May. 22nd, 2016

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 It's Suho's 26th Birthday :D Well, it's been his birthday for several hours now, but it's officially his birthday in my time zone. Suho is (currently?) my favorite idol. Probably the one I've become the most fond of in my entire career of stanning. Obviously as an idol, he's not someone I know personally, but I can say that what he does show of himself, what he shares of himself... It makes me so happy that he chose to debut as an idol, even though he went through so many hardships and even though other paths certainly opened up to him. I can't say I love him -- not seriously, not with all of my heart, not person-to-person -- but I can say that I truly respect him from the bottom of my heart. For his earnest side, for his sense of responsibility and decency, for his hard-working nature, for the way he manages to make being an idol something he can enjoy. I wish nothing but the best for him, even if one day I no longer follow k-pop. 

I was really lucky actually. One of my friends gave me the opportunity to send him a fan letter. He won't ever see this art, but hopefully he gets to read my words and get even a hint of how much admiration I feel for him! 

Notes about the fanart: it's based off of his outfit during the second day of Exo's May 2016 Japanese fanmeets. He wore a flower crown and I was so charmed ;; Though I didn't bother with the backpack because it was already hard enough situating his arms haha. I also didn't bother much with shading because I was pressed for time /o\ The background is made with a brush of his face, haha, inspired by a Chat Noir art I saw a few months back... And I actually uploaded this on twitter first and realized I forgot to add a drop shadow so that he stood out more from the background, and also so the white flowers on the ends of the flower crown would stand out from the background. Oops. Not too many people would see this anyway haha, it's more for my satisfaction.

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