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Title: Officially Missing You
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Sehun-centric, Sehun/Suho
Genre: General
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 663 words
Summary: Sehun is an overdramatic, sulking baby who misses his hyung. 

The sun is already sinking past the city skyline outside of Sehun's window by the time he bothers to poke his head out of the covers, his long legs still tangled in his sheets. Well, technically not his sheets -- Sehun's aren't as cartoony as the ones he's been using for the past few nights, decorated with the smiling faces of Pokemon characters he can't even identify. They don't smell like more blends of herbal tea than his nose can handle and they're long enough to cover him all the way down to his toes without him having to curl up.

He sighs, burying his face back into the pillow. Also not his.

It feels like forever since he's slept in his own bed rather than Junmyeon's. It feels like it's been forever since he's even seen Junmyeon, since he's watched the left side of his face do that cute involuntary twitch or heard his awkward laughter after a joke has fallen flat. The piles of dirty laundry in their room haven't been washed, but they also haven't grown at all and Sehun thinks he misses that just as much as the frantic way Junmyeon used to dig through them in hopes of unearthing a clean shirt.

"Sehun, I know we don't have a schedule today, but you can't stay in bed all day," he hears Minseok call from outside of the bedroom. He probably won't dare to venture in though, not considering how he and Junmyeon's natural messes seem to get along like oil and water. Sehun is safe to sulk in Junmyeon's bed as long as he wants.

"Hyung, just let him," Chanyeol says, softer than usual, "he's been like this since Junmyeon hyung..."

The way he trails off makes Sehun sigh even more deeply, and he inhales the scent of his missing hyung from the bed for the nth time. It's makes it easier, sleeping alone without his Junmyeon hyung, without his constant bedtime companion. It's not quite the same as staying in hotels around the world, knowing Junmyeon was just down the hall and easily roused if Sehun needed him for anything. But their bedroom back at the dorms is supposed to have the two of them in it no matter what -- even though Junmyeon doesn't take up that much space, the room just feels so empty.

He misses Junmyeon. So much he feels the ache in his bones, worse than any of his neverending growing pains.

The ringing of his phone interrupts his sulking, muffled underneath pillows and sheets and buried deep enough that by the time he fishes it out, he knows the call is about to disconnect.

"Hello?" he says dully into it, not even bothering to check the ID displayed on its screen.


Immediately he sits up, clutching the phone more tightly to his ear. "Hyung?" Is that you?"

He hears laughter in the background, of Junmyeon's costars and the staff filming on location with him. Feels his lips slipping into a pout at the idea of Junmyeon having so much fun without him.

"Of course it's me, you punk. Jongdae called me and told me to tell you to get out of bed," Junmyeon chuckles, sounding tinny over the line but familiar enough, "what trouble are you causing while I'm not there?"

"I'm just so lonely, hyung," Sehun whines like an absolute baby, curling up into a ball, knees pressed against his chest. Junmyeon would fit in that spot perfectly, but for now he has to make do. "I have to sleep all by myself. When are you coming home?"

He hears Junmyeon sigh, though it only sounds a little exasperated. "I'll be back before comeback promotions begin. I promise, Sehun."

That's not nearly soon enough, Sehun thinks. But there's a strain in Junmyeon's voice that he's heard far too often lately, so instead he just lets Junmyeon chatter about everything that happened during the day's filming and pretends it will be.

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Author's Note: Written for a fake Free Kick (timed 30 minute prompt writing challenge) on EM. I posted hours late but I really did write this in 30 minutes haha. Title is from Geeks & Soyu's "Officially Missing You". It's set during May 2015 in-between Exo's CMB and LMR promotions -- that was when Suho started filming Glory Day during which he had to stay in a dorm on location in Pohang. He's mentioned in interviews since that Sehun was the one who cheered him on the most regarding the filming, and that Sehun was always telling him about how lonely it was having to sleep alone since they share a room (and I'm pretty sure they've been sharing a room since debut-era no matter how many times Exo's moved or rearranged rooms lol) and with Suho gone, Sehun has the room all to himself lol. I love roommates Seho. Suho even said he would have Sehun as his roommate until death haha. I don't think Sehun would actually be this needy, but I wanted to play around and make him dramatic because it's just a meme fic, nothing serious haha. The strain Suho feels is from Betraydol #3 and the stress of Exo's upcoming repackage promotions and filming his first movie. 

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