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Fic: You Can Call Me Mon-jelut

Title: You Can Call Me Mon-jelut
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Suho-centric
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Everyone has to adjust to the company's newest policies, but Junmyeon does his best to make it work. Monsters, Inc. AU.

Kim Jongin, age six. Easily startled.

In the days when screams were king, such a footnote would’ve been encouraging. Things are a lot different now though, and instead, Junmyeon sees a warning more than anything – they can’t scare kids anymore after all. Frightened children don’t laugh easily, and Junmyeon already has a hard enough time doing his job.

While waiting for the light over the closet door to turn red, Junmyeon fluffs the fur around his neck one more time, smoothing down his floppy ears as well. I’ve got this, he reassures himself as he twists the door handle and enters Jongin’s bedroom, smile wide and friendly.

“Jongin! Guess who!”

As expected, there’s a sleepy little boy in the room, wearing puppy-printed pajamas and a pout. He rubs his eyes and squints at Junmyeon without a hint of amusement on his face, unfortunately.

“A big bunny?” Jongin asks, blinking blearily as he takes in Junmyeon and his infamous dudumchit pose.

“Not a bunny,” Junmyeon insists, not quite sure what a bunny actually is, “I’m a monster. But a nice one. A funny one – the funniest!”

Jongin grudgingly chuckles, and just his smile’s enough to light up all of Monstropolis.


Original Post: Here.
Prompt: Monster. 
Author's Note: Written for EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition's final round, and honestly one of the pieces I really wanted to write. I had actually been thinking about it before the final round, but only because the likelihood of "Monster" being chosen as a prompt was so high lol. It's an AU of my favorite Pixar film, Monsters, Inc. and a play on how Suho continues to insist that he's the funniest member of Exo. I thought Kai would be the most fun to have as Suho's assigned child because he's so easily startled but is often depicted as somewhat sullen and solemn, haha. Anyway, the type of monster Suho is... is probably something resembling a giant rabbit, considering he's the bunny king lol.
This is the dudumchit pose by the way, very well loved by Suho lol. Monjelut (몬제웃) is a pun on Suho's "exjelut" nickname. Exjelut (엑제웃) is an acronym for "the funniest (member) in Exo", so naturally monjelut would be short for "the funniest in Monstropolis" lol, so adding that to a line from Monster's chorus gave me the title. Laugh with me, please. 

Anyway, that should be the last of the drabble competition fics. It's been... a little under a year since the actual competition, so the fact that it took me this long to repost my entries... is kinda sad lol. I've had a lot going on in real life, not necessarily a lot I've been happy with, but being able to revisit writing that I was happy with was very nice. I'd forgotten how happy I had been, as well as exhausted, and I think one of my biggest regrets is that by not reposting sooner, I wasn't able to remember all the thought and planning I'd been putting into these drabbles, which is my entire reason for such long, meandering author notes. But I'm happy that I helped Suho's team win, finally. It's kind of sad because I feel like this might be the last event for EM, which seems to have slowly started dying. My own interest in Exo and EM has cooled a bit too, although Suho and the others are still very dear to me. I want to keep writing, but I don't know if I have anything interesting to tell, or if I have the confidence to try to write it. I hope this isn't the last thing I post on here, even if it's the last thing I've completed. 

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