's your turn, by the way."

Honestly, either way Minseok was pretty sure he was doomed. At least if one of Kyungsoo's railroads were in the way, he wouldn't have felt so hopeless, but instead, the line of properties in the path of his thimble all belonged to either Jongdae, Jongin, or Sehun. Even Chanyeol's battleship had ended up on Jongin's property during his last trip through this part of the board, but at least there had been only four blue houses there instead of a shiny red hotel.

"Well, Minseok hyung, what are you waiting for?" Chanyeol asked, probably just wanting to get the whole game over and done with. He was at least doing better than Minseok and Kyungsoo, but that wasn't saying much.

Jongdae frowned, leaning over. "You're not going to give up, are you, hyung?" He almost sounded as sincere and concerned as he usually would, but then his lips curled up into a sly smile and Minseok remembered why he was considered one of Baekhyun and Chanyeol's own. "Though if you are, you could will all of your stuff to me, you know."

Before Jongin could start whining about the unfairness of that particular move, Minseok shook his head as he reached out for the dice. "No, just gimme a second. the game's not quite over yet."

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: A meta piece written for Round 2 of EIWAU, commentating on the participation level and progress of the game thus far. It was actually written rather quickly and inspired by a conversation on EM a little earlier about how boring the event had gotten because Team CKS (Chen-Kai-Sehun) were dominating by such a large margin, Team Chanyeol being the only one of Team DCX to really participate, and how Teams Xiumin and D.O had been absent for Round 1 and most of Round 2 up to that point. I feel like someone mentioned something that made me think of monopoly around that time, but I can't find the reference for the life of me lol. But yeah, I was just so. Frustrated. I hadn't done anything for Team Xiumin in Round 1 because I was trying to help Team Suho for once, and I hadn't been able to post much yet for Team Xiumin in Round 2 because I had work and it takes me a while to write things. So this was kind of a "Don't give up just yet!" sort of thing. Which you can kinda tell by the ending. Around the time I posted, mod actually made the decision to hold some sort of... participation gauge I guess, where if Team DCX didn't seem like they were gonna put in an effort, then they were just going to hold some weird mini-round between the eliminated parties of Round 1 and 2 and whoever came on top could enter the finals with Team CKS. It actually went through despite my best efforts to contribute points, which I'm still don't agree with because it effectively ended the round early and before I could post other stuff. How frustrating. 

Anyway, about the actual drabble itself lol. The sack of money, the boot, and the top hat tokens represented Suho, Baekhyun, and Lay who had been eliminated in Round 1, D.O got the wheelbarrow because he was the "Load", Xiumin got the thimble because his team showing was pitiful as fuck, Chanyeol was the battleship because he was the only one on the team with a fighting chance, and Sehun got the racecar because he was doing the best at that point. Did I stare at my old monopoly set forever to figure out who to assign what? Yes. Yes I did. The smug Sehun part was a reference to how he has actually done historically horribly in every other event EM has put on, Chen suggesting Xiumin giving up and giving his assets to him was a reference to how when teams in events are going down, the rival teams will often attempt to recruit them (ha...), and Kai whining was a reference to how anons always complain and whine during the events at every rule and suggestion and judgement lol. 

Honestly, I think I was really happy with this. I hated the situation it was describing, the hopelessness I felt during the event and how things turned out, but at the very least I was happy with writing a meta piece. Others had done it during HGAU but it felt like a while since we had an event that allowed for it? Also, someone told me I characterized Chen pretty well, his sweet side and his cheeky side, so that was nice. 
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Title: Tell Me Your Wish
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, platonic Suho/Xiumin
Genre: Gen, Mystery
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot (incomplete), 2136 words
Summary: Even if they're technically a master and his genie, that doesn't mean Minseok and Junmyeon can't be friends too. 

It takes a few accidents -- unintentional jostling more than anything, nothing permanent -- for Minseok to learn to treat the frayed backpack more gently than his previous ones. He even goes so far as to hold the bag in his lap whenever possible rather than risk setting it on the ground and surrendering it to the mercy of stray feet and unnoticed puddles. It's not always a feasible solution: this time around involved a two hour long round trip to Incheon and back, the three books he bought there on the history of architecture weighing down so heavily on his legs that they'd gone numb after the first twenty minutes. But Junmyeon is always grateful by the time they make it home, no worse for wear.
"Thanks," Junmyeon tells him as they sit in Minseok's room, nibbling delicately on the chips they managed to scavenge from the kitchen cupboards. He's barely a centimeter or two taller than Minseok, but the way he slouches on the floor with his skinny legs drawn up to his chest makes him look so much smaller, as compact as the grey backpack he's sitting next to protectively.
Minseok reaches past him, swiping a chip for himself as he flips the page of his book with his other hand. "It was nothing," he answers, pausing for a moment before adding, "and I told you before, call me hyung." 
He doesn't have to turn his head to know Junmyeon is rolling his eyes, lips puckered into a pout. Before Junmyeon can say anything, Minseok makes sure to clarify himself. "That wasn't a wish, by the way. Doesn't count." 
"Then it doesn't happen," Junmyeon replies, wiping his hands off on the pair of jeans hanging loosely off his hips. He crawls onto Minseok's bed and slumps facedown onto Minseok's favorite comforter, completely ignoring the way Minseok tsks with a cluck of his tongue. They both know Minseok would end up vacuuming crumbs off his bed whether or not Junmyeon happened to add to the mess. 
It's only been recently that Junmyeon would be so neglectful of his -- well, more Minseok's than his -- backpack, abandoning it for softer, more spacious pastures and their downy pillows. He still curls up into a tiny ball like he's not used to having so much space to stretch out in, nestling or burrowing himself into both the comforter and the fresh sheets underneath like the temperature outside isn't reaching record highs.
It's the tiny, almost pitiful sight of the guy that keeps Minseok from yanking the blankets out from underneath Junmyeon and pulling him to the floor.
"Want anything in particular for dinner?" Minseok makes sure to ask before Junmyeon can doze off. 
His only reply is muffled by fabric and slurred by sleep. Junmyeon grunts a little, but Minseok is pretty sure it isn't for him. Not that he has any problem with being left unanswered. He closes his book and turns down the lights, shutting the door so softly that it doesn't make a sound as he leaves his bedroom. 
The backpack stays by the bed, where Junmyeon can easily reach it when he wakes up. Junmyeon can thank him for that later too.
They end up eating out. Junmyeon barely goes out to explore on his own and he definitely hasn't been around long enough to know too many eateries, while Minseok tends to haunt the same familiar coffeeshops and Chinese restaurants, but simple jajangmyeon is good enough to satisfy both their stomachs. 
Minseok watches Junmyeon slurp the noodles, popping sauce-covered slices of pork and vegetable into his mouth with every other bite. Sitting across from each other in the tiny, vinyl-covered booth and underneath the restaurant's warm lighting reminds him of the rare weekends he'd go out with his little sister back home. He plucks a thick piece of meat from his own bowl and gently drops it on top of Junmyeon's gradually shrinking pile of food. 
"Are you sure there's nothing you want?" 
If Minseok didn't know any better, he would've assumed his new roommate was trying to trick him. There's no mischief on Junmyeon's face though, just gentle eyes that watch each move Minseok makes, just sincere curiosity dripping from each word. 
It's a question Junmyeon asks him almost every day, ever since Minseok had tripped after tangling his feet in the straps of that stupid backpack. It's the first thing out of Junmyeon's mouth after he wakes up, stumbling into the kitchen after Minseok, as well as the last thing he brings up each night before curling up into Minseok's spare futon. The repetition should be annoying, but Minseok figures he'd be anxious as well if he were in Junmyeon's position. 
"I'm sure, Junmyeon," he says, almost tempted to ruffle Junmyeon's blond hair. It's grown longer in the time since they met, hangs messily into his eyes sometimes like he's just another sloppy teenager. 
Junmyeon sighs deeply before returning his full attention to his bowl. Honestly, Minseok wasn't sure what he was expecting after days of the same response to the same answer.
"Besides," Minseok continues, keeping his eyes on Junmyeon's face even when he's denied actual eye contact, "the sooner I use up my wishes, the sooner you have to leave right? I know that I wake up too early and I'm a bit more strict about keeping the place clean--" Junmyeon snorts, almost choking on a noodle, "--compared to you. But there's no way I'm not that bad of a roommate."
"You're not my roommate, you're my..." Junmyeon trails off, his face scrunching up. Whether it's because he's struggling to find the right word or because he's reluctant to say the one he actually has, Minseok honestly wouldn't know. "You're my ma--"
"Friend," Minseok interrupts, "and I'm pretty sure I'm also not terrible at that either." 
He pretends he doesn't notice the flush on Junmyeon's face, the tiny pleased smile that he has to school back into a neutral expression.
Junmyeon decides to walk beside him when they leave the restaurant that night, rather than have Minseok lugging him around on his back. It wouldn't have been a problem either way -- wearing a slightly heavier backpack is far from the trial Junmyeon makes it out to be -- and the weather is clear and cloudless. Perfect for a peaceful, slow-paced walk as their stomachs settle. 
The peace only lasts as long as it takes to get back to the flat.
Minseok's front door is slightly open, light spilling out into the hallway. On the positive side, at least it's not irrepairably busted; upon closer inspection, only the electronic lock has been damaged. Fried, actually, from what Minseok can make out. 
"It's still warm," Junmyeon notes as he presses his finger down on it and slides it down along the side of the keypad. He pulls it back and wraps his fingers around one of the straps of Minseok's backpack, the cold from his skin spreading to Minseok's nearby ribs despite the clothing in-between them. "You think whoever did it is still inside?"
Minseok peeks his head in before he answers in the negative, taking note of the mess right behind the door. His shoes have been pulled from their neat rows in the cabinet, strewn about messily. There's are open drawers and wrinkled fabric everywhere he looks, but no other signs of life. 
"Pretty sure he'd have no reason to stick around considering he wouldn't have found anything valuable," he tells Junmyeon in what he hopes is a reassuring manner. 
He's telling the truth though -- the most valuable things in that apartment were probably his fridge and the bookshelf of ridiculously expensive textbooks required for his graduate classes. Any money is safely tucked away in a bank or in his mother's tightly-clenched fist, and even his laptop is a fossil like Junmyeon compared to whatever kids like his sister are using nowadays. 
"I can do something," Junmyeon tells him urgently before they step further into the apartment beyond the first few steps past the door, "just say the word, and I will." 
Minseok is almost tempted. I wish the intruder was caught so I could punch him in the face or something just as easy. He knows Junmyeon is completely capable of making it happen, having seen the other's small displays of magic since they started living together. Junmyeon's newly acquired laundry drying much faster, the wifi connection speeding up to impossible rates once Junmyeon discovers the world of free online anime streaming. It'd be so simple.
But he refuses to let the intruder take anything else from him. 
"I'm good," Minseok says calmly, "no point in wasting my first wish." 
He doesn't check to see how Junmyeon reacts, whether it's exasperation at his own stubbornness or something else. Instead, he reaches for the old kendo sword he keeps in the closet near the front door and holds it in front of him as he slowly advances. He doesn't even notice Junmyeon has retreated into the smaller pocket of the backpack until he's halfway done scoping his apartment out and he hears knocking on the still open front door.
"Not it," he hears Junmyeon's voice say from inside the backpack, the zipper open just enough that if Minseok squinted he'd be able to see the cramped quarters in which Junmyeon had been trapped for years before they met. 
Minseok rolls his eyes, keeping the sword in hand as he returns to the door and trying his best to not look like he was just ready to knock a stranger unconscious with it.
The person who greets him on the other side is a slightly taller, not-so familiar face. Familiar enough that Minseok could place him and those cheekbones around the apartment complex, but not so much that he can actually remember the guy's name from the bimonthly tenant meetings. He almost wishes Junmyeon was out and about. Despite his age, his memory's proven better than Minseok's and he's become rather friendly with the neighbors.
"Hey, sorry to disturb you," the guy says, the corner of his lips still curling up despite his concerned expression. His eyes flicker down to the sword briefly, but even after he brings them up, he doesn't bring it up. "I heard a racket and your door was open? Everything okay?"
Minseok nods, stepping out and closing the door behind him. "Yeah. Breaking and entering, but so far nothing's missing." It doesn't seem to do much to assauge the guy's worries though, if his furrowed brows are any indicator. "Thanks for checking on me though...?"
"Jongdae. Kim Jongdae. I live four doors down." He points at said door, the bronze 21 glinting underneath the hallway lights. Minseok doesn't remember when the last owners had moved out, when this one moved in.
Speaking of things he doesn't remember: Kim Jongdae. It doesn't ring a bell, if Minseok is perfectly honest, but then he feels frantic rustling in his backpack and thinks maybe he's wrong on that front. 
"Thanks, Jongdae sshi," he says, backing away so that Junmyeon's backpack is safely trapped between his back and his apartment door, "I'll be sure to call the super about this. I do appreciate you checking up on me though."
Jongdae nods innocently enough before heading back to his own apartment. After he keys in his passcode and has his hand on the door handle, instead of entering, he turns back to look at where Minseok is still leaning against his own door.
"You take care, hyung," he says kindly. Minseok's shoulders start to untense, until he sees Jongdae's fingers reflexively tighten around the door handle, sees Jongdae's eyes flicker down to the backpack before returning to Minseok's face. "You and your roommate."
Jongdae enters his apartment, the sound of the door shutting echoing in the otherwise empty hallway. There are goosebumps on Minseok's arms. 
"Junmyeon," he says quietly, hearing the zipper of his backpack undo itself. At least Junmyeon knows better than to stick his now smaller head out to peek, exposing himself. "I think he knows something." It comes out before he can stop himself. "I wish I knew what he wanted." 
He barely registers Junmyeon's quiet response. The almost silent "Your wish is my command."
Immediately, a voice much louder than either of theirs starts speaking in his head. New and unfamiliar, but fresh in his memory. Mine, it whispers to itself more than Minseok, I finally found him. Junmyeon hyung. I won't mess up this time. A mental image of the gray, ragged backpack he's wearing floats by, followed by the image of a Junmyeon with short black hair and a more childish face, and he can feel the Jongdae's desperate longing for both sinking down into his bones. 

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: This was an idea I had way before WCAU, but I ended up using it for Round 3 lol I wanted to write a different type of genie story than what I usually found which was either A) master and genie fall in love or B) the master wishes for the genie's freedom. I never actually got far enough while writing this for WCAU  to get to the point I was aiming for unfortunately :( Gonna spoiler it so that if I ever come back to this, I'll remember what I was aiming for:

Basically, Chen and Suho are brothers, or they were until Suho became a genie. The details of that, I haven't quite worked out, but since that time, Chen has been trying to take Suho from his owners because he wants to be with his brother, but every time he comes close, the third wish is granted and Suho gets whisked away to be found by a new owner. This also means that both Suho and Chen are a lot older than expected, which is one reason why Suho won't call Xiumin hyung lol. Either Suho's memories about Chen are partially sealed so he can't really help his brother out OR he really wants Chen to find him but isn't allowed to indicate this in any way. Regardless, this twist makes it so that the idea of the antagonist role has been switched around: rather than the person trying to steal the genie being a bad person, the master of the genie who is effectively keeping them apart is in the wrong, even without meaning to be. At some point, Xiumin and Chen would fall in love lol and that is all I've got. 

Anyway. Now for some notes, haha. The
gray backpack that acts as Suho's "lamp" is based off of a backpack he used to carry around both predebut and early in their career because it was apparently the first fangift he ever received. Xiumin's major is based off of his "future dream" in the XOXO album photobook. Suho's eating habits is based off of the times I've seen him nibble at his food in gifs and his pitiful sleeping position is based off of Chen and Kai mentioning he sleeps in the fetal position and always looks pitiful when he does so. And, hm. I wanted to write very friendly Suho/Xiumin lol. They don't get a lot of love, as a pair or as individuals, so it was nice to focus on the friendship that could pop up between them despite their differences. 
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Title: Two for Coffee
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chen-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 507 words
Summary: Jongdae shares a morning and coffee with Minseok, before he has to share his hyung too.

Minseok slides the mug in front of him, the warm steam still rising into the air and into Jongdae's face. It smells delicious and rich, and Jongdae's hands wrap around the ceramic before he even comprehends what he's doing.
"For me?" 
Despite the question, he wastes no time in pulling the drink towards himself. Lowering his head and taking the tiniest of sips, just enough to give himself a foam mustache. It's obviously not as good as the professional stuff they get whenever they go out on coffee shop visits during their free time, but it's the best in the dorms and Jongdae can't complain. Can never really complain actually, because Minseok makes it just right for him. 
"Yes, Jongdae. I brewed myself two cups," Minseok chuckles into his own mug, "heaven knows I need it to deal with all of you kids." 
Minseok drinks more delicately than Jongdae does, mature as his age would suggest and somewhat refined in spite of his childish face. There's never a trace of foam on his upper lip, though that doesn't keep Jongdae from peering up from underneath his eyelashes and hoping to catch sight of it one day. Hoping to have the opportunity to reach over and wipe it away -- with his thumb or his lips, he doesn't really know which he'd prefer. 
"We're not that bad," Jongdae whines, just as Chanyeol comes thundering through the front door of the M dorm. They both wince at the racket, but when they see Yixing leave his bedroom to go handle the situation, the grimaces melt into small, shared smiles. 
"You were saying?" Minseok asks as they listen to Chanyeol babble loudly about a new composition he's come up with, as they hear Yixing offer to listen to whatever he has recorded on his phone. It's too early in the morning for anything other than their cups of coffee, but the warmth of the liquid spreads throughout their bodies and Jongdae knows Minseok is just as unwilling as him to get up from the comfortable little bubble they've made for themselves at the kitchen counter. 
Sipping at his coffee again, Jongdae resists the urge to pout. "Park Chanyeol is an outlier and should not be counted," he insists. 
"Excuse you," Chanyeol interrupts, stopping Yixing from dragging him into his room, "I always count." Yixing doesn't even seem to be trying to pull him away anymore, although he does shoot Jongdae a sleepy-eyed, apologetic glance. 
Minseok laughs softly, getting up from his chair and abandoning his mug and Jongdae. "Alright, alright, Chanyeol-ah. How about you sit and have some coffee with us so Yixing can actually wake up before you have him look over your song?"
Chanyeol strokes his chin, as if mulling it over, before planting himself in Minseok's chair and dragging Yixing down with him. "Okay. Hyung knows best, after all."
Jongdae sees Minseok's tiny smile as he turns away and walks back to the coffee-maker, how carefully he handles the new pair of mugs. 
He can't say he disagrees.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: "People say I love you all the time—when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it - you just have to listen for it, my dear.” - John Patrick, The Curious Savage
Author's Note: My last free kick written for WCAU's Round 2. I misinterpreted the prompt so that the idea of Xiumin and Chen sharing coffee is the act of love, rather than going for an alternative verbalized way to say "I love you". It's a pity, but I still managed to write a sweet moment of my OTP. This was written before it was revealed by Suho, Kai, and Chanyeol that no one in the dorm really listens to Chanyeol's compositions when he asks them to lol. There's also a Spiders Georg reference, heh.
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Title: Basking
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 555 words
Summary: Minseok takes a breath and a moment after their latest TLP concert. 

The crowd is still roaring in the stadium, loud enough that the sound travels through the hallways of the building and echoes into their dressing room. Minseok slumps against the back of the couch, soaking in the sight of Jongdae and Chanyeol pressing their ears to the door as if that would help make the words more distinct for them. Saranghaja, he expects. We are one. Words so familiar that they escape from his lips more from muscle memory rather than due to any conscious thought, words so grossly cheesy and sincere that they make his heart swell up in his chest. 
Half of the other members are dawdling in the hallway, talking to staff and coordi-noonas or taking celebratory selcas. Junmyeon is probably off talking to a manager about where they should pick up food and arguing over who should pay for it. Aside from Minseok, Jongdae, and Chanyeol, only Yixing had decided to linger in the dressing room, catching his breath. 
Even with just a third of the members, he doesn't feel lonely. 
Good show, Minseok wants to say to someone, to anyone, to all of them. They'd sung more songs live this time, and it had been thrilling even though he knew his voice had cracked on more songs than he'd like. The adrenaline is still pumping through his system, the flush still on his cheeks. Sweat is oozing out of every pore on his body, and he had run out of tissues an hour or so ago as they ran around on stage like they were kings of the world. 
His voice catches in his throat though, worn ragged from all the screaming. Instead, his mouth hangs open and he takes another heavy breath.
It's because he's tilting his head back against the couch and staring up at the tiles of the ceiling that he doesn't see who plops down beside him. Short hair prickles against the skin of his neck as someone rests their head on his shoulders, a sticky, sweaty hand covering his own in his lap. 
"You hear them, hyung?" Jongdae asks. His voice sounds worse than Minseok thinks his own does, but then again, one of them had an almost screaming rock solo while the other had just swiveled his hips for the nth time. 
Chanyeol's laugh echoes from the other side of the room. "How could he not, Chenchen? Hyung's not so old he's lost his hearing yet." There's only the slightest hint of mockery in his voice, overpowered by the downright mirth instead, and Minseok lets it pass like he usually does. 
Yixing finally gets up from his corner of the room and settles down on Minseok's other side. He's not as touchy as Jongdae -- his teasing is a different sort, verbal barbs that barely tickle, a bit more high-brow than whatever their dongsaengs tend to come up with when he bothers to try -- but he's still close enough that Minseok still feels the heat radiating from his body. 
"Shh," Yixing says, almost as if trying to soothe them. Slow their hearts that are pounding away so strongly in their chests, it's almost painful. Like he thinks his superpower's real. "Shh."
But the others quiet, and Minseok basks in the silence of the room, in the echoes of the cheers, in the company he keeps.

Original Post: Here.
PromptTed: In a moment like that, when what's really happening is too intense to deal with, sometimes it's best...
              The Mother: To leave it unspoken, and just enjoy each other's company instead.
               - How I Met Your Mother
Author's Note: Written for another free kick from Round 2 of WCAU, again featuring Team A. This is set after one of Exo's The Lost Planet concerts, probably one of the later ones. Despite all of the drama of last year, they had so much to be proud of. It's not a well written piece, but it is a bit more serious than the others I think. I meant it a little more than the others, lol. One more thing I want to say is that as much as everyone makes fun of "Saranghaja/Let's love" and "We are one", I really do think that those words are special. It's silly but my heart hurts when I hear Exo say them, when they say those phrases together. 
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Title: Bullet Biter
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chanyeol-centric, Implied Chanyeol/Lay
Genre: Crack
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble, 505 words
Summary: There's something Chanyeol hasn't been telling his superpowered crime-fighting squad. 

"What the hell was that?"
Chanyeol is still wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, ignoring the way Yixing insists on hovering over him with an anxious expression and his palms facing forward, twinkling lights gathering at the tips of his fingers. Minseok is still standing frozen in place, his eyes darting back and forth between Chanyeol and the corpse Jongdae is poking at with his staff.
"Whatever it was, he's dead," Jongdae says cheerfully enough, pressing the base of the rod against the man's cheek. There's a few sparks with each tap as he attempts to shock their guy, but despite each spasm the man remains dead. "Good job, Chanyeol."
"Good job," Minseok echoes faintly, "what are we even congratulating him on?"
No one answers him, because to be honest, aside from Chanyeol, they're not exactly sure what happened. One moment, the culprit had materialized a machine gun out of fucking nowhere, right as they had cornered him in a dark alley. The next, he was pulling the trigger, the nozzle aimed at Chanyeol. The tallest member of their squad should've been riddled with bullets, or at least had had some sort of damage for Yixing to clean up as usual. 
But instead, Chanyeol had opened his freakishly large mouth and sucked each and every speeding bullet down his throat. 
In the time it took for their guy to get over the shock of some guy eating his ammunition, Minseok had frozen the blood in his veins, and Jongdae had ended it with an electrocution. Simple and clean and the usual, barring Chanyeol's little show. 
"So is this an extra power?" Yixing asks curiously, pulling his hands back, but leaning his face forward. Uncomfortably so, as he attempts to stare down Chanyeol's throat like it holds the answers to life itself. "Because I'm not sure I'm comfortable with knowing you could do what you just did to those bullets to my dick during our--"
""It only works on metal--" Chanyeol interrupts before the others are given too much information about their 'private training sessions'. Minseok already looks like he's about to have another aneurysm or something, Jongdae on the verge of his squeals of debauchery usually reserved for their clubbing nights. "I. I have something to confess."
Jongdae stops playing with the dead body and scrambles over, pulling their team leader along. "Do you really want to tell us," he asks seriously, clutching Minseok's arm tightly, "do we even really want to hear it? Some secrets aren't so bad, Yeol. Some things are meant to stay behind locked doors."
"No, I really have to tell you," Chanyeol barrels on. He needs to get this off his chest. The other three gaze intently at him as he finally opens his mouth to continue. "I. I can eat metal. Before I landed this job..."
The others' eyes are all on him. He feels so small, despite being the tallest of them all.
"I used to be a sword-eater. For the circus."
Oh, the shame.

Original Post: Here.
This gunplay gif lol
Author's Note: Written for a free kick from Round 2 of WCAU. Most of my Round 2 works featured Xiumin, Chen, Chanyeol, and Lay due to the four of them being randomly assigned to Team A in the second round, and bonus points being offered for the inclusion of all members in a work. Anyway, this was the result of already being me permanently being in a superpower AU mood and the fact that I really didn't want to write anything sexual for the gunplay prompt, yet none of the other prompts were working for me, unfortunately. I found the idea really interesting, but you can see where I ran out of time lol. Also, disclaimer: there is nothing shameful about sword-eating for a circus. Haha.
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So. Preface. These are being posted about a year late, mainly because by the time I was getting around to posting them, Lu Han left Exo (and now, more recently, Tao) and I have... very strong feelings about betraydols and was quite reluctant to post anything relating to them, even previous work. But I want to post this year's summer event submissions and it wouldn't feel right skipping over all of the stuff I made for EM's 2014 World Cup competition. So here we go lol. The following notes are from last year.

Long story short, EM ran a second summer fanworks competition, this time modeled around the World Cup rather than the Hunger Games again. I didn't submit as much as last time I think, but I still totaled about 25 works? Pretty decent. It's a pity that Xiumin couldn't get to the finals, but he made it to 4th place! One place higher than the year before, and that was my endgoal anyway lol. Good job, me and the rest of the team. Who I don't know since I didn't unanon and I didn't have Kit helping me out this time.

Anyway. I had fun trying out new art techniques this time around -- I only did stuff on photoshop this time, compared to traditional media last year \o/ -- and I actually wrote stuff? For the first time in months. I'm amazed, though I don't feel so great about most of what I wrote. What is characterization, besides the bane of my existence lol. But at least I got to flesh out some ideas, including ones that had been tumbling in my head uselessly for a while.

Fics and free kicks will be posted separately, the fics so that I can edit or continue them as I want and the free kicks so they'll all be in one place lol. This will just be art and vocaroos. I'm probably gonna reupload the vocaroos on my soundcloud or my evernote since they eventually expire, as I found out from my HG!AU ones.... ugh life is such a struggle.


Title: Wavin' Flag song edit
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
give me fanart, drawn of dage
or just fanfic, that'll score higher
see anons fight over points now
might divide us, but it's worthwhile

in each meme part, we'll be postin'
once we start the competition
it's the world cup, take revenge now
maybe this time, xiumin will be crowned

stanning forever on
making fanworks til the round is done
less deadly than the hunger games
maybe this time xiumin will do better than fifth place

if it's for dage, i will be stronger
they'll name him champion
watch as i wave his--
if it's for dage, i will be stronger
they'll name him champion
watch as i wave his flag
so wave his flag
now wave his flag
and wave his flag

 A cover of the 2010 Fifa World Cup song "Wavin' Flag" with the lyrics changed to suit WCAU. It's mainly because we had been given such a long time gap between finding out about the event and the actual start of it that I managed to get this done. It was fun making fun of the scoring system and the wank a bit lol. Also the fifth place bit refers to how Xiumin finished in fifth for HGAU... did better this time around lol

Title: Runaway song edit
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
got one more day to post, can't believe we're halfway there
we're lagging far behind, won't give up just yet (just yet)
don't worry 'bout prelims, he can't get kicked out here
it's still a pity but
it's gonna end tonight oh oh~
day two of prelims, that's right oh oh~
oh look another toop, 3 2 1
watch those points rack upppppp
[deep sigh]
hey team let's run away
regroup, and focus on round one
our dage will have to wait
though i might be jumpin the gun
i still think that
hey team, let's run away
save our shit to be scored another day
it's a bitter pill to take
but no point in wasting those points anywayyyyy

 A cover of SHINee's Runaway, again with lyrics changed to reflect the situation in WCAU. Prelims were mainly a period where the team with the highest number of points would get a walk -- exemption from the first round. No one was gonna be eliminated, so it was a huge waste of points if you didn't win it so this was a call to fellow Team Xiumin members to give up on prelims so we could start stocking up for Round 1 proper. Definitely had fun working on this in the car lol


Title: Futsal Fanart

Original Post: Here
Notes: The first post of Round 1! I tried to make posting first my thing throughout the competition lol, lots of fun. Xiumin's appearance is based off of what he wore for one of the futsal competitions for ISAC, though I had to change him from Team A to Team B due to a last-minute team shuffle. It was my first time trying an outline other than black so I could have a warmer feel to him lol also, originally it was gonna just be a chibi but then I thought since i had the time, why not try a background? Also the grass hides his bad feet, haha. The flags were team flags made and chosen before the games even started lol, ironically, I was the one who designed the Team Suho flag. 

Title: Yowapetao

Original Post: Here
Notes: Originally I made this because Xiumin and Tao were gonna be on the same team, but then there was a reshuffle and they ended up on opposing teams. It was also because Boss loves/loved Tao and Yowapedal. No other other comments really since my feelings since have soured on him.

Title: Waving Flag and Fifa Trophy animation

Original Post: Here
Notes: THIS ONE WAS SO HARD. I had to use a series of screenshots from Hetalia as a reference for the flag waving and coloring the moving frames and actually animating it took so long I wanted to die lol. In the end I realy liked how it came out though! Xiumin's outfit is based off of what he had worn at an airport recently, but I changed the letter on his shirt to read B for Team B. Open in a new tab to see the pic full-sized lol. 

Title: Take a Bite at First Place Tonight (Animal Cover)
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
here we go again
yet another meme competition
won't take it easy 'cause
i'm afraid xiumin will fall behind
here we go again
fighting like animals to the end
teamed up with cannibals
and i'm afraid he won't get out alive
no i won't sleep tonight
oh oh, i want some more
fanart, what are chanons waiting forrr
take a bite for team b tonight
oh oh, i want some more
fanfics, what are lu-nons waiting forrrr
what are we all waiting forrrr
say goodbye to team a tonight
here we are again
camaraderie points kickin' in
no red cards yet,
though chanlu might still bite
dage, go run and hide
teams not taggin [c]
you're killin' me now
but i'll still share my points with you
to make sure team Biters gets through
oh oh, i want some more
fanmixes, what are lu-nons waiting forrr
take a bite for team b tonight
oh oh, i want some more
edits, what are chanons waiting forrrr
what are we all waiting forrrr
say goodbye to team c tonight
oh shit, look, meme's gone quiet
hush hush, look, no one's postin'
means it's time to make more shit
and i won't lose this chance
woah i won't sleep tonight
i won't sleep tonight
oh oh, i want some more
fanworks, team b please start posting more
take a bite at first place tonight
oh oh i want some more
fanworks, team b please start posting more
round ends in a few hours more
take a bite at first place tonight

So I'm pretty sure that the soundcloud link is not the actual audio I originally uploaded to meme because some of the lyrics at the very end sounded different and I actually groan out of frustration at the end of this recording... sigh. I have no idea where the original went lol. But yeah, so a call-out to Teams Chanyeol and Lu Han to post more using a edited version of Neon Trees' "Animal". We made it through the round, so obviously successful. BTW, "camaraderie" is literally one of the worst words in the English language, how the fuck do you even pronounce it.


Title: AA Batteries

Original Post: Here
Notes: This was mostly a pun about how I hoped that the new Team A would be "recharged" and ready for Round 2. Haha. And the joke is that these are AA batteries... I had to look up the shape just in case. The designs are based off of the team flags. In case the symbols weren't obvious enough, from left to right is Xiumin, Chanyeol, Chen, and Lay. 

Title: Baozi, Where Did You Go? (Where Did U Go cover) 
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
it's been so long since baozi's gone
i can't go on this way
his soft round cheeks, so dear to me
the coffee he made every day

i love him so, i miss him so,
and i'm left wondering where did he go
i'll search the land, won't give up and
won't come back empty-handed

tell me, chanyeol, have you seen my baozi? 
oh no you haven't?
that's okay, it's only just the start

oh tell me, where did you go?
not off to china all alone?
oh tell me, baozi, where did you hide?
don't go where i can't find you
tell me, baozi, where did you go?
i can't take this anymore
but i'll keep searching to the ends of the world
oh where did you go...

oh look there's lu, wonder if he knew
how far my baozi got
they're such close friends, wouldn't doubt it and
he's a hyung i can trust a lot

kyungsoo and yixing haven't seen him
so, lu ge, how about you?
if you insist on no,
i'll have to go and ask that brat sehun

i can't believe no one's seen my baozi
there's ten of us
there's no way no one knows where he's gone

oh tell me, where did you go?
not off to china all alone?
oh tell me, baozi, where did you hide?
don't go where i can't find you
tell me, baozi, where did you go?
i can't take this anymore
but i'll keep searching to the ends of the world

oh where did you go
where did you go
i never thought that you would leave me
feeling so lost and alone

oh where did you go
where did you go
come back to me, hyung please
and i'll never let you gooooooo

oh where did you go
where where did you go?
where did you go
where where did you go? yeah

oh tell me, where did you go?
not off to china all alone?
oh tell me, baozi, where did you hide?
don't go where i can't find you
tell me, baozi, where did you go?
i can't take this anymore
but i'll keep searching to the ends of the world

oh tell me, where did you go?
wait what was in lu's hand?
don't tell me, baozi, you couldn't hide
should've seen how he eyed you
tell me please i'm not too late
won't let his stomach be your fate
oh no, he's bitten, this is the end
oh, there you go

Notes: An attempted hattrick to accompany a fan art and a toop based off of the story "Have You Seen My Hat?", changed to "Have You Seen My Baozi?" The song is a cover of G.E.M. Tang's "Where Did U Go", which I was lucky enough to find an instrumental version of. It was surprisingly catchy and I still find myself singing this version of the song when the actual song pops up on my iPod lol. Sung from Chen's POV. 

Title: Points Points Points (Hush cover)
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
Staring at a word doc (yeah)
But the words won't come out (yeah)
I need to save my opger (yeah)
I think my team went to sleep (yeah)

I got my crayons out to draw (yeah)
Don't know how to PS (yeah)

[dage ficnon]
I can't write anymore
Wrote 40k words
Team A where you at
Hurry, hurry team


[Everyone \o/]
Points points points, Team A
Write write write, Team A
Sing or knit I don't
Care just do it now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
We need you we need you, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons
Let's get the bonus

Points points points, Team A
Draw draw draw, Team A
I'll even do math
and physics for them now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
A team is a team, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons

[spectator anon]
Oh my god the edit (Yeah)
Why does dage look hot? (Yeah)

[writer non]
When is the free kick? (Yeah)
Mods I need to go sleep (Yeah)
Sorry, team, I give up (yeah)
Too burnt out and I'm done (yeah)
I can't do this no more

[everyone else]
Yes you can, one day more!
Please don't leave on me
Hurry hurry, non
Cuz we need it

[Everyone \o/]
Points points points, Team A
Write write write, Team A
Sing or knit I don't
Care just do it now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
We need you we need you, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons
Let's get the bonus

Points points points, Team A
Draw draw draw, Team A
I'll even do math
and physics for them now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
A team is a team, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons


I can see you trying so hard
so I don't die this time
We love you guys, take care of yourselves
Chanyeol Chen Lay Xiumin
A Class Team A the best we'll win
cuz we've got the best stans around


[Everyone \o/]
Points points points, Team A
Write write write, Team A
Sing or knit I don't
Care just do it now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
We need you we need you, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons
Let's get the bonus

Points points points, Team A
Draw draw draw, Team A
I'll even do math
and physics for them now

[Camaraderie nons]
Give it to me give it to me, anons
A team is a team, anons
Give it to me give it to me, anons

Last day of round 3 (yeah)
And I'm clutching my chest (yeah)
Are anons gonna dump? (yeah)
Let's hope not or OT (yeah)
Notes: Song edit of Miss A's "Hush". Lyrics written by a laynon, and sung by me as an attempted hattrick with Kelley's Miss A Team edit. It's mostly a meta song, which were surprisingly popular in this particular event. I had to change one line as I was singing or else I wouldn't be able to breathe. I actually lost my voice after singing this because I'd been straining myself so much. It's a very face paced song actually. 

Title: Lu Haunting

Original Post: Here
Notes: Irony truly is the cruelest thing. I am going to be very honest, this work in particular was why I took so long to finally just start posting WCAU stuff, because it featured Lu Han and Tao so heavily and I am not a huge fan of either after what they did to Exo. 

Objectively? I'm actually really proud of this. Not the frames where I obviously gave up, but like I ended up trying a lot of new techniques like with hair and shading and facial expressions in addition to a lack of thick lineart, and the backgrounds made me really happy. Also liked the hanbok I drew. Anyway, so this was obviously a parody of the Danny Phantom opening. It's an idea I had since HGAU but never actually got around to because there wasn't as much time. You can see where I started giving up though because it was just taking so long and I had work early the next morning.


Title: Gladiator Dage

Original Post: Here
Notes: My final fanart submission for WCAU :( I was actually really sad because I was running late for the hospital as I was finishing this so I didn't get to shade it since the round would end while I was working. Anyway, this was based off of Xiumin happening to wear really ugly sandals around this time, and anons joking that next comeback would be a gladiator concept based off of the sandals. I had to look up a lot of reference pics, but I found his body here pretty cute. I also really liked how cartoony his sword ended up looking. 


Title: Best Luck Cover
Link: Soundcloud
Original Post: Here
Notes: Okay so long story short, Xiumin did not actually make it past semi-finals. I was working at the hospital when that news came out so I was very sad about the fact that I couldn't participate. At the last minute I did decide to help Team Chen in the finals, but... yeah. So I learned Chen's recently released "Best Luck" from the "It's Okay It's Love" OST as quickly as I could and submitted a straight cover for his team. Which in the end lost. :( I was really amazed at how quickly I picked it up though, so cheers.

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Title: Study Break
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Oneshot, 1797 words
Summary: A bunch of third years set someone on fire, but it's not like Minseok's in a position to actually do much about it. Harry Potter!AU set in this verse.

It's less than two months into Minseok's fifth year and he's already spent more time studying in the library than he has in the past four years combined. It's not an entirely miserable experience seeing as his O.W.L.s are still a good eight months away and the pressure hasn't built up to a soul-crushing intensity quite yet, but there's no denying that the seemingly endless hours of self-study would have been far more enjoyable if his friends hadn't proven themselves exemplary enough to be chosen as the prefects and Quidditch captains of their year and were thus stuck patrolling the halls, supervising detentions, or devising game plans for winning the Quidditch Cup.

It's not like he doesn't see them -- Yifan and Junmyeon, who's as busy with Quidditch as the others were with prefect duties, room with him and he still sees all three of them in most of his classes, of course. But it's oddly quiet in the library without Lu Han guffawing ridiculously at one of Yifan's unintentional body gags or the Picasso-esque doodles etched on his parchments during one of their earlier classes.

Two months into his fifth year, and Minseok already misses his best friends.

"Maybe I should practice my cheering charms," he mutters, twirling his wand between his fingers. Even the warm sparks coming off the tip of it -- blue and white and snowflake-shaped just like the ones he'd seen the first time he had waved it around at Ollivanders -- don't feel quite as bright as usual.

His eyes start wandering from the spellbooks laid out in front of him, focusing instead on how far the sparks from his wand will land. It's a nice, mindless distraction and a relief from his intense study session. But as he watches one particularly active spark fly out of the nook in his corner of the library, he suddenly notices a flash of red and orange in-between a couple of the other aisles.

When he looks more carefully, he realizes that there's a person on fire.

There's smoke rising from the student's flashy red and gold Quidditch robes and his arms are flailing ridiculously and all Minseok can do for those first few moments is watch in horror because what the hell, there's no way immolation of any kind is permitted in the library and why is that kid on fire, for the love of Merlin.

He finally notices the three other boys sitting further beyond the flaming Gryffindor, all seated at a table with their bags scattered around them. They looked to be more concerned with whatever they were discussing than the lightshow going right in front of them.

"How appropriate," he thinks with very little malice when he sees the alternating green and silver of their loosened ties.

Minseok gets up from his seat, his chair screeching across the stone floor as he pushes it back, and marches over to the four with his wand out.


He points directly at the boy engulfed in flames, and if the sparks from his wand had looked like snowflakes before, they're nothing compared to the outright blizzard that erupts the second he finishes the incantation. The four students barely have enough time to look over before their faces are blasted with ice, but in the split-second he sees their faces, Minseok realizes he knows these brats.

"Park Chanyeol," he says, crossing his arms over his chest as Lu Han's infamous beater pouts at him, icicles hanging from his large ears like a pair of Yifan's dragon-tooth earrings. "Shouldn't you be on the pitch right now with Lu Han?"

At least Chanyeol has the decency to look a little sheepish, which is a surprise given how often Minseok hears about his impertinence and how he has even personally witnessed the way Chanyeol flies in circles around the Quidditch pitch, crowing shamelessly after breaking another player's bones.

As for his three friends...

"Jongdae. Kyungsoo." Out of the four, they're the two he's most familiar with. Jongdae had spent the majority of his first two years at Hogwarts attempting to win over Peeves's favor, and several of those attempts had resulted in Minseok covered in too many different concoctions for him to even remember. Kyungsoo, on the other hand, tended to linger around the entrance of the Hufflepuff common room in search of the hidden kitchens. They may have been a bit more mischievous than the average third year, but they had seemed like good enough kids. For Slytherins. Still not the type he would have picked out as most likely to casually set one of their yearmates on fire, even if the Gryffindor-Slytherin house rivalry was taken into account.

But maybe he should rethink that, because before he knows it, all three Slytherins are laughing.

"You've got us wrong, hyung!" Jongdae insists, although with that trickster's smile, Minseok isn't very inclined to believe him. He settles for raising a single eyebrow and awaiting a further explanation.

Jongdae looks over at the other two for help, but when they don't pipe up, he keeps going on his own. "It's just--"

"Third years are learning about witch burnings," Kyungsoo finally supplies, staring blankly at Minseok like that should suffice.

And maybe it does. If Minseok thinks hard enough, he can kinda remember writing his own ridiculously lengthy essay on the subject when he was their age. He definitely remembers Lu Han spending their first day back begging him for help on the subject. But still.

"So you thought you needed a living example?" he asks skeptically, watching all four of their heads bobble like one of his little sister's toys back at home. "Really. Have you guys even been taught the flame freezing charm yet? And why Chanyeol?"

All three Slytherins look at each other before shrugging at him.

"We've set him on fire probably ten times in the last hour," Baekhyun sniffs, "Chanyeol likes how it tickles, for whatever reason. Probably makes those fairy ears tingle."

"Probably makes his dick tingle," Jongdae adds, not even bothering to muffle his laughter in spite of the fact that they're in the library and Madam Pince is most definitely not deaf.

Chanyeol reaches over, dripping water all over the place in an attempt to shove Jongdae out of his seat, and Minseok catches Kyungsoo's foot knocking into the leg of Jongdae's chair hard enough to force him to tip over. Jongdae probably didn't though, now sprawled out on the ground with a sour expression on his face as his robes soak up all the melted ice left behind by Minseok's spell.

Even Minseok can't hold back his chuckles.

"Seriously, you four are the worst third years I've ever met."

One of them snorts, although Minseok's not sure which one. "Please, we've heard all about your exploits with Lu Han when you were third years," Baekhyun laughs, leaning over the table so he's just that much closer to Minseok. It'd be more intimidating if he was a larger Slytherin, but Baekhyun is still small even for a third year and Minseok doesn't anticipate him growing much taller over the years. "You might not have set Yifan on fire, but you can't say you've never done worse."

"Surrendering Yifan as a test subject for the Weasley twins was a move done for the good of the Hufflepuff house," Minseok says, trying to sound stern even as the corner of his lip tilts up at the memory of Yifan's helpless expression as the Weasleys had carted him away to their shop in the one of the many disused bathrooms in the castle. "If we didn't choose a representative, we'd all be subject to their pranks."

"Excuses, excuses," Jongdae mutters as he wrings the water out of his robes miserably. Minseok had forgotten that students didn't learn the Hot-Air Charm until the end of their fourth year, and in light of that, helpfully dries him off with a swish of his wand. Jongdae smiles thankfully at him, and Minseok beams back.

"Seriously though, you could have set one of the books here on fire," he continues, "and how in Merlin's name did you not wind up catching Madam Pince's attention? I would have thought she'd be on you like a threstral on raw meat."

Chanyeol laughs and slaps a hand on Kyungsoo's shoulders. "Kyungsoo's been messing around with a few repelling charms his brother taught him over the summer. Pince probably doesn't even know we're here!"

"It's supposed to repel authority figures like teachers and prefects," Kyungsoo says quietly, "but I guess you wouldn't count. Yifan's the Hufflepuff prefect and you're in no position to take away points."

Minseok can't even bother feeling offended at his bluntness because more than anything, he's still too busy marveling over Kyungsoo's spell.

"You're a third year and you're already modifying repelling charms?" he asks, pulling out a chair and sitting down next to Baekhyun. "That's pretty impressive. I wasn't looking into protective spells until last year myself and they're really something. Intense stuff."

Kyungsoo looks surprised that that's what captures Minseok's attention, but nods anyway. "Well, my brother's a curse-breaker, so he's told me a few things. Not much though."

"We should talk more another time then." Minseok ignores the looks Baekhyun, Jongdae, and Chanyeol send each other as he keeps talking. "I'd love to hear more about what your brother taught you."

Chanyeol tugs Kyungsoo closer to him and the others and squints suspiciously at Minseok, his eyes going uneven. "You can't just expect our resident charms expert to spill all of our trade secrets to you!" Baekhyun and Jongdae make noises of agreement alongside him while Kyungsoo sits in the middle of them all, rolling his eyes.

Minseok laughs, feeling lighter than he has in a long while. It's nice to see them banding together, even if it makes the absence of his own friends that much more tangible.

"I'll make a deal," he says, leaning over and keeping his voice at a low whisper, "you let me and Kyungsoo go over those protective spells and I'll share the prefect patrol schedule with you after each session."

The four third years all look at each other, as if having a silent conversation with just their eyes, although Chanyeol's face twitches a bit as he tries to convey his own thoughts. Minseok knows they've made their decision when Baekhyun straightens in his seat and nods at the other three.

"Deal," he says, taking Minseok's outstretched hand. There's a dangerous smile on his face -- on all four of their faces, really -- but like Hogwarts has ever suffered too greatly from a group of friends having a bit of fun. Someone has to pick up the slack from his own group of friends, after all.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: I actually wrote a lot of the beginning on the worldoftext for HG AU lol. But the ending changed a bit? I was having trouble with the chingu-line vibe :( I'm not particularly good with any of them, sadly. Anyway, this was mainly inspired by the beginning of the third Harry Potter book where he has to write an essay on witch burning. I thought that Chanyeol might be the type to get a kick out of it, what with his MAMA superpower being fire... and who else would oblige him besides his same-age friends? lol Anyway, this is set in my HP verse where Xiumin is aiming to become an architect. That's why he's interested in the protective spells. Also, here, chingu-line would be in the same year as Harry and Xiumin and the others in 90-line would be the same age as the Weasley twins. :3

I'm not gonna lie. A lot of Xiumin's feelings are my own. I've been stressed about MCAT prep and the fact that I've grown so distant from all of my friends... Writing didn't make me feel better, but it did help to distract me from all of that stress and loneliness, the way I have Xiumin feeling a bit comforted by his own distraction. Unlike me, at least Xiumin had something to look forward to -- a passing of the torch in a sense. It doesn't feel as nostalgic because that wasn't my angle, but in retrospect, I can recognize my own feelings bleeding into this...

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Title: The Suffering Slytherin
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Sehun-centric, Sehun/Tao
Genre: Gen, fluff
Rating: G
Length: Drabble series, 805 words
Summary: Episodes from Sehun's first year at Hogwarts. Harry Potter!Au set a few years before this.

Sehun/Chen - tough as cotton balls

"How has your first week in Slytherin been, Sehunnie?"

There's little warning before Sehun is smacked quite strongly on the back, and it's only through mere chance that he manages to avoid face-planting in his porridge. That would have been a disaster, Sehun figures, although he's not sure whether it'd be better or worse than getting caught in the crossfire of an inter-house hexing battle and as a result walking into the Sorting Ceremony with his hair charmed to change color every time his expression changed even slightly. He can't even breathe a sigh of relief now because then the pink shade he'd spent all morning getting used to would probably change again.

"My hair is still jinxed," he says blankly, already an expert in maintaining a straight face after a week of learning to control himself or risk further humiliation. He stares at Jongdae as accusingly as he can manage using only his eyes, but already he can feel his scalp starting to tingle.

Jongdae laughs, loud and bright as he plops down beside Sehun and starts filling his plate. "You can't let a harmless jinx like that ruin your first week, not if you're gonna survive in Slytherin for seven years," he tells Sehun through a mouthful of eggs. "So better toughen up. Besides, I think you're lucky Baekhyun and Chanyeol weren't having a bigger fight on the train, kid. The spells they used could have been worse."

Worse. Sehun can't even imagine how much worse things could be, and accidentally lets out a sigh.

"Merlin's saggy left--" he groans into his hands as Jongdae and half their table starts laughing at his fire-engine red hair.

Sehun/Tao - in the detail

How Sehun manages to wind up in remedial Charms lessons by the end of his first term is still something of a mystery to the rest of the Slytherin house.

"Are you sure you're pureblood? Shouldn't there be more magic running through your veins?" Jongdae had teased, and Sehun hadn't shown it because of that stupid hair color-changing charm that still hadn't worn off, but it honestly had hurt. But just a little.

So here he was, sitting in Flitwick's classroom after all other lessons have already concluded for the day and silently nursing his hurt feelings as he watched little cupcakes dance across his desk in a sorry attempt to cheer him up. Unlike the upperclassmen, Professor Flitwick had been sympathetic to the point of nausea and thought Sehun could use a distraction before leaving to fetch his new student tutor.

"Sorry I'm late! Quidditch practice was running late!"

When Sehun hears the high, light voice and catches a glimpse of yellow and black, he almost thinks he's been stuck with Kim Junmyeon, who'd given him an impromptu tour of the castle on his second day regardless of the fact that they were in different houses. But instead, the person who comes in is already a little bit taller and darker than tiny, pale Junmyeon, even if Sehun knows him to be younger.

It's the second year Hufflepuff beater. Huang Z-something-or-the-other.

"So Flitwick told me you were having trouble with charms?" he asks Sehun, smiling brightly as he grabs the seat in front of Sehun's and starts pulling out notes. "Something about how you half-ass the wand movements."

"He never said that."

His tutor laughs, that familiar high-pitched noise Sehun sometimes hears in the middle of a Quidditch match whenever he flies over the Slytherin side of the arena after sucessfully knocking a bludger someone's way. "You're right. He just implied it. Anyway, I'm Zitao."

"I know," Sehun lies, but not good enough because his hair shifts to lavendar and Zitao's not even bothering to hide how much it amuses him.

Other than that though, Zitao's not a bad tutor. He's eager to guide Sehun and correct the positioning of his wrist in a way that absolutely does not make Sehun feel like someone shot cheering charms right at his chest.

"Just swish and flick," Zitao tells him, his wrist moving gracefully, "really simple."

Sehun frowns, ignoring how his hair is now a moss green color and the way Zitao openly watches it change with a cat-like smile, and wiggles his wrist in a poor imitation. In response, the feather on his desk changes color until it's the same shade as his hair.

"Well, you're not lacking in potential," Zitao says kindly, edging closer into Sehun's personal space as he reaches for Sehun's hand again. His hand feels rougher compared to Sehun's smooth skin, the callouses from a term's worth of Quidditch practices already setting in. "Let's try that again."

Their lesson runs for an hour longer than either of them expected, but Sehun can't say he minds as he leaves the Charms classroom, feeling as light as the feather he's now capable of levitating.

Prompt: Taken from Exo prompt generators.
Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of the HG competition over at EM. The theme was Harry Potter, and it was a happy coincidence that I got two Sehun prompts in a row. Here, Sehun is a first year Slytherin, Tao is a second Hufflepuff, and Chen is a third year Slytherin (and actually in Harry's year, lol). It was only in retrospect that I realized that the second drabble was kind of similar to the EXO-Hogwarts!verse selu fic on Tumblr where Lu Han tutors Sehun in Charms, but it really was an accident? :( If I had the chance, I probably would have rewritten this and focused on a different subject then, like Herbology? That's something that requires just as much attention to detail as Charms, I suppose. What a pity.
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This is going to be a compilation of all the fanart/vocaroos/edits/etc. that I made for EM's Hunger Games competitions! Or just the first round actually, since I submitted way too much then lol I actually kinda ashamed of how bad I am, but I was working to earn points for Xiumin and in the end that's what matters! lol

ETA: idk what' the deal is with the cuts, I think it's hard to fix them with the vocaroo posts so this compilation's a little sloppy? But this is the best I can do, I'm just really that bad with technology lol orz ughhhh

Cut 1 )

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In honor of part 66 of EM, anons sounded like they were planning on doing a fic-focused part for all 66 potential pairings. Unfortunately, things got derailed because of Exo's activities in Russia, but I figured I could still at least give one-liners and prompt generators a try. It's kinda late right now and I still want to shower, so I'll probably add my author's notes in the morning. The generators used were this, this, this, and this.

ETA: It's morning.

suho / xiumin - meant to be

It's easy for others to forget that Junmyeon's always been a maknae -- his family's second son, his class's precocious age-breaker -- when he becomes the leader of a group of boys, three-fourths of whom are even younger than him; but when Minseok sits across the table from him and lets him spill his worries over the first warm mug of coffee Junmyeon didn't have to pay for himself in ages, he finds himself easily slipping back into the role of dongsaeng and basking in the simple pleasure of being the one taken cared of after having the burdensome weight of responsibilities and expectations shoved on his shoulders.

(a/n: Instead of going for the "meant-to-be soulmates" approach, I decided to tackle the age hierarchy relationship between Suho and Xiumin. I've seen the topic discussed before, but never in-depth and never in fic, about how their relationship must be if Xiumin is the hyung but has to defer to Suho due to the leadership status. It probably helps that with Suho's age-breaking, they might consider each other chingus. But two things Suho said -- about wanting to return to a time when his parents took care of him and how he relies on Xiumin (and Lu Han) to discuss things he can't share with his dongsaengs -- stuck out. For a long time, Suho was probably used to being the youngest, even if he was one of the longest lasting trainees in SM. So when Suho gets to rely on Xiumin like this, he's returning to that position of being the dongsaeng taken cared of.)

D.O / D.O - reasons

If he were ever found out, Kyungsoo would state that it's not narcissistic at all to fall asleep to the sound of his own voice -- if anything, he thinks it would be perfectly understandable given how utterly offensive to the ears everyone else's voices are in comparison, even on the occasions that he misses a note.

Kris / D.O. - silence

Kyungsoo is especially ill-tempered after the doctor prescribes a few days' worth of rest for both his body and his voice in response to a sudden cold, with his usual looks of apathy and judgement escalating into full-blown stink-eyes every time someone so much as warbles in the shower and accidentally reminds him of his misfortune; it's only because Kris is rather quiet by nature -- and thus preferable to the rest of the boys -- that Kyungsoo does little more than silently tsk at him for bringing in bland, watery soup from a can.

Kris / D.O. - supernatural

It's far from an even match -- Kyungsoo can stomp around all he wants, but his fissures can't do much to an opponent hovering meters up in the air -- but what goes up must eventually come down, and even if Kris has a ridiculously unfair physical advantage as well, Kyungsoo is used to standing his ground against odds like this.

(a/n: Supahnatural powah. No, I tease. This is more inspired by Pokemon actually -- ground type has a disadvantage against flying type. Not that they're Pokemon in this. I mean, they could be? But that wasn't the intent lol)

Kris x Chen - burning and praying for more

Their first night in the Chinese dorm is eventful in that Jongdae shoves his bed against Kris's and insists that it's the best remedy for his case of homesickness, and if this remedy just so happened to include Jongdae's body curled up next to Kris, branding his skin wherever Jongdae's warm flesh made contact under their sheets, then maybe Jongdae could stand to stay homesick a little while longer.

(a/n: Chen's a sneaky bastard, they're hot for each other. I'm not suited to write Krischen, where's paca when you need her...)

Total Word Count: 390
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 Another long break from writing anything on EM lol although I guess it's because it's less of a fic meme these days, which makes me sad :( Nonetheless, I was happy to see that someone decided to run another one-sentence challenge! It's been about two months (18 parts!!) since one of these, I've missed them. I mean, Exo's even come back in the time it's taken meme to get back to these lol

Unfortunately, I was sleeping when it happened so I didn't post any of my fills onto meme even though I still tried them out because I was so terribly late u__u Anyway, I still feel iffy about my characterization, in addition to my writing, so it wasn't a huge loss? It's been so long since I wrote anything... I miss it.

ETA - 06/14: EM had another challenge lol I'm surprised it happened so quickly. And someone said we're doing another tomorrow?! Ah... lol

ETA - 06/16: I missed yesterday's, but it was a SHINeexo challenge anyway lol. Although I guess it would have been nice to write for my old fandom again. Honestly, I didn't miss the timing for today, I just didn't have the confidence to post it. Oh well. I have a final to by studying for anyway. I don't think I'm going to do particularly well, especially if I'm wasting my time on one-liners, but I just need to get a 67 to get a C in the class. Low-ballin' it lol, I'm just so burnt out.

ETA - 06/17: I also wrote three Xiulay today, but I posted that separately since it was a series of connected drabbles and they weren't one-liners anyway. Maybe that's why I had trouble getting the last one done today. But surprise! I managed to write about all twelve members at least once, I'm rather surprised. (On a more negative note, I'm pretty sure I failed my final. At least I can write my frustrations out.)

ETA - 06/20: The challenge was really an iTunes shuffle one today, but since my iTunes library's been... well it's not pretty and it hasn't been since 2010, lol. But given the state of things, I just went for the typical one-liners prompted by the generators. Only two today though because one of the prompts was bulimia, and even though I swore I'd stick to whatever prompts I'd get, I had to break that promise for that one. Smh.

ETA - 06/22: The challenge was girl!exo one-liners. It was interesting, and a little pornier than I was honestly planning? But not too much, I'm still a novice in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, today's fills were really supposed to be for yesterday's challenge, but I didn't finish until the day had already passed. 

ETA - 06/26: Honestly, these were the responses for 06/23, but I've been really slow bt-ing so I missed the challenge by a long-shot lol. Still managed to post one though, but it was on 06/24, which will have its own responses.

ETA - 06/27: These were meant to be for the 06/24 challenge. Obviously I missed it, but once again, I finished them anyway. Now I can focus on finding a birthday present for my friend lol. Oh, also of note, I broke 2k! What a surprise. Honestly, I probably broke it earlier if I included the xiulay, but I'm not so lol

06/13/13 responses:

Kris x D.O - Trivial Pursuit
It's stupid to think that a few stretches every morning will actually make him grow taller -- if that were really the case, he wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place -- but even harsh reality doesn't keep Kyungsoo from reaching for his toes and contorting his body each morning in ways only Jongin or Zitao are really capable of, and it doesn't keep him from dreaming of meeting Kris's lips one day without a bruised ego and three pairs of insoles.
Sehun / Tao - Disney princesses
"My hero," Sehun says, his voice neutral enough that Zitao can't make out his typical earnestness as he pulls Sehun by the wrist away from the mob of screaming fans -- but when Zitao finally turns to look at him, to tell him it wasn't a big deal or that he would have done it for any one of the others, the sheer tenderness in Sehun's smile and crinkled eyes stops in him in tracks and snatches the breath straight out of his chest.

(a/n: This is referring to the June 3rd trip to Changsha Airport where the place was so crowded and chaotic because of the fans that people were getting hurt. Apparently Tao went back to help Sehun, so there's a silver lining to every horror story I guess. Anyway, this is a loose interpretation of the prompt, but anons on EM had been referring to Sehun as Tao's chinaboo princess so a damsel in distress situation seemed right.)
Sehun / Tao - pre-debut vids 
"You accidentally recorded," Zitao informs him in stumbling Korean after they've been standing in the same intimately close poses for over a minute waiting for the flash to go off, but Sehun decides then and there to make the most of an awkward situation by slipping his free hand into Zitao's jeans as the cellphone camera's red light continues blinking at them.

(a/n: This is referring to this predebut picture. Sehun's hand placement is so questionable ;3 On a funny note, Taohun's been so popular lately, I'm a bit surprised.)
Kris / Kai - have we met before?
Yifan remembers how small and timid Jongin had seemed years before either of them expected to debut as he danced around the hallways of SM with graceful, light-footed steps that Yifan couldn't help but envy; but years later as they stand together on stage, he wonders where this new Jongin -- the one with a strut in his step, a sultry look in his eyes as his skin glistens from sweat under the stage lights -- came from, whether this Jongin had been there all along, hidden behind little Jongin's deep stares and shy smiles.

(a/n: Messing with the distinctions between the real person and the idol persona is always one of my favorite topics, but Boss told me that too many people rely on the stage names to make that distinction. I want to change from that, so I focused on the idea that Kai's idol persona is still a part of him, even if it's one that Kris doesn't recognize.)

06/14/13 responses:

Baekhyun / Lay - strip club
"Lighting is everything! The wrong angle could turn Lu Han into a gross old man instead of a fresh-faced rent boy no matter how well he's working that pole," Baekhyun insists as he fiddles with the dials on the control console, glancing over suspiciously as if he's not sure the club's new hire completely understands him; the sad thing is that Yixing knows all too well how right Baekhyun is because he's actually witnessed Lu Han in all of his hungover glory, dark circles and crow's feet exaggerated by poor morning lighting.

(a/n: Can be read as Layhan, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is lol. Also me poking fun at Lu Han's face just because I can \o/)

Chanyeol x Sehun - The Dreamer
Fourteen-year-old Oh Sehun is scrawny and little and stares at Chanyeol from a distance with these stupid, shy eye-smiles and his pink, wet tongue sticking out of his mouth in a way that makes Chanyeol wonder how much taller would Sehun have to grow before Chanyeol could get away with sucking on it without having to bend over quite so much.

(a/n: Simple enough, right? Chanyeol is dreaming of the day Sehun gets tall enough to kiss lol. Chanhun is actually one of my top OTPs at the moment, and more than anything I'd like a predebut fic about them because there are a few accounts of Chanyeol doting on Sehun or being weirdly possessive? lol anyway, Sehun joined SM when he was fourteen and Chanyeol joined when he was sixteen, but they were both brought in the same year. Fun facts lol)
Chen / Chen - keep your cool
Like everything else about joining SM, the news that Jongdae is going to debut comes too quickly -- he knows for a fact that some of the guys here have been training for years -- but as he stares into the mirror of the company bathroom he snuck into while his new manager wasn't looking, he takes a deep, calming breath and finds his reflection smiling back at him reassuringly.

(a/n: Set predebut when Chen was told he'd be a member of Exo. He doesn't strike me as the overly confident type when he's alone, for all of his snark and bravado, but as someone who will still carry through and wouldn't let himself get psyched out quite so easily :3 )
Sehun should really know better when Zitao holds open the door to the restaurant for her and offers nothing more than a mischievous smirk, but her breath still hitches sharply as Zitao's long fingers graze the bottom of her skirt, freshly manicured nails trailing along the sensitive skin of her upper thigh.

(a/n: The only one I actually posted on meme because I was late, once again lol. Rather than being from a prompt generator, it was a request for girl!Taohun. I wonder if I should have used girl names, but the only difference would have been probably Sehun to Seyeon tbqh.)

06/16/13 responses:
Kai / Xiumin - fortune-telling 
Lu Han is the one who comes up with the idea of using fortune ladders to allot roommate assignments during one of their overseas trips, but as Minseok follows the inked trails down, it's Jongin's name -- nice, quiet Jongin who sleeps like a log and doesn't wake up at ungodly hours of the night to start pillow fights or pinch his cheeks -- he finds at the other end of the line marked with his own name.
(a/n: This is a fortune ladder, although they're usually read vertically rather than horizontally. Each end of the other ladders would have been labeled with another member's name. Because you make it on your own, it's usually one-of-a-kinda and pretty random. It can be used for decision-making as well as fortunes.)
Kai / Xiumin - heroic deeds
Minseok pulls Jongin aside after one of their dance lessons because whatever the other trainees are planning for the top candidate for the position of SM's next golden boy is most likely going to be petty and immature; while the rest of them may be children, Minseok -- despite his tiny stature and his rather inconspicuous presence -- is a grown man and like hell is he going to let this happen under his watch.
(a/n: I wanted to write about Xiumin as the adult he is. It's something I feel like people tend to forget just because of his face. Once again, Kai is a passive presence :( 66th exo ship lol But yeah, here, Xiumin is less of a hero and more of a mature adult, but that's still something to be proud of :3)
Suho x Tao - dying will
"Another one from China," someone whispers into Junmyeon's ear, voice dripping with condescension as they watch one of the new guys introduce himself -- but rather than his dark eyes or heavy accent, Junmyeon notices the strong set of the kid's jaw and the overflowing confidence in the kid's stance and remembers a time when he used to be able to recognize those qualities in himself.

(a/n: Rather than going for the typical character death route, I decided to interpret "dying will" as more like "fading determination"? Suho has been training for years and he keeps seeing all of these new kids strutting in and Tao just happens to be the most recent. And he doesn't know when or how he lost that... spark that newer trainees like Tao walked in with.) 

06/17/13 responses: 

Chen / Luhan - gay vampires
It's a pity that Jongdae's pretty skin is fang-shatteringly difficult to pierce, and even moreso that his cold blood is stale compared to the fresh tang of actual human blood -- but he lets out these delicious little moans that have Lu Han nibbling his neck anyway, hungry in a way that won't destroy Jongdae like all of his other nightly treats. 
(a/n: They're both vampires. That's it.)
Chen / Luhan - volunteering
Lu Han gets picked for the dance-off of course -- the program is being recorded in Beijing and the MCs are obsessed with showing him off like some sort of hometown hero -- but it's both surprising yet, in retrospect, expected when Jongdae's arm shoots up like a rocket after the MCs ask for one of the others to go up against him, all too eager to soak in the limelight.
Suho x Kai - Raspberries
It's only after their youngest have been given their obligatory coming-of-age presents that Junmyeon whips out a bottle of expensive bokbunja that shines a deep ruby red under the living room lights, pouring each of them a glass with experienced fingers and watching them down it with excited giggles, all while pretending he doesn't notice the way the wine's rich red color stains Jongin's lips.
(a/n: Kyungsoo, Tao, Kai, and Sehun came of age this May. Bokbunja is Korean raspberry wine that's supposedly it's naturally sweet, but not too alcoholic so it seems like a good choice for celebrating the coming-of-age of the younger members. It may also improve libidos ohohoho.)

06/20/13 responses: 

Luhan / Sehun - wilted roses 
Lu Han constantly, loudly reminds everyone he doesn't like people on his bed, but that doesn't stop Sehun from sitting down on it anyway so he can pull the blankets up over Lu Han's sleeping body -- Lu Han may be the hyung, but as Sehun looks down at how the faded red dye of Lu Han's hair draws out the pallor of his skin, he figures that hyungs deserve just as much care as maknaes sometimes.
(a/n: Lu Han is the wilted rose -- he's pretty and currently red-headed, but even he will start looking and feeling like... tired and shit because of life and time. Inspired by someone on EM saying that their head-canon was that Sehun's a functional adult, probably in response to how everyone makes him out to be this immature brat.)
Kai x Tao - Four Humors
"My grandmother would make this for me when I was growing up. Good for the body," Zitao announces as he switches out Jongin's water bottle for a thermos of tea smelling strongly of peaches and ginger, and when Jongin looks up at him -- tired and sore from a long day of rehearsals -- Zitao mimes drinking it and smiles when Jongin obediently copies him with an endearingly grumpy expression.
(a/n: Rather than delving into the Four Temperments associated with the Four Humors, I decided to focus on the underlying principle of it all: balance. We usually only hear about the excesses or deficiencies, but if you were healthy, it meant the four bodily fluids were balanced, making that balance the underlying goal. This balance was maintained by diet and activity. Sanguine calls for sweets, melancholic calls for fruits, choleric calls for fluids, and phlegmatic calls for ginger.)

06/22/13 responses: 
Sehun x Xiumin - goodbye, my almost lover
Minseo is so tiny in Seyeon's arms as they hug each other good-bye that it's hard to remember that she's the unnie, although after EXO-M's plane to China takes off Seyeon can't imagine how she'd ever forget Minseo's quiet, strong, reassuring presence during the years they spent walking down the corridors of SM together, their hands mere centimeters apart but never quite touching.
(a/n: Xiumin and Sehun both joined SM in 2008, so they trained together for approximately four years. An interesting match with their age gap, and long enough for at least a sense of familiarity to build up.)
Baekhyun / Tao - commercial filming
Their first CF as twelve members is for some fizzy juice brand Baekhee finds too tangy to really enjoy, but then Zitao spills a can of it all over herself in-between takes and Baekhee spends the ten minutes the production staff gives them for clean-up with Zitao's sticky fingers in her mouth, savoring the sweet taste as she sucks each digit clean and Zitao dirties her free hand under Baekhee's mini-skirt, rubbing her thumb against Baekhee's clit and curling her fingers in Baekhee’s pussy until Baekhee comes all over her with a muffled moan.
(a/n: The Zitao I'm using here is 紫涛 rather than 子韜. I'm not sure if that's correct, but a friend told me that it was the prettier option and raised no objections. Google says it means 'purple wave' which is nice enough in my opinion. :3 I wanted to describe Tao's fingers but I couldn't do it, but at least I managed girl smut for the first time? Kinda.)
Baekhyun / Tao - karaoke room 
The best thing about all of their maknaes now being of drinking age is that when they celebrate their comeback, there's no excuse why everyone can't get ridiculously drunk at one of SM's high security noraebangs -- so drunk that all Baekhee has to do is sit back and enjoy the show, pretending that her panties aren't already soaking wet from watching Zitao alternate between obnoxiously grinding up against Chanmi and shamelessly making-out with Minseo.
(a/n: Inspired by EXO's appearance on Yoo Inna's radio show.)
D.O / Baekhyun - panic
"You didn't see anything," Baekhee sternly tells Kyungri, scooting away from Chanmi's drawer of padded bras and concealing the bottle of itching powder behind her back; she can't be sure Kyungri with her unfairly huge eyes noticed the latest shot fired in the cold war between Baekhee and Chanmi, but that doesn't stop the guilty flush in Baekhee's cheeks or the adrenaline pumping through her veins.
(a/n: Making fun of the sinking of baekyeol lol. Sadly, Kyungri is just a body with a name because I don't know how to characterize D.O for shit yet. Soon.)

06/25/13 responses: 

Lay / Kai - hold up
One night over a table of mouth-watering and distracting samgyeosal, the managers suggest that the group holds a 'friendly' vote for the top two dancers and, of course, Jongin and Yixing win by a landslide in spite of Jongdae's best efforts; however, that just means they're the ones forced to help demo the new choreography for Wolf the next morning, their death-grips on each other's wrists the only thing keeping them from toppling over on one side or another as they sway like a very pitiful tree and the others stare in muted horror.
(a/n: The joke is that Kai and Lay are holding each other up during the choreo. lol I don't know if they're partnered in the actual choreography, but I figured that if it's just practice then it wouldn't be a huge deal since temporary. Also, the managers were plotting this lol. Samgyeosal is grilled pork belly btw.)
Tao / Xiumin - stuck-up model
Physically, the newest Chinese trainee is a lot like Yifan in that he looks like the type of guy who'd be more suited for the catwalk -- tall as a skyscraper with his chin high and his shoulders straight -- but Minseok doesn't realize how right he is when, just like Yifan, the new guy's eyes meet his and he's greeted with a Cheshire Cat smile rather than the snub he'd been expecting. 
The fact that Zitao speaks informally to him doesn't bother Minseok as much as it would if it were anyone else because it's due more to Zitao's nonproficiency with the language than automatically assuming, like so many people, that Minseok was younger -- which is exactly why Minseok takes to correcting Zitao with a gentle, encouraging smile rather than a scolding over manners.
(a/n: Based off of two interviews, one in which Xiumin mentioned that one of his problems in life was people speaking informally to him because of his baby face and another one in which it was mentioned that Xiumin made sure to correct Tao's speech so that he was speaking formally rather than informally, which is normally seen as impolite.)
Luhan x Kai - Shell
The first year Lu Han trains at SM, he honestly sees neither hair nor hide of Jongin due to the impenetrable circle of veteran trainees flocking around the younger boy; unsurprisingly, it takes several months of dance classes together and the official announcement of the group line-up for Jongin to seek out Lu Han first, flinching a little when the door of the practice room slams too loudly behind him, but still approaching Lu Han with rather determined eyes for someone so obviously skittish.
(a/n: Kai coming out of his shell both literally and figuratively lol /rimshot)

06/27/13 responses: 

Baekhyun / Luhan - thief 
The two of them don't work together often if only because it feels like overkill on the off-chance that they are partnered up; between Baekhyun bending light around them like an invisibility cloak and Lu Han's ability to lift ridiculously valuable trinkets from their pretty, little pedestals without raising a finger, all the fun gets taken out of the very act of burglary and the whole thing starts to feel like an actual job rather than the petty dalliances of bored meta-humans.
Baekhyun / Luhan - it can't be removed like a tattoo 
"Does the pain ever go away?" Baekhyun asks despondently as they watch yet another media outlet speculate about SNSD's slow, messy disbandment due to conflicting interests between the girls and complaints against apparent company favoritism, and while Lu Han wishes he could answer that time heals all wounds, he still can't face his Mirotic-era poster of DBSK and not sigh over better times and his still-broken heart.

(a/n: Set in the future. Fans can get emotionally scarred for life because of disbandments, just saying u__u, This may or may not be based on reality lol)
D.O / Lay - ordinary
"That's pretty special, that you were already famous in China before all of this," Kyungsoo tells him while they're washing dishes together one night after Lu Han pulls out online clips of Yixing's child star days, but Yixing honestly doesn't feel special at all and hasn't felt so since the last time he performed on a stage for an audience screaming his name, rather than merely blending into a faceless crowd with nothing to show for years besides a heavy heart and his chest filled with longing as he watches others race towards the stars.
(a/n: Surprisingly, this is something meaningful despite the fact that these two are lowest tiered in my bias list lol. I think in general, Lay is very interesting and the years where he felt like he had nothing to show for the support he was still being given in-between his time as a child star and Exo's debut must have been... painful? Lack-luster? Ordinary lol /rimshot. I rag on him all the time for fun, but I can respect him a lot for holding onto his dreams for so long. Also inspired by this heehee.)


Total Word Count: 2020
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For April Fool's Day, EM became Infinite Meme for a few hours lol. It was pretty fun, and someone started up a one-sentence exoinfinite challenge. I... didn't stick to one sentence for either of my responses because I completely missed the "one sentence" part... lol but it was fun! I wish I knew more about Infinite's characterization though, that definitely would have helped. Also, I typed in lapslock so I wouldn't be caught, heehee.

Gosh though, I really need to get back to writing. I've been drabbling on EM's YWOT with Boss though, which has been fun :) Also, I need to get to those seouldout crits lol, I've been procrastinating orz


"wow, he looks cooler than you," woohyun laughs as they watch one of the new guys teleport from one side of the room to the other. wisps of smoke accompany him -- this kai kid they've been hearing whispers about for the past couple of weeks -- and sungyeol tries not to think about how he can only travel in short, comparatively weaker spurts. it had never been a problem before.

"whatever," he grumbles, shoving woohyun away. as he flickers out of the room, he misses the curious stare that lingers long after he's left.

(a/n: This is based off of the fact that both Kai and Sungyeol displayed teleportation powers in their debut MVs. Interesting coincidence. I actually requested this to be written when Seoulfulness first opened up and got two fills from some very nice writers, but it was nice writing a snippet myself! :3)


"we've been looking for new recruits ever since we lost jino," baekhyun tells myungsoo amiably, sitting him down in the last free spot in the chinguline circle.

myungsoo vaguely remembers jino from his debut year. he's not sure what happened to him over the years, but seeing the overenthusiastic smile chanyeol is shooting at him and feeling kyungsoo's wide-eyed stare piercing the side of his head makes him think that maybe he doesn't want to know.

"chingu-five?" jongdae offers, holding up all five fingers. his grin seems a little dangerous, but myungsoo high-fives him anyway.

chingus are nice. right?

(a/n: This is set in paca's "evil chinguline" au where Exo's 92-line -- Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen, and D.O -- are out to sabotage everyone who isn't them. Long story short, they took out Jino in order to debut and the implication here is that they're going after Infinite through L, who is also a 92-er. For the record, chingu refers to "same-age friends" or people born in the same year. They tend to be naturally close because there's no hyung/dongsaeng division that would necessitate actual formality in their interactions. Yeah. Bad life decisions, L.)

Total Word Count: 194

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