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Fic: Favor

Title: Favor
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, Suho/Xiumin
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Xiumin brings a present for a special friend, and a prank too. 

Summoning sprites is normally a difficult task, usually requiring ridiculously rare ingredients and complicated rituals. Luckily, Junmyeon’s one of the easier ones to call out.

"S-S-Stop that!" he chides through chattering teeth, his head poking above the lake’s surface. Minseok feels the light swipe of a webbed hand and quickly withdraws his finger from the water before he receives more than a smack. Unfortunately for Junmyeon, the threads of frost Minseok had created remain, prolonging the chill. "Just throw in an offering like a normal mage! Now I’m freezing!”

Minseok laughs, lowering his hand again so he can draw out the cold in icy wisps, returning Junmyeon’s waters to their usual temperature. “Sorry, sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“You shouldn’t lie,” Junmyeon sighs, whether out of exasperation at Minseok’s antics or in relief at the lake’s warmth. “I could curse you for that.”

They both know Junmyeon wouldn’t though. Beneath the scales, Junmyeon is one of the softest creatures Minseok’s ever met. Plus, he takes jokes pretty well, honestly.

“After I got you a present from the mainland?” It’s just a small trinket, bought during a run to the apothecary. But Minseok watches, pleased, as Junmyeon’s eyes light up.

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Lakehouse and dock on the side of a lake.
Author's Note: Written for EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition's final round. This was sort of written on a whim, though an anon did ask earlier for a possible Suho/Xiumin drabble due to the lack of it thus far in the competition. It feels like it should be a small part of a larger fantasy story, but I honestly don't remember putting too much thought into it other than the idea of Ice Mage Xiumin ironically making the water too cold for Naiad Suho lol. Maybe capturing Xiumin's more playful, teasing side due to a meta discussion I had with an anon on KFA2 about the different facets of his personality. Anyway, the relationship between them is probably meant to be platonic but can be taken however. 

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