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Title: If I Said I Want Your Body Now, Would You Hold It Against Me? 
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chanyeol-centric, hints of Chanyeol/D.O, D.O/Xiumin, and Chanyeol/Xiumin
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble, 604 words
Summary: Kyungsoo and his cute little hyung are going to help Chanyeol with his grudge whether they like it or not. Oh My Ghostess!AU. Warning: hint of potential dubcon.

Park Chanyeol had never intended to die, let alone die a virgin with a grudge about said virginity, doomed to wander the streets of Seoul until he either got laid or became an evil spirit. Whichever came first. How he even made it to twenty-two with both his dick and his asshole untouched by anyone other than himself was as much of a mystery as his own death, considering how ridiculously good looking he was.

"Kyungsoo-yah," he whines pitifully, ringing the bells around his neck as loudly as he can, until it drives Kyungsoo insane, "Kyungsoo, please, just help me settle this and then I can move on and then you'll never have to deal with me again."

Kyungsoo shakes his head, his lips set into a stubborn frown. There's leash tightly gripped in the shaman's hand, invisible to everyone else but attached to Chanyeol's bell collar like he's some misbehaving dog. "Absolutely not. You're just going to put another guy into shock if you try to jump him with a borrowed body. You just need to make peace with the fact that you're a virgin and then you can pass on--"

"Kyungsoo, please," Chanyeol whines even louder, "you've been in this shaman business for so long, you have to know where I can find a man of vitality. He'd be able to stand it!"

"Park Chanyeol, I am not helping you get laid!."

Unfortunately for him, Kyungsoo says that a bit too loudly, garnering him strange looks from passerbys watching a small, sad man talk angrily to nothing. His ears turn the slightest bit red, and he starts walking faster back to the shrine, dragging Chanyeol along behind him and completely disregarding the way he yelps.

"I don't even need to fuck anyone!" Chanyeol continues arguing because he really just wants to settle his grudge in the quickest way possible, "Like, blowjob, handjob! I'm okay with any of that!"

Kyungsoo whips his head around to stare at him, his face scrunched up. It’s kinda cute like that, Chanyeol thinks to himself. He knows better than to actually say it out loud though. By now anyway. "You're so--"


He doesn't even get to finish, because immediately he turns back around to face a man running in his direction. The red has spread from his ears to his cheeks now, his hand slightly clasped behind his back so that his acquaintance won't notice how tightly he's holding on to seemingly nothing. Chanyeol watches with interest.

"Minseok hyung," Kyungsoo responds, smiling awkwardly, "what are you doing here?"

Minseok grins when he finally reaches them, leaning over to give Kyungsoo a friendly hug. Chanyeol gets a close up look at his face and isn't too displeased. "I was just passing by and I saw you. Just wanted to say hi." Chanyeol leans in so that he and this Minseok figure are eye to eye, examining the roundness of his face and the sharpness of his eyes.

And then Minseok shivers. Chanyeol stares, taking in the signs of sweat and goosebumps starting to form on his skin, and grins.

Supernatural sensitivity.

"Whoa, just had a chill," Minseok laughs, pulling away from Kyungsoo, "for some reason I get that around you a lot, Kyungsoo. Any ghosts hanging around?"

It's now or never, Chanyeol decides. He narrows his eyes and makes the jump, targeting Kyungsoo's body for the first time in the two years they've known each other. There's a brief struggle inside as Kyungsoo figures it out, but Chanyeol's a pro at this.

"Of course not, hyung," Chanyeol answers in Kyungsoo's voice, with a sweet smile.

Original PostHere.
Prompt: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” - Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird
Author's Note: Written for a Caucus Race for Round 2 of EIWAU. The title was blatantly stolen from a Britney Spears song that I hear at work far too often. It actually has a double meaning if you think about it, hahaha, so it was irresistible. Anyway, this was based off of a drama that had been airing at the time, "
Oh My Ghostess", in which a virgin ghost cohabits a girl's body in an attempt to settle her virginity grudge and pass on. Because I would rather die than do a meaningless plug-and-chug AU, I switched a few elements around lol. Chanyeol is the virgin ghost, D.O is doubling as the possessed and the shaman who is trying to help the ghost pass on before their spirit is corrupted, and Xiumin is the love interest. The gist of things is that a ghost can only interact with someone who is sensitive to the supernatural, which is why anyone else Chanyeol has tried to approach went into shock. But yeah. I had fun writing this lol. Oh, the reason for the dubcon warning is because technically pretending to be someone else in order to get laid is pretty dubious in terms of consent and also body possession probably counts too. Ha.
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Title: Smokescreen
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric, Chen/Xiumin
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot, 2693 words
Summary: Inside of the compound's botanical rooms, Minseok is always dreaming -- of actual skies and green trees and fresh air and Jongdae. Love Me Right!AU. Warning: mentions of hallucinogenic drugs.

More often than not, Minseok manages to slip away after his shifts in the laboratory, his footsteps echoing down darkened corridors he's long since learned by heart. The compound is always emptier in this sector, although he never really understood why -- compared to the bright entertainment and neon lights of the other rooms, the botanical rooms seem far more interesting, their contents far more precious.

"Hyung! Hurry up already!"

Even from a distance, Jongdae's voice is able to make Minseok's footsteps fall that much faster. He feels his chest lightening the closer he gets, a relief after a long day in the lab, a majority of his ongoing experiments and projects having been plagued by bad trials and worse results no matter what he tried. At least he's done with all of that now, at least for today.

"I'm coming," he calls back as he turns one last corner.

At the end of the hallway, Jongdae fidgets in front of the door, shifting from one foot to another in anticipation. Despite the nervous energy radiating off of him in droves, just the sight of him waiting there is enough for the last of the day's tension to ease itself out of Minseok's heavy shoulders. He lets out a deep breath, feels his lips begin to curl up. Nowhere near as much as Jongdae's mouth could, but Minseok doesn't think there's anyone whose smile could even come close to that.

It's as he's approaching that Jongdae turns his head and catches sight of him, eyes crinkling into crescents as he waves. "About time, hyung!" he greets playfully, "I thought you were gonna stand me up."

"Never," Minseok insists, masking his sincerity with his own playful grin.

There are multiple reasons Minseok has to be there, after all. He's the only one between the two of them with a master key to the botanical rooms. Jongdae would get up to too much trouble if left to his own devices -- or worse -- left with his friends. Minseok would miss him too much if they went a day without meeting.

"Laying down in the dirty grass is the best part of my day," he says instead, "I wouldn't miss it for the world." At least he means it, anyway.

Unlocking the door comes easily, especially in comparison to the first time the two of them had snuck away into it. Back then, Minseok had almost had a heart attack at every scruff of their shoes on the tile floors and every squeak they heard in the hallways. It had almost rendered the point of finding peace in the botanical rooms moot. Now, his fingers slip the card key through the lock much more smoothly, the door sliding open without any resistance. Jongdae is already buzzing with energy beside him, but it's a pleasant buzz. Warm and reassuring more than anything.

"Finally!" Jongdae crows, slipping past Minseok so he can enter the room first. He's usually more courteous than that, but maybe his own day had been just as stressful as Minseok's. They both come here to unwind after all, to relax after long, hard days. The compound's broadcasting department probably has as much trouble as Minseok's research division. Unlike Jongdae though, Minseok takes his time. The botanical rooms were his sanctuaries after all, and he enjoyed taking them in slowly.

For how dear they hold it, the contents of this particular room are actually quite meager in comparison to some of the larger rooms. The others were filled with a far more diverse collection of plants: trees of all sizes and bushes of all shapes and the occasional flower adding a splash of contrasting color against dark concrete walls. What awaited the two of them in this room was simply a small plot, barely large enough for them to lie down on. The only real similarities it shared with the other rooms were the small television monitors and radios strewn about, the channels almost permanently set to black and white static and the stations playing the sound of crickets and rustling leaves and everything Minseok imagines the outside world would sound like.

And yet, this is enough for him, and he knows Jongdae feels the same. This is as close as they'll ever get to going outside the compound, so it'll do just fine.

Jongdae's already making himself comfortable as Minseok carefully shuts the door behind them, peeking his head out into the hallway one last time to make sure they haven't been followed. "C'mon, hyung,' he says, "make yourself at home."

Minseok closes his eyes just as the lock clicks, effectively cutting them off from the rest of the compound. He takes one more deep breath, this time so that he can indulge in the smell of grass and dirt as it overpowered the hint of chemicals still lingering on him. It smells fresher than anything else in the compound, nothing like the stale air circulating outside.

"You're too impatient today, Jongdae. There's nothing wrong with taking our time and savoring everything."

His words of wisdom are met with a snort. "Whatever you say, Minseok hyung," Jongdae answers, his voice already starting to drift off. When Minseok finally looks over at him, he finds his companion already sprawled out on the plot, his head cushioned in a bed of green and purple ferns.

It's only after Minseok joins him, lying down in the opposite direction but with his head level to Jongdae's, that Jongdae opens his mouth one more time.

"Sweet dreams, hyung," he croons, far too sweetly.

Minseok lets his eyelids fall once more, because he knows that what he'll find when he does won't be the usual darkness. Instead, the sight of Jongdae's sharp features and his gentle smile, framed by the canopy of leaves overhead, is all he sees.

"How were your experiments today, Minseok?" his father asks over evening tea.

It's mostly been horrible as usual, he wants to say. Nothing of value had been gained, while plenty of time he could've spent dozing in the botanical room with Jongdae had been lost. He would much rather still be there, breathing in the fresh air and dreaming side by side with Jongdae, instead of seated at a table far too large and far too cluttered for a family of four. The only thing worse about having to leave the botanical rooms to come home was the fact that it meant Jongdae had to leave prematurely as well -- after all, despite all his rule-breaking, Minseok knows he definitely isn't allowed to hand over his master key, no matter how tempting the idea is.

Now's not the time for sulking or daydreaming or regrets though.

"We're progressing at our usual pace," he finally offers, taking a sip from his own teacup as an excuse to say little else.

His father hums approvingly, as if Minseok's words aren't emptier than they seem. "Well, keep at it. You had your own personal project too, didn't you? How's that coming along?"

Minseok almost chokes on his tea, feels the liquid burning down his throat. "Oh. Did I mention that to you?" he asks in-between coughs.

"Not very much," his father tells him, "just that you were working on something in your free time."

Right, the free time he had in-between all of his frustrating, officially ordered lab work and his time spent with Jongdae. There's not much of that, honestly. Today, he hadn't even been able to open the second lab notebook he kept just for that particular experiment, hidden deep in his desk where none of his fellow coworkers could accidentally find it.

"It's a little further along," he eventually admits, "but I still have some trials to run." Trials to test whether the purple fumes produced are toxic or harmful to living organisms, trials to test whether the effects he'd been aiming for would actually work. Dosages, duration, negative side-effects -- all of those things had to be tested somehow before he could finally make use of his pet project.

But if he could make it work, it'd be worth it.

Minseok wakes up to Jongdae humming under his breath. As soothing as their shared silence can be, it'd be a lie for him to say he prefers that to Jongdae's voice. Eventually, unfortunately, Jongdae's humming begins to fade away as he slowly begins to drift off again.

"Jongdae?" Minseok asks softly, unwilling to disturb the quiet that has settled down over them like a blanket. He stares up at the leaves overhead and the fluorescent light beyond them, wishing it was the actual sun instead. "How would you feel about seeing what it's like outside?"

"Mmng," Jongdae mumbles, rolling onto his side so that his lips are that much closer to Minseok's ear. "Cool, I guess... You gonna take me there, hyung?"

Minseok rolls over as well so that he can meet Jongdae's eyes, but by then they're already closed and he's back to sleeping soundly, his long eyelashes casting shadows on his skin. Minseok indulges in the view, a tender smile slowly creeping onto his face.

It's unfortunate he can't give Jongdae an answer. Not yet, anyway. But soon.

It takes a few more weeks of trial and error, but Minseok finally thinks he has a formula that'll work. It's passed all of his tests except the most important, but he waits until a day when Jongdae won't be available even after his usual work shift in the broadcasting department to finally try it out himself.

"I'll lock up today," he tells Kyungsoo, the only other person left in the lab. Luckily, Kyungsoo agrees easily enough, and as soon as he's done cleaning up his own mess he heads out, leaving Minseok alone with the lab.

Being in the lab is nothing like the botanical rooms. It's not like he minds the familiar smells of the different chemicals he works with whether they've been filtered through his gas mask or not, but there's no way he would ever choose it over the fresh air he and Jongdae get to share when no one's looking. Air that's clean and pure, with a hint of the earth they've managed to save in those rooms from whatever it is outside the walls of the compound. But the laboratory is familiar at least, and he easily sets up his equipment with the same ease with which he usually performs his officially sanctioned experiments.

But he knows that unlike the fruitless projects he is ordered to run, this time, everything will work out.

He's on the last step, just about the pour a flask of pink liquid into his mixture when he realizes he's humming one of Jongdae's little melodies to himself, muffled by his gas mask. He doesn't stop though, not even when he takes the mask off and not even as dark pink fumes begin to rise around him. Instead, he settles down at one of the stations in the lab, resting his head on his crossed arms, and closes his eyes. Thinks of trees and leaves and skies he's only seen on television screens, of Jongdae seeing them too.

Through the smoke, the first thing Minseok sees after opening his eyes are trees higher than any of the compound's ceilings, a cloudy sky with hints of sun peeking through and lining each cluster with silver light. The world he's in stretches endlessly in every direction he can see, and he's almost tempted to take off and see how far it goes.

But the thought of Jongdae stops him. He doesn't want to experience this alone, the same way he would never want to lie down in their plot alone. So he settles back down to wait for the effects of the smoke to wear off, resting his back against the rough bark of one of the many trees around him. It prickles against his back through his shirt, and if this were real there'd be thin scratch marks there as a result.

But there won't be, because none of this is real. Not the wind blowing through his hair or the bark pressing up against his back or the sunlight shining down on him or the soil he's digging into with his fingers. But it is a success.

He wakes up again, but this time under the bright fluorescent lighting of the laboratory, and grins.

"Are you done yet, hyung?" Jongdae asks, squatting in the corner as he watches Minseok set up his equipment on the plot. From the slight lilt of his voice, Minseok can tell he's getting more and more impatient. He can't really blame Jongdae for that though. he hasn't told him much of anything, just that he had a surprise for him.

"Almost," Minseok promises, as he checks over everything one last time, "you can go ahead and lay down. I just have one more thing to do and then we can start."

Jongdae is more hesitant today when he makes his way over, which is unsurprising. All sorts of rumors must go around about exactly what work they're doing in the labs, and not all of it is nice. "And you're sure this is safe?" he asks, "I mean I trust you and everything, but-"

Minseok stops what he's doing so he can look Jongdae in the eye, trying to convey nothing but pure sincerity in his gaze. "I really think you'll like this," he says as gently as he can, "trust hyung, okay?"

The corners of Jongdae's lips curl up into that familiar smile. "Alright, hyung. Now move over, you're in my spot."

It's not until Jongdae's head is once more cushioned by the ferns that Minseok begins to mix the chemicals together in two separate containers, with one positioned closer to Jongdae and one positioned closer to where he usually ends up sleeping himself. The smoke is already beginning to rise by the time he gets himself settled, and as soon as he's lying down, Jongdae reaches out for his hand.

"Just breathe it in, Jongdae," he instructs, taking in a loud, deep breath himself as a demonstration, "breathe it in and close your eyes. I'll be there when you wake up."

"You better be," Jongdae mutters, squeezing Minseok's fingers between his own one last time.

This time when Minseok starts to wake up, it's to Jongdae calling out his name. He feels slender fingers softly slapping his cheek before trailing down along his jawline, past his collarbones before finally running down along the fabric of his suspenders. There's a slight tug of the fabric, not quite strong enough to pull him up, but there's something about the way they hook around his suspenders that leaves him short of breath. Once the pull disappears, he opens his eyes and finds Jongdae's face hovering above him, framed by pink smoke and bursts of sunlight and a different canopy of leaves than he's used to.

"Hyung!" Jongdae calls out, smiling more brightly than the first time they had claimed the botanical rooms for themselves, "This is amazing! Hurry and wake up already!" He holds his hand out for Minseok to grab hold of, and as soon as they connect, he yanks Minseok up onto his feet.

"So you like it?" Minseok asks, watching Jongdae take in the greenery around them with wide eyes. "Didn't I tell you?"

All Jongdae can do is nod dumbly. He's already starting to walk through the trees, never once releasing Minseok's hand as he leads the way. A few times, he almost stumbles over fallen logs and stray plants half buried by the fallen leaves crunching underneath their feet because he can't take his eyes off of the sky overhead, so different from the tile and fluorescent lighting they've both grown up with, and Minseok holds back a laugh.

"You did," Jongdae admits, turning to look back at Minseok. "Can we explore? You didn't look around already, did you?"

"I'd never go without you," Minseok tells him. And when Jongdae takes off running towards the nearest clearing and never once lets go of Minseok's hand, he knows Jongdae feels the same way.

Original Post: Here.
Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of EIWAU, although I actually started writing it way before the event started, back when the
Love Me Right MV first premiered. Honestly, the aesthetics of the MV were really amazing (barring the football outfits) even if it wasn't the most coherent video, and I especially loved all of the Xiumin and Chen scenes which are what really inspired this oneshot. (Also, imo, they had the scenes that could be connected best haha.) The backstory doesn't really get elaborated on, but it's basically post-apocalyptic I suppose, with the members of Exo (and presumably many others) living in a compound isolated from the outside world for whatever reason. It wouldn't be my first time writing about people living in a base, haha. 

Compared to Chen who I placed in the compound's broadcasting department just because I like his voice, Xiumin became a scientist because of the
scenes of him working with smoky chemicals in the MV. It was actually pretty easy to link that to the perpetual smoke and fog surrounding Xiumin and Chen in the garden and forest scenes. The real kickers were the scene of the boys standing on the plot with the smoke around them and the contrasting images of the boys sleeping on purple ferns and then on green ferns. It seemed like that indicated a shift of some point, from the artificiality of the garden plot to the actual forest. Additionally, the family scene was based off of Xiumin at that teacup-loaded table. God, this MV was so beautiful. Last note about the inspiration, but I very much needed to include the scenes of Chen waking Xiumin up because the trailing fingers and the hand holding was too much for me to handle.

Lastly... Honestly? I only really write quiet romances. The lengths that Xiumin went to -- concocting a hallucinogenic drug so that he could share a fantasy with Chen (hello, Inception's somacin) -- are pretty epic, but I try to keep their interactions very lowkey. They simply enjoy each other's presence, and there's a love and loyalty and trust based off of that.
Sighs forever.

OH RIGHT, real last note: this was originally titled "Welcome to Wonderland", partially because of the meme event theme, but also because Xiumin is bringing Chen into a forest, as their wonderland. I decided to change it to "Smokescreen" because of the chemical fumes involved and also because of the definition of "a ruse designed to disguise someone's real intentions or activities". The things Xiumin does are for Chen, but he's not upfront about it. 

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