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Fic: California Dreaming

Title: California Dreaming
Fandom: Exo
Focus: Chanyeol-centric, Chanyeol/D.O
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Length: Drabble, 200 words
Summary: Chanyeol enjoys his break with Kyungsoo. Sorta.

"Red Velvet, Taemin, Tiffany noona," Chanyeol pauses as he counts them off on his fingers, checking for any signs of a roaming Baekhyun because amiable or not, a break-up was still a break-up, "Taeyeon noona. We should’ve known they would’ve eventually sent us over here for filming too."

"It's practically as much of an SM tradition as someone breaking their leg. Or a lawsuit," Kyungsoo agrees dryly. He wipes at the endless sweat forming at the nape of his neck, but honestly, he deserves it for insisting on his all-black nonsense despite knowing California was very obviously much hotter than Seoul. Chanyeol wonders at his chances of Kyungsoo stripping off his shirt like the rest of them already have, at how long that stubbornness of his can hold out.

Besides Kyungsoo’s lack of cooperation though, Chanyeol can’t really complain. The MV shoot’s been more of a vacation than a job this time around, especially after they had gotten the dance scenes out of the way. If he closes his eyes, he can pretend he’s on a real break, not just from filming. That Kyungsoo’s sitting beside him on the California coast because he wants to, not because he’s on standby.

Original Post:
Green truck with legs dangling from the truckbed and a California license plate.
Author's Note: Written for Round 2 of EM's EX'ACT Drabble Competition. Does this actually have anything to do with the song California Dreamin'? Nope. Haha. The title just got stuck in my head since this is set in Cali, and Chanyeol is. Daydreaming, I guess haha. Written based off of the fact that the truck in the prompt picture had a California license plate rather than anything else, but also the interesting trend of SM MVs being filmed in California. A lot of Kpop MVs have actually gone to Cali for filming... I wish they would consider Florida too, our beaches are nicer haha. (Another trend I've always found amusing is the inevitable leg injury in an SM group. Less amusing are the lawsuits, but alas.) This was a cheap grab at Chanyeol/D.O shippers on EM tbh, not that it did me much good. Enough to get Team Suho to Round 3 at least haha. 

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