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Fic: Leveling Out

Title: Leveling Out
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chanyeol-centric, platonic Chanyeol/Suho
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: They've never been the closest of friends, but after Exo records their Christmas episode of Showtime, Chanyeol and Suho have a talk.

“That book was actually meant for you,” Chanyeol admits grudgingly once Minseok’s out of earshot. He doesn’t know why he even bothers – Junmyeon had been thrilled with Kyungsoo’s vitamins, had obviously meant for that self-help book of his to go to Sehun. As responsible as Junmyeon tries to be, it’s hard to deny he plays favorites, and Chanyeol’s never been on his nice list.

There’s something about Junmyeon’s expression now though, under the dim Christmas lights of the hotel room rented out for their latest recording. Not quite skepticism, but there is a question there, written all over his face.

“I’ve already read The Little Prince. Multiple times, even.” His voice is soft, tentative.

“I thought…” Chanyeol hesitates, decides to take Junmyeon’s attention as encouragement for once, “a dorm copy would be nice. And that maybe you could discuss it with me sometime. I could use some new material, for my songwriting?”

There’s a small quirk to Junmyeon’s lips. He reaches up to gently ruffle Chanyeol’s hair like he never has before. “I’d like that.”

Chanyeol looks down at Junmyeon the way he always has. But for once, it feels like he’s finally seeing eye to eye with his hyung.

Original Post: Here.
Prompt: The Little Prince
Author's Note: Written for Round 3 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. This is set in November 2013, right after the recording of Showtime's Christmas episode. It always amused me that Chanyeol ended up gifting a copy of The Little Prince during the present giving game, since it's actually Suho's favorite book. (Honestly, I was a little annoyed at a reader who though I shoehorned the book into this scenario, when I'm drawing this based off actual facts. Hmph lol.) This is also based off of the fact that Suho and Chanyeol have said they're not too close (never forget the 17% synchronization rate lol) but that they're still friendly, and truth be told, have known each other for a very long time. (There's even a picture of Chanyeol at Suho's high school graduation! Though not a pic of the two of them together lol.) Suho also said recently, now that he's getting into songwriting, he's been getting a lot of advice from Chanyeol since Chanyeol has more experience in it. 

The title comes from the idea that the two of them never really matched. There was actually a line I had to take out, "Chanyeol doesn't ever remember Junmyeon being taller than him, but now he feels so small", partially because of the word count but also because I didn't... want Chanyeol feeling small. I did want him to feel like Junmyeon's dongsaeng, but even then I wanted there to be the start of a bond between the two of them, or an agreement to try. The looking down part might've been a little mean on my part though, given the metaphorical meaning of it making Chanyeol look a little bad lol. 

Hm one more note: I made the very conscious decision not to write anything based off of the content of The Little Prince, because the story isn't as universal as people like to think. There were three really lovely quotes in it I would've loved to use as the inspiration for drabbles, but I don't think it would come across to nonreaders nearly as well.

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