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Fic: White (Lie)

Title: White (Lie)
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Xiumin-centric
Genre: Gen, Sci-fi
Rating: G 
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Minseok knows what to expect in the facility.

Minseok knows the women in white are there to pick him up even before he hears the clacking of their heels outside his door. As expected, the noises stop right outside his cell rather than the others', replaced by the unlocking mechanism's beeping. The women don't speak, though it's not like he requires instruction. He lies down on the gurney they've brought along, allows them to strap him down. Minseok knows how this goes. Knows exactly where they're taking him.

As they wheel him away, he closes his eyes and sees only white -- white uniforms and corridors and bedsheets. The white ceiling of the operating room they've brought him to once he's reopened them.

Unsurprisingly, Kyungsoo is already there, similarly bound but struggling against his restraints unlike Minseok, who watches, passive.

"Procedure will begin in five minutes," the intercom states. Warns. Kyungsoo jerks even more wildly as a woman empties a syringe of a familiar black serum into his bloodstream. Minseok's body relaxes just like Kyungsoo's, and even more so as his restraints are undone.

He's handed his own white lab coat -- the same white as the facility and the sclera of Kyungsoo's pleading eyes.

"Please. My gloves as well."

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Lucky One - MV
Author's Note: So some backstory first: EM ran a week-long(-ish) drabble event called "EX'ACT - Last Opger Team Standing" based off of the old "Seouldout - Last Fanfic Writer Standing" challenge, where everyone would be given one day to write and submit drabbles (100wc, 150 wc, or 200 wc in length) based off of mod-presented prompts for Exo members. The teams the drabbles were for would be kept anonymous and other anons would vote on them based off of whatever criteria worked for them. I was pretty excited actually -- I was a huge fan of the original Seouldout and even indirectly participated in the last round on my own when I was first starting out in Exo ficdom. For this event, I wrote for Team Suho... and was probably one of the driving forces behind it lol. I contributed to 16/21 of his fics and 217 points out of the 221 points earned by his team throughout the event... One anon does make a difference lol. Anyway, he ended up winning an event for the first time. Yay!

Anyway, this drabble performed pretty well, was the top scoring one of Round 1 and got a lot of positive feedback, which was flattering. It was based off of a lot of pre-comeback speculation that Xiumin had always been working against the other Exo members since Overdose/Pathcode era due to a series of coincidental visual cues. The MV teaser for Lucky One actually made him and Chen seem kind of suspicious, though ultimately SM didn't seem to go down that route which is a pity. I spent really long working on it, but now that I'm reposting it I don't have much to say. Maybe I'll add in a comment later or something. But I was really pleased with this, I think it was one of my favorites.